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Yesterday… Today… Tomorrow…. 33 years ago…. 1972 Summer Institute Colorado Springs. 1969. Young Mike Resnick. “Hmmm… 72 across…”. 1970. Young Don Blom. He called this his “Jim Croce” look. Dapper Don. 1976. A really young Sue Merry. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Yesterday… Today… Tomorrow…

  • Yesterday



  • 33 years ago1972 Summer Institute Colorado Springs

  • 1969Hmmm 72 across Young Mike Resnick

  • 1970He called this his Jim Croce look.Young Don Blom

  • Dapper Don

  • 1976Sue is the one pushing the stroller.Already making big plans for NSBA!A really young Sue Merry

  • Some of you looked younger back then, too.

  • late 60s early 70sThe Direct Affiliate ProgramThe National Affiliate ProgramThe Council of Big City SchoolsThe Council of Urban Boards of EducationExecutive Director Harold WebbThe Council of School Attorneys

  • Tom ShannonCouncil of School Attorneys Chair, 1967-1969NSBA Executive Director, 1977-1996

  • Jim Betchkal

  • Famous headliners at the NSBA Annual ConferenceMiss Peggy Lee

  • Bob Hope wows em!

  • and the beloved Johnny Carson

  • 1976San FranciscoPublic Employees StrikeHotel staff set up the hall

  • Mr. Tony BennettRecord- breaking conference attendance tops 12,500

  • 1967NSBA arrivesand Capitol Hill has never been the same!

  • 1984 Construction of NSBA Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, nears completion

  • Finishing touchesDon youre holding the plans upside downThe view has changed after 21 years!

  • 1985The Institute for the Transfer of Technology to EducationITTEHumble beginnings

  • 1998 T+L Conference Halloween Party

  • George Holmes, Virginia, 1958-83Jack Acree, Georgia, 1961-78

  • George Tipler, Wisconsin, 1954-88 Everett Dyer, New York, 1948-72

  • Bill Wettergren, Minnesota, 1950-83Jimmy Prescott, Louisiana, 1961-86

  • Al Cavicchi, Massachusetts, 1967-76Tom Rigby, Oregon, 1961-87

  • Marion McGhehy, Kansas, 1961-82Norm Weinheimer, Michigan, 1970-87

  • Fred Heddinger, Pennsylvania, 1970-82Darld Long, Utah, 1962-78

  • Lou Ella Kleinz, Arizona, 1971-91Bob Marshall, Washington, 1974-83

  • Jim Anderson, Wyoming, 1967-93Herb Salinger, California, 1977-88

  • Sam Tidball, South Dakota, 1976-91David Martin, Ohio, 1973-84

  • Ted Davidson, Iowa, 1973-96Gary Ashley, South Carolina, 1971-74 Georgia, 1978-2001

  • Larry Swift, Washington, 1983-98Jack Peterson, Indiana, 1975-88 Arizona, 1991-98

  • Wayne Sampson, Illinois, 1989-2000Evelyn Berry, South Carolina, 1992-2000

  • Joe Oravitz, Pennsylvania, 1982-2001John Hartman, Mississippi, 1971-2004

  • Chris Dudley, Oregon, 1987-2004Alan Smith, Idaho, 1969-2001

  • David Keller, Kentucky, 1981-2005Davis Campbell, California, 1988-2001

  • Craig Gifford, Ohio, 1984-94Hal Seamon, Illinois, 1973-89 NSBA Deputy Executive Director, 1989-2002

  • Written and Directed byDon BlomWilling ParticipantsSue MerryMike Resnick Production Powerpoint Crisis Control Mari Pappas Joe Kidd

  • Fin