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  • 8/12/2019 Suncorp Assessment Centre Preparation


    Suncorp Systems Engineer Duties

    Engage closely with the business as they provide really broad range of

    analytical and engineering duties covering platform support / maintenance,

    customer incident and work order engagements as well as systems rollouts /


    Engages closely with the business, since they provide platform support / maintenance info,customer incident and work order engagements as well as system rollouts.

    Stories:Teamwork: Talk about CSSituation problem: talk about friend in car accident, coy amplifier pro!ect.Teamwork problem: talk about cs and coy pro!ect where shoaib dogged

    Team dispute / actual engineering problem: Talk about the "#$ section where one memberonly wanted to use mathematical e%uations for the "#$ while & wanted to add in humaninput such as a mouse to determine where abouts in the data set thus that character willappear, this makes it a true "#$ compared to a pseudo random number gen based onmathematical e%uations alone.

    Tell us a bit about yourself'orn in Canberra, () years of age and recently graduated at $riffith university #athancampus. *obbies include rugby league, basketball and gym. &n my spare time & like to keepup to date with technology my reading whirlpool forums and +C user magaines, alsohanging out with friends. & went to high school in the gold coast, my favourite sub!ect was&+T thus it was apparent that i found myself to be studying in this field.

    &nterest: basketball, rugby league, cars, computer gamesSpare time: & like to read whirlpool forums to see what new computer components have beenreleased and how they perform in benchmarks in +C user magaines. & train rugby leagueroughly (-) times a week depending how much time & have and how tired & am, & also gogym )- times a week again depends on how im feeling and how much time & have, & hopeyouve all got to know me a little better now and absolutely looking forward to working withyou guys in this group assessment.&ntro*obbiesinterestsSpare timeconclusion

    S0" 1Teamwork2Situation / problem3 &n )rdyear regarding the coy amplifier a ma!or problem was ateammate leaving the country without any prior notice.0ction: 4iscussed the problem over the phone with remaining member, little argument aboutother member !ust wanting to leave out the marketing section, while & was in favour of it. &nthe end we decided to finish his section and present it the ne5t day."esult: 0ll criterias of the product was presented, however the missing members sectioncould have been better presented. &n the end it was a good presentation and that assessorsand investors were impressed overall about the coy amplifier pro!ect.

    S0"1Technical problem, team dispute2Talk about the "#$ at "egan consultancy +ty 6tdSituation / problem: Teammate disagreed on how the "#$ should be done

  • 8/12/2019 Suncorp Assessment Centre Preparation


    0 true "#$ was needed not a pseudo "#$0ction: Convinced that we needed to create a character set and have human inputdetermine where in the character set it should point to, thus getting that character and goingthrough a bunch of e%uations. Thus using my idea along with my teammates idea ofrunning it through mathematical e%uation"esult: better "#$ and both me and my teammate were happy of the outcome byincorporating both our ideas.

    Short term goal: a core position within the systems engineering team with increasedresponsibilities.6ong term goal: a leadership position within the team and be involved in multi million dollarpro!ects making innovative decisions within the pro!ect.7hy are you interested in our graduate program38irst of all this is an e5ceptional opportunity for me to further develop and enchance my skillsthat & have gained from industry and university. 9ne thing that & have noticed is that Suncorpis heavily in favour of utilising agile methods into their line of work which is good since one ofthe sub!ects that & en!oyed 1Software %uality management2 was focused on agile methods, in

    particular SS and 4S4. The systems engineering program offer 0 tailored Career4evelopment +lan, a buddy mentor program to ensure that my learning process doesnt stopthus time usage would be effective. 0lso suncorp provdes opportunities to deal with adiverse range of technologies including '9SS and will help develop my C; skills if need be.0gile methods break tasks into small increments with minimal planning, and do not directly

    involve long-term planning.SS: Systematic approach to tackling real world problem situations and normally e5pressedin seven steps.4S4: 4S4 is an iterative and incrementalapproach that emphasies continuoususer/customer involvement and communication. 1Talk about say certain checklists2. 7hich &can see already would be beneficial to my role since my role involves communicating heavilywith business anyway for analytical and engineering duties to support technology platforms

    and maintenance along with customer incidents and system rollouts and implementations.So & will further investigate problems in systems and no doubt with e5perience diagnose%uick and effective solutions.

    What can you bring to the company?7hat & can offer Suncorp is my enthusiasm that & will bring into the team everyday. Theknowledge that & have gained from university and industry and utilie them in a fashion thatmy teammate and myself can benefit from and no doubt will & further enhance them. ypassion and dedication will hopefully further motivate the team to success and produce workat an e5cellent standard which is evident from every team that & have been in whether it be inuni, in my professional gaming days and sports. & would say that & socialise %uite a lot, thus &have no doubt that & will get along with pretty much anyone and everyone in and outside my


    Technologies use: !ava, C; and platforms such as 6inu5 and wintel on suncorps mobiletechnologies and telephony &+ systems.

    Suncorp background knowledgeToday Suncorp is 0ustralia??? employees with appro5imately over @ millioncustomers. The divisions include:

    personal and commercial insurance

    Aero #ew Beleland

    Suncorp bank / 6ife

    Supported by specialist areas such as:
  • 8/12/2019 Suncorp Assessment Centre Preparation