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  • 1. College Seminar for ESL Students

2. International Peer MentorsDavin (Indonesia) Michelle (Indonesia)Vimol (Cambodia) Sayaka (Japan) Kenneth (Hong Kong) 3. What are you going to learn today? O Shoreline ESL Program O Advising System for ESL students O Class Registration (sign up for classes) O Tuition payment O SCC Student ID & Metro Bus/ORCA Card O Support Services for your study O Food Services O Grades in ESL classes O International Insurance 4. Shoreline ESL ProgramPlease turn page 6 in yourStudent Resource Book 5. ESL Levels ESL Foundation A, B & CBridge A & BFoundation AFoundation B Foundation C Bridge A Bridge BWriting & ESLAF 50ESLAF 60ESLAF 70 ESL 80 ESL 90Reading (10 credits)(10 credits) (10 credits) (10 credits) (10 credits)Listening ESLAF 51ESLAF 61ESLAF 95&(5 credits)Speaking(Total 16 credits)ESL Language Lab1 credit (Required of all level 1-5 students) 6. 1 Quarter (3 months) = 15 credits (average) = $3,034Level FoundationFoundationBridge ABridge B Academic A&BC EnglishAcademicMathPsychologyESL100Preparation 5 credits credits creditsClass ESL955 creditsESL70 ESL80 ESL90 ArtESL 50 &Class 60 credits 0 credits credits credits15 creditsLab1 creditBadminton YogaBasketballBusinessLab 2 credits 2 credits 2 credits 5 credits1 credit(option)(option)(option) Total 16 credits18 credits17 credits17 credits15 creditsCredits 7. Your First QuarterO ESL Foundation A & B:English Classes only to build a foundation.O When you are in ESL Foundation C:You may start taking one Physical Education class(for example, Badminton, Basketball etc.), Musicclass (Piano, guitar etc.) 8. Advising SystemHow do I meet with the advisors?Please turn page 1 in yourStudent Resource Book 9. Your Academic AdvisorsErin Walker Cynthia Okawara Tiffany Meier 10. Advising SystemPlease turn page 13 in yourStudent Resource Book 11. 3 Ways to Meet the AdvisorsO Walk-in advising (5-10 minute quick questionsO Appointments hourO Seminars variety of topics 12. O Walk-in advising available 3 days a week Monday & Tuesday:10:30 a.m. 12:00 p.m.2:00 p.m. 3:30 p.m. Thursdays: 10:30 p.m. 11:45 a.m.2:00 p.m. 3:30 p.m.The IE Office is closed 12 1 p.m. M, Tu, W & F (12 1:30 p.m. on Thurs.) 13. O Appointment advising available 2 days a week:Wednesdays and Fridays are specifically reserved forStudent Appointments!Other days also have a few appointments available.To make an Online appointment: 14. Class RegistrationO Complete a Registration FormO Meet ESL teachers today at 2 p.m.O Receive your Class ScheduleO Pay your tuition at Cashiers office 15. 2 Form to CompleteO Registration Form for signing up for your classes today.O Release of Info. Agreement to give permission for SCC to release personal information. 16. Choose Quarter Here9 6 5 -xx-xxxxYour name, address & telephone numberPlease choose your answerYour signature & date 17. Agreement for Release/Exchange ofInformation FormSee back of Dolphin handout 18. Under 18 years old:Over 18 years old:You must chooseYou can eitherOption 1.choose Option 1 (to give permission toStep 1:SCC) OR Option 2Everyone (not to give SCCwrites namepermission for& SID Steve Young965-55-5555 personal information.Option 1:Fill in as Kim Young, Mothersample82-555-5555 kyoung@mailshown.Steve Young Passport signatureOption 2:You will onlyneed to putyour nameand sign anddate. 19. Tuition Payment See page 24O Please go to Cashiers Office (FOSS 2nd Floor) and tellyour ID number or bring your class schedule.O Use credit card, debit card, travelers checks,personal check or cash.O Keep your receipt.O Last day to pay your tuition is Tuesday before theclasses star t. 20. Shoreline ID Card AFTER you paid your tuition O Bring your receipt from tuition payment and your passport (picture ID) to Media Services in Library (4000 Building). O Smile big in front of a camera and get your ID card in 5 minutes! O Replacement of your Student ID card is $17 if lost. Please see Business Hours handout for their service hours during ISOP week. See page 8 & 9 in Student Resource Book. 21. Class schedule + Tuition Payment = Student ID Card+ Receive yourofficialShoreline STEP 1: STEP 2:STEP 3: Student IDCard! Register yourGo to the Cashiers Bring your receiptclasses and get Office and pay your & passport to your classtuitionMedia Service inschedulethe Library 22. Text Books AFTER you go to your classesO Go to your classes first before you guy books! Readyour SYLLABUS (class outline) from your class andlearn which book(s) you need to purchase.O Go to Shoreline Bookstore with your ClassSchedule AND SYLLABUS to locate your books.O Keep your receipt from purchase in case you need toexchange or sell it in the future.Please see Business Hours handout for their servicehours during ISOP week. See page 5 in StudentResource Handbook. 23. Free services are availableO Writing and Learning StudioO Math Learning CenterO Academic TutorsO Special Program TutorsO ESL TutorsO CounselingO International Student AdvisorMore information (location & contact info.) is listed in Page 3 & 4 of Student Resource Book. 24. Food Services (page 7)Full Service CafeteriaMon Thurs 7:30 am 2:30 pmFri7:30 am 2:00 pmEspresso and DeliMon Thurs 7 am 6:30 pmFri7 am 4:00 pmEspresso Shack by 2200 buildingMon Thurs 8 am 3:30 pmFri8 am 1:30 pm 25. Grades in ESL Classes page 2O Mandatory P / NC Grading(P = pass; NC = Non CreditYour ESL classes will be P/NC GradingOther grades:O V = Vanished (stopped attending class)O W = Withdrawal (dropped class)O Z = Hardship (special arrangement made withinstructor due to unforeseen circumstances) 26. Metro Bus Information & ORCA CardO SCC sells a quarterly ORCA CARD for using Metrobus and other public transportation. The ORCA isavailable through Cashiers Office.Please see Page 21 for the price for each ride andzone information. 27. Sickness and Injury InsuranceO Your tuition will include $258.75 per quarterinsurance fee.O If you have your own insurance plan from homecountry, please complete the Insurance Waiverform when you meet with ESL teachers at 1 p.m.$258.75 will be deducted from your tuition payment.O Please come to Medical Assistance & InternationalInsurance during ISOP Day 3 & 4.O You will receive: Insurance ID Card & Policy Brochure 28. During your quarterO You will be invited to meet Academic Advisors duringthe 2nd week of the quarter.O Academic Advisors will also come to your ESL classto assist you with registering classes for next quarter.O If you have any questions, please come toInternational Programs office and see the advisorsduring Walk-in advising hours or by appointment. 29. Good luck!Thank you for your participation! 30. Mark X if you have your own Xinsurance from Turn the home country. page! 31. Please put your insurance information herePlease sign and date!