Strange Societies

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<ol><li> 1. Weirdest University clubs andsocieties Anna Maria Rosell Torres 2nd BTX B </li><li> 2. 1.KiguSoc @ University ofYorkwe believe there is no occasion oractivity that is not improved by a Kigu </li><li> 3. 2.Assassins Society @ Durham UniversityMembership requires skill,cunning and alertness. Somemembers turn into cool, calm,collected and ruthlessly efficientkilling machines, whereas others become jibbering wrecks, tornapart by paranoia, lying awake at night huddled close to their excessive arsenal of destructive weaponry. </li><li> 4. 3.Re-enactment Society @University of Liverpool promote and encourage involvementwith the UK and European Re-enactment Societies, and bringing to life the Historical ways of life from many different periods of our history. </li><li> 5. 4.The Curry Society @ Leicester UniversityLeicester is frequently rated as the bestcity in the UK for curry. We hold regular trips to Indian and Thai restaurants in the Leicester area that specialise incurry." </li><li> 6. 5.Hummous Society @ LondonSchool of Economics </li><li> 7. plethora of interests, from Classic cinema to Distillery visits. 6.Society for GentlemanlyPursuits @ Keele University </li><li> 8. 7.Harry Potter Society @ Cardiff University </li><li> 9. 8.Gog Magog Molly @ Cambridge Universitywe even have an Oompa Loompa dance!Its great fun, good exercise, intellectuallychallenging, and you get to meet fantasticpeople while keeping an English tradition alive. </li><li> 10. 9.KrakenSoc @ Southampton University </li><li> 11. 10.The Pirate Society @ the University of Sussex</li></ol>