Teaching Bangsal Miliaria

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  • Dian Megawati Mayanti VirnaNurul Rezki Fitriani AzisA. Dhini Alfiandari

    A. Alifia Ayu DelimaSachriana SaidRiska Nur AiniWinda AgustinVishnu Raj

  • Name : Mr. BSDSex: MaleAge : 43 years oldMarital Status: MarriedReligion: MoslemAddress : JenepontoOccupation: a farmerRace : MakassarNationality: IndonesiaDate of Entry: 26th April 2013Medical Record no. : 592017

  • Chief Complaint : bintik-bintik berisi cairan di leher dan dada atas sejak 3 hari yang lalu disertai rasa gatal.Present history : Mr.BSD

  • The lesion was redness, itchy, pain. He got fever for 1 day and had taken paracetamol. 2 days ago he came to Labuang Baji clinic and was diagnosed foot ulcer. And he received NaCl 0.9% to compress the ulcer, Fusicom cream b.i.d, Mefenamat Acid 500mg t.i.d but got worse.

  • Past history :previous health status : wellallergies : -trauma history : -surgery history : -

  • General Condition : Mild IllnessConsciousness : Compos MentisNutrition : NormalHygiene : ModerateVital Sign : BP : 140/70 mmHg Pulse : 80x/ minute RR : 18x / minute Temperature : 36,6 C

  • Face: Anemis (-), ikterus(-), sianosis(-)Neck: limfe enlargement (-)Chest:Respiratory System Inspection : symmetrical Palpation : crepitation (-), tenderness (-) Percussion : resonance Auscultation: vesicular bilateral ARS : Rh -/ -wh -/- Heart : S1/S2 pure reguler,

  • Abdomen : Peristaltic (+) normal, palpable liver and spleen (-)Lower Extremity: warm

  • Location: Regio colli. Regio truncus anterior superior

    Effloresensi: Papul Milliaria and Pustul Milliaria

  • Miliary is a skin disorder caused by sweat retention that marked the miliary vesicles. Malaria is divided into 4 miliaria crystalline, miliaria rubra, miliaria profunda, and miliary pustulosis.

  • Miliaria rubraMiliaria profundaMiliaria KristalinaMiliaria pustulosa

  • Immaturitas of eccrine ductLack of adaptation to climateHot and humid conditionsExersice Drug: Bethanechol (medication that can cause sweating), isotretinoin (a drug that causes the follicle differentiation was reported to cause miliary)

  • Staphylococci bacteriaUltraviolet radiation: Some researchers found that the crystalline miliary occurs in skin exposed to ultraviolet light.

  • Miliary crystalline - size 1-2 mm vesicles on the body - not giving complaintsMiliaria rubra - red papule or extravascular vesicular papules very itchy and painfulmiliaria profunda - Incurred after miliaria rubra is characterized by hard white papules 1-3 mm in size. - Mainly found in the body and extremities.

  • miliary pustulosis the beginning is always preceded by some other dermatitis that has damaged the sweat glands, there are pustules that are free from hair follicles, usually occurs in intertriginous areas, flexures of the extremities, scrotum, and on the back of bedridden patients.


  • - Dermatitis Seboroid

  • TopicalBetamethasone Fuson cream 10 gr b.i.d (morning-afternoon)

  • Dubia ad bonam