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Team Building & Leadership. Pesewa Presentations. 12 Principles of Team Building & Leadership - Di Kamp. Be a Role Model Be Self Aware Be a Learner Delight in Change Be a Visionary Have full awareness of current reality Keep a high standard of ethics and values - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Team Building & LeadershipPesewa Presentations12 Principles of Team Building & Leadership - Di KampBe a Role ModelBe Self AwareBe a LearnerDelight in ChangeBe a VisionaryHave full awareness of current realityKeep a high standard of ethics and valuesMaintain Systemic ThinkingCommunicate WellThink PositivelyHave EnthusiasmBe Real

Be a Role ModelPeople take more notice of what you do than what you tell them to doPractise what you preach in everyday behaviourHow you are has the greatest influence on how others areExample: Richard Branson & FunBe Self AwareWork from the inside outManage yourself before you manage othersBe aware of your temperamentRecognize your own strengths and weaknessesKnow how to bring out the best in yourself Be a LearnerRecognize that you are continually learning and developingDont pretend to know it allBe open to different ideasSeek out surprises, relish the unpredictable Margaret Wheatley5Going to look at these last two as they are areas that applicants find most diffiultDelight in ChangeWork with change, not resist itChange is the only constant in the futureLook for ChangeLeadership is learning to love change Tom PetersBe a VisionaryHaving a clear vision of where you are going provides a framework for changeAlways keep an ideal picture in mindExample: Bill Gates & MicrosoftHave full awareness of current realityHave a double visionTo successfully work towards an ideal, you need to be very clear about where you are nowCreative Tension The tension between current reality and the ideal that can produce active developmentDont Perceive the Gap as a reason to lower your goals

8Sometimes the question is broken down into different parts i.e. the structure is already given to you.Keep a high standard of ethics and values

Clarify for yourself a high standard of ethics and valuesThis is the driving force for shaping your approach to leadershipIntegrity should be first in your checklist of qualities and skills for leadership

Maintain Systemic ThinkingDevelop a different way of thinkingSystemic thinking means being aware of how processes workSeparate causes from symptomsThis level of thinking takes aware the blame gameThe system makes the peopleGives a longer-term perspective

Communicate WellDoesnt mean making slick presentationsIt means building relationships with others Convey your message clearly and congruently in ways others can understandShow genuine interest or concernIf said with feeling the message gets through, even if you are not terribly accurateThink PositivelyHave a positive view of thingsIt is easy to get caught in negative thinking it seems to make you look better The Leader looks at what is possible, rather than the constraintsBelieves that things can change for the better and finds ways of making it happenHave a sense of humour Keep things in perspective even when they dont go according to planHave EnthusiasmEnthusiastic originally meant having God withinIt is endearing and infectiousHave a genuine belief in what you are doing or saying, and a genuine will to make it successfulEnthusiasm engages others at an emotional level rather than an intellectual levelThis is what makes the difference between most leaders13This is all taken directly from the website

Not personal, tells them what they know about themselves already.Be RealYou do not need to develop this characteristic!You are already You!!Recognise that none of us is perfect and have some fun with itYou have a unique permutation of qualities that make who you areDont put up a front