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Teva Motors Limited. Asher Bennett, CEO 07450 647600 Range Extended Electric Trucks With Lower Life Time Costs Than Diesel Trucks. 23% saving. DIESEL. TEVA. Pollution charges. Incentives. With PREMS. Traditional system. Operational Limitations Lifetime cost - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Teva Motors Limited

Turning Turbines Into Treasures

Teva Motors LimitedAsher Bennett, CEO 07450

Range Extended Electric Trucks With Lower Life Time Costs Than Diesel Trucks

23% savingIncentivesPollution chargesDIESELTEVA

Time (% of a full day of use)State of Charge (%)Traditional systemWith PREMSOperational LimitationsLifetime cost

EmissionsBarriers and Teva Solution

Lack of charging infrastructureUnpredictable rangeHigh sticker price Operational risk of running out of rangeLimited space in vehiclesHigh costs to set up assembly lineTeva only needs depot 3-phase charging that already existsRange extender removes range limitationsCustomers in the commercial sector focus on TCOCustomers in the commercial sector have predictable daily range with small varianceTrucks have physical space to put in different systems simplifies development processNo costs assembly line already exists, Teva brings in a complete chassisBARRIERSTEVA SOLUTIONTeam/Partners/AwardsExecutive/Operational TeamCEO: Asher Bennett Entrepreneur, EV and BATTERY specialist with 18 years experience.Chairman: Sir Trevor Chinn High profile businessman and ex chairman RAC, AA, Kwik-Fit.Trevor Power: Automotive entrepreneur and EV specialist.Malcolm Powell: Ex Tesla and Lotus.

Partners: Chinas largest diesel truck exporter. Worlds largest truck fleet operator.

Awards: DECC Energy Entrepreneurs Fund Competition ~ 800K Grant

Market Opportunity: 150,000 Trucks per year EU alone. China + USA huge opportunity

Investment to Date: 900K Grant funding, Angel InvestorsNext Steps: 3 Prototype Trucks on 2 Chassis Types Q3Prototype of Predictive Management Application Q3

ASKSeries A investment: 1million (~ 250K to complete the round). HMRC approved for EIS

2016201720182019Unit Sales603409802080Revenue3m18m54m117m