Strange naturallandscapes

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  • 1. Arizona, USA The Wave (stunning sandstone rock formation that isaround 190 million years old and looks unreal)

2. Tasmania The Tessellated Pavement (very straight rectangles that are anatural phenomenon) 3. Egypt White Desert (strange rock formations formed by sandstorms) 4. Japan - Blood Pond Hot Spring (thats how it got its name) 5. Northern Ireland Giants Causeway (mystical rock formation) 6. Bolivia Salar de Uyuni (worlds largest salt flats) 7. China The Stone Forest (a 400-square-kilometre stone wonderland) 8. Antarctica McMurdo Dry Valleys (Iron oxides stain the snout of the Taylor Glacierforming a feature commonly referred to as Blood Falls) 9. Canada - Spotted Lake (one of the worlds highest concentration of minerals) 10. Nevada, USA The Black Rock Desert (a dry lake bed) 11. California - Crystal Cave(made from marble) 12. Western Australia -Bungle Bungles are anamazing rock formation. 13. Alaska - Steam rises from the top vent in the summit crater of Mount Redoubt. 14. Cappadocia, Turkey - is home to many underground and above ground cities. 15. Dominica - The Boiling Lake at the Caribbean island bubbles with blue-grey water. 16. Spain - The blood redRio Tinto river 17. Brazil - Vale de Luna or "the valley of the moon (an ancient plateau thought tobe over 1.8 billion years old) 18. THE ENDClick to exit