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Introducing the Taylor & Francis Medical Portfolio

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Introducing the

Taylor & Francis Medical Portfolio

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Top 5 Reasons to Discover our

Medical Portfolio

1. 200+ peer-reviewed academic journals.

2. Over 80% of journals listed in the Thomson Reuters’ Citation Indexes/

Web of Science.

3. Essential research and commentary in over 30 key areas of practice.

4. Over 30 journals ranked within the top 20 in their subject category on

Thomson Reuters’ Web of Science.

5. Taylor & Francis Expert Collection is the world’s largest series of review

journals in research, development, and clinical medicine.

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Our Top-Rated Journals

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Top 20 Medical Titles – By Use

1. Medical Teacher

2. Leukemia & Lymphoma

3. Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy

4. Current Medical Research & Opinion (CMRO)

5. Expert Review of Anti-infective Therapy

6. Acta Orthopaedica

7. Disability & Rehabilitation

8. Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy

9. Clinical Toxicology

10. Brain Injury

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Top 20 Medical Titles – By Use

11. Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs

12. Journal of Interprofessional Care

13. Prehospital Emergency Care

14. Expert Opinion on Drug Safety

15. Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine

16. Climacteric

17. Acta Oncologica

18. International Journal of Audiology

19. Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery

20. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis &

Frontotemporal Degenaration

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Society Relationships

Partnering with 35 societies worldwide!

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Taylor & Francis

Medical Library • Includes current content from over 200 peer-reviewed academic


• Over 80% of the journals in the Medical Library are listed in the

Thomson Reuters’ Citation Indexes

• Covering over 30 areas broken down into four key topics:

- Allied & Public Health

- Clinical Psychiatry & Neuroscience

- General Medicine & Dentistry

- Pharmaceutical Science & Toxicology

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Taylor & Francis

Expert CollectionThe Expert Collection is comprised of 29 peer-reviewed journals

combining the Expert Opinion and Expert Review series into

one comprehensive collection.

The Expert Collection publishes:

• Reviews

• Editorials

• Original Research

• Drug Evaluations

• Treatment Evaluations

• Clinical Trial Evaluations

• Patent Evaluations

• Key Paper Evaluations

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These journals combine the personal opinions of our expert

authors who are all internationally-recognized experts in their


Expert Opinions

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Expert ReviewsThe Expert Review journals are the gateway to cutting-edge

discussion and debate and cover 18 different areas with a focus on

the key topics in contemporary clinical medicine.

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“In my opinion, the Expert Collection is the

most relevant journal review series in the

area of Pharmacology. The Expert

Collection is a credible, topical, and

scholarly resource that I have come to rely

on in my role as a leader of international

pharmacological studies. It is apparent

that the peer review process is thorough

and critical, and the editorial process is

unparalleled in terms of author support.”

Dr Roger McIntyre, University of Toronto


Expert Opinion on Drug Safety

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Subscription Options for

Taylor & Francis Medical


Taylor & Francis Medical Library

- Includes current content from over 200 peer-reviewed academic

journals, plus a back-file stretching back to 1997.

Taylor & Francis Expert Collection- The Expert Review Collection: A package including 16 of the

Expert Review series journals.

- The Expert Opinion Collection: A package including 11 of the

Expert Opinion series journals.

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Taylor & Francis Collections

Taylor & Francis Collections:

- Allied & Public Health: 66 journals

- Clinical Psychiatry and Neuroscience: 19 journals

- General Medicine & Dentistry: 142 journals

- Pharmaceutical Science & Toxicology: 44 journals

Title-By-Title Subscriptions

- Tailor your collection on a title-by-title basis.

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Medical Archives

Classic Archive:

Content coverage: 1918 to 1996

Journals included: over 130

Volumes: over 2,370 volumes of peer-reviewed research

Modern Archive:

Content coverage: 1997 to 2006

Journals included: over 150

Volumes: over 1,450 volumes of peer-reviewed research

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A growing portfolio…

What’s in store for 2016?

• New acquisitions:- Maney Publishing

- Landes Bioscience

• New content:- Expert Review of Precision Medicine & Drug Development

- Expert Review of Quality of Life in Cancer Care

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Start Browsing our Titles Today

on Taylor & Francis Online!

Taylor & Francis Medicine & Health Science Hub


Visit: www.tandfonline.com

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More information

For full title lists please visit

www.tandf.co.uk/libsite/ or contact me to

discuss your options further:


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