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Fiona Worrall Service Manager (Community Contracts) Adult Care fiona.worrall@derbyshire.gov.uk I tel 01629 532191

Tendering Basics




CHOICE OF PROCEDURE Up to 20K 20K to OJEU threshold low risk Over OJEU threshold Dynamic Purchasing System OEJU 20K to OJEU threshold high risk Quotation Open Restricted Negotiated Open OJEU Negotiated OJEU Restricted OJEU Competitive Dialogue OJEU ProceduresFinancial RegulationsPublic Contracts RegulationsEuropean Rules:OJEUPrinciples: non-discrimination, equal treatment, transparency, mutual recognition and proportionalityLight Touch regimeRemedies directiveCOMPACT4

Tender processDevelop specification, timeline and tender packAdvertise 6 weeksElectronic tenderingLong listing and financial checksShortlistingReferences different approachInterviews not happeningScoringCabinet approval5 day call in and 10 day standstillAward5

Tender PackInvitation via portal portal maintenanceInstructionsService specificationContract templatesGeneral Questionnaire policies Tender questionsBudget template this will be the Service sheetsForm of TenderReturn label6

Your bidRead all the documents, highlighting key points, understand the specification and evaluation criteria and the process.What is being said? Not what you think is being said.First and foremost deliver the specification.Ask questions before submitting dont be frightened. We do make mistakes!Added value really consider this. These are your USPs.Tender Training Support no marks gained or lost for attendanceInterviews your chance to shine. Not scored on presentation skills but select the right person for the job.Allow time for a final check through.Critical friend to review submission. Two pairs of eyes are better than one, but too many cooks spoil the broth.We cant score what you dont say. Dont assume anything.Make it easy for us. Neat, orderly, legible.7

What are we looking for?That applicants understand the bid process and have met all the requirements for submitting their bid correctly.A financially viable applicant with a range of robust appropriate policies in place.That applicants have a clear understanding of the service we wish to see delivered, and this is apparent in their submission. High quality service provision.Demonstrable ability to deliver what is required. Use of appropriate examples. Strong references = track record.Effective and reasonable use of public money and staff resources.An organisation we can have a constructive working relationship with.8

Contract DeliveryCheck out any unclear issues at the start.Any new developments that were required start implementing them immediately.Stick to your timetable or project plan remember you were chosen on your submission so work to it.Prepare for and attend any required monitoring meetings.Pro-actively produce monitoring data dont wait to be chased for it.Maintain a regular and positive relationship engage.Outcomes/impact/benefits whatever you call them be prepared to evidence them. Its your security.Be prepared to be flexible we cant see the future.