Team Dream Team Robot: Steve

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Team Dream Team Robot: Steve. Team Members Thomas Chavez Nicholas Bagley Sebastian Soto. Bio: Thomas Chavez. Freshmen Electrical Engineering This course helped me gain a basic foundation on how robots function - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Team Dream Team Robot: Steve

Team MembersThomas ChavezNicholas Bagley Sebastian SotoTeam Dream TeamRobot: SteveBio: Thomas ChavezFreshmenElectrical EngineeringThis course helped me gain a basic foundation on how robots functionHopefully I will be able to use the knowledge in future coursework, my career, and possibly a personal project.Bio: Thomas ChavezI plan to graduate in 2016 with a major in Electrical Engineering and a minor in PhysicsI hope to work for a large national defense firm such as Lockheed Martin or Northrop GrummanThe early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.Bio: Nicholas BagleyFreshmanEngineering (Exploratory)This course gave me a better understanding of programming and its real-world applications.After taking this course, I am now leaning toward changing my major to either Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering.

Bio: Nicholas Bagley Now that I plan on majoring in EE or CE, I hope to get involved in campus projects relating to these fields.I hope to acquire an internship next year that may eventually lead to a job offer when I graduate from UF.Words of wisdom: There is so much to do on campus, so get involved.

5Bio: Sebastian SotoFreshman 2nd semesterMechanical EngineeringWorkings of a robot and being a part of a teamApplication for teamwork and building process Graduate as Mech Engineer and Minor in Entrepreneurship Obtain a job at in the automotive industryDefinitely do not wait til the last minute to finish this presentation

Robot StorySteve has just finished robbing a bank and must quickly escape to his hidden garage in order to avoid being captured by the popo.He swiftly speeds out the driveway with the law right on his tail. Steve is smart, so instead of taking the longer, easier route, he makes a hard right and pops a u-ey to throw the cops off his trail. They stood no chance with his Formula 1-style driving genius.From there it is smooth sailing to the garage where he can calmly count the fruits of his labor.

ConclusionThis course has provided the three of us with the know-how necessary to work within a team environment. The competitiveness to create the fastest, most efficient robot taught us to take risks and not be afraid, which led to our successful run at the quicker route through the maze. So basically do not be afraid of what only seems harder and the surface. Work hard, take the risk, and the result will speak for itself.