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  1. 1. Digital Customer Journeys Building them with care Lanre Ibitoye 2016
  2. 2. Casper as a business
  3. 3. Casper as a publisher
  4. 4. Remote working Many disruptors in our industry
  5. 5. doctors Time Poor Diverse Thirst for knowledge Stubborn
  6. 6. 1. Open listening: Learning common problems from customers in an undirected conversation and giving personality to the persona 2. Net-hnographic research: Deep social listening to understand the customer point of view in an open scenario. Helps to build the persona and understand the customer language. 3. Digital landscape analysis: Understand the digital environment around a customer. E.g. if there are to search for their symptoms, where are they currently most likely to land? 4. Customer panels: Understand a typical day in the life of a customer, deep dive on gains, pains and jobs to be done Inputs Customer Journey Approach | CONFIDENTIAL10 1. Emotions: Understand what a customer feels and what their emotional triggers are so you can best elicit a response 2. Understand the language: Learn the best way to talk to a customer 3. Understand events: Learn what is happening in your customers life 4. Best time for your content: Save on commercial spend and improve efficiency through targeting specific moments 5. Understand the moment: Learn what the customer is exposed to in the key moments in which youd like to interact Outputs
  7. 7. Analytics Framework Engagement Reach, Act, Convert, Extend Audience Demographic, Technology, Interests Content Good, Bad, Hidden Gems
  8. 8. Patients
  9. 9. Service mix Emotional support Fun content, emotive content, supportive content Practical support Behaviour change content, support services, devices
  10. 10. Redefining patient understanding Huntingtons Disease monitoring through wearables Using connected inhalers in Asthma and COPD looking to predict exacerbations of symptoms Better products Better services Better healthcare
  11. 11. Moving towards customer centered solutions You have to care to be effective Look for new ways of collecting customer data to better their lives Think of the customer journey beyond their interactions with you