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Technologies of Tomorrow, Today. John Viega T witter: viega. Why HIPS Sucks. xxx.exe. Unpacks. yyy.exe. Web Reputation. Browser exploits. Adware/ Spyware/ Trojan /Virus. High Volume Commercial Email. Affiliations with other risky sites. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Technologies of Tomorrow, Today

  • Technologies of Tomorrow, TodayJohn Viegajohn@stonewallsoftware.comTwitter: viega

  • Why HIPS Sucksxxx.exeyyy.exeUnpacks

  • Web ReputationBrowser exploitsAdware/ Spyware/ Trojan /VirusHigh Volume Commercial EmailAffiliations with other risky sitesAggressive Pop-up MarketingCommunity reviews/ comments

  • Real Time / Cloud analysisomgwtfetc.exePossible analysis, or random guessingOMG, WTF?ETCAV Vendor

  • AV is dead, whitelisting is killing it!

  • Problems Still RemainSeeing enough samplesOperational scaleThe testing problemDisabling the product

  • Herd Technologyxxx.exeYYY.exeUnpacksxxx.exeZZZ.exeUnpacksxxx.exeStonewallPlease Monitor!xxx.exe is bad!kthx!xxx.exe is bad!

  • VirtualizationSecurity SW