Students Helping Students A Multimedia Project for Intermediate ESL Students By Susan Gaer,

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Students Helping Students A Multimedia Project for Intermediate ESL Students By Susan Gaer, John Tashima and Danna Weber. CATESOL LA 2008. Collaborative Effort Intermediate and Beginning ESL Students Digital Photography Creation of Photo Website Print and Online Materials. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Students Helping Students A Multimedia Project for Intermediate ESL Students

    By Susan Gaer,John Tashima andDanna WeberCATESOL LA 2008

  • Collaborative EffortIntermediate and Beginning ESL StudentsDigital PhotographyCreation of Photo WebsitePrint and Online Materials

  • Begin with a Topic:

    Verbs that can be demonstratedMaterials: Beginning ESL Textbooks / Verb ListsPaperIndex cardsConstruction paper in assorted colorsDigital camera(s)Computer + software (Picasa)Release forms

  • Step 1:

    Identify verbs; compile lists; transfer to index cards

  • Step 2: Decide on groupings. Sort on colored construction paper.

    Our categories:

    Classroom/school Household chores Daily activities Crime Family Action Miscellaneous

  • Step 3: Review and modify the lists.


  • Step 4: Learn how to use the camera.

  • Vary the shots, camera angle, and lighting.

  • Step 5:

    Take photos of the verbs

  • Step 5: Upload the photos for review.

    Too darkPoor compositionJust right

  • Step 6:

    Students add captions. They are running.

  • Step 7: Sort photos into web albums.

    Our Future

  • Step 8:

    Develop activities to go with the pictures.

  • Come back next year for the rest of the project!


    *(Susan write the script here; include the reason you wanted to do this project; say something about increased retention rates of 90% when a subject is taught rather than 10% when just read)*We chose verbs that can be demonstrated. Other topics you might try include descriptions of outside things feelings or body language communication. The only limitation is that your word list should be photographable.*Students use textbooks from low beginning classes to identify action verbs. Verbs are selected from the back indices; verbs that will make appropriate action photos are preferred.

    Using notebook paper, students compile lists of verbs. Students transfer verbs to index cards, one verb per card.*We decided that our verbs would fit into the categories listed here. For each category, we designated a different color of construction paper, placing the colored paper on tables and giving the students stacks of index cards to sort for the categories. *Review to eliminate duplicates or inappropriate verbs that may be too difficult to photograph. Verbs like know, feel, have, modal verbs and be verbs should be eliminated.

    *Instruct students in the use of the digital camera. Divide students into groups and assign each group a selection of verbs. *Instruct students to photograph multiple (5) pictures of each verb, using a variety of poses, close-ups, camera angles, distance shots, flash on/off and with different students from each group posing in the shots.*Students are divided into groups. Each group is given a set of five verbs. They are told to take five pictures of each verb with a variety of angles and other shots. These are then uploaded and students can choose the best ones.*

    We discussed each photos good and bad points, what could be improved, how the lighting affects the quality, composition of the photo, and if the photo conveyed the verb in our lesson. *We used Picasa as our website program to publish our photos for review and selection.

    (Demo Picasa)

    *More on this next year**