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Creative and Critical Thinking Spring 2010 assignment - take chosen object (comb) portray as familiar and then shift to strange (change in perception, medium, light, mood) and then from strange to familiar.

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2. STRANGE ASSIGNMENT: Familiar Strange / Strange Familiar documentation of an object 3. thoughts upon investigation in this project i decided to focus on perception - on a macro level - both visible and invisible to the human eye. this lead to a discovery that even ordinary objects show great complexity on a functional and scientific level.altering your state of mind or instating a new mind set - with the possible aid of technology - can broaden horizons, procure greater ideas and ultimately help attain a greater sense of appRE- CIATION for the world around us. 4. familiar strange1 of 2 FAMILIARITY DE-RIVED FROM A COMMONL USEDY OBJECT additional thoughts simply recog-consider: human a weapon, a nized: the comb. exstinction and fragment of some almost cave-manfuture civiliza-creatures like in its form tions rediscover- internal struc- and uncompli-ing relics of the ture, or perhaps cated function.past. the comb: a dead communi-what could it be? cations device? 5. FAMILIAR [fuh-mil-yer]: adjective 1.commonly or generally known or seen: a familiar sight. 2.well-acquainted; thoroughly conversant: to be familiar with a subject. 3.informal; easygoing; unceremonious; unconstrained: to write in a familiar style. 4.closely intimate or personal: a familiar friend; to be on familiar terms. 5.unduly intimate; too personal; taking liberties; presuming: The duchess disliked familiar servants. 6.domesticated; tame. 7.of or pertaining to a family or household. 6. familiar strange 2 of 2STRANGENESS RESUL TING FROM EXCESSIVE UTILITY additional thoughts grotesque: a consider: canmacro shots often seemingly simple known elements lead to a question- tool can be ex-in the composi-ing of the larger ploited to a point tion lead to a picture. does of disgustingprobable conclu- simply examining strangeness re-sion of subjects an object closely sulting in un- interacting? disrupt the nat recognition.-ural recogntion of it? 7. SOMETHING STRANGE INTO SOMETHING FAMIL- IAR, TO ME, REALLY LIES WITHIN ADEEPER EXAMINA- TION OF THAT THING. 8. strange familiar1 of 2STRANGENESSDUE TO ALACK OF KNOWLEDGE additional thoughts strange: this bit consider: whats but to a biochem- of information is strange to one ist or scientist it useless and person may beis obviously the unrecognizablefamiliar tomolecular to the untrainedanother and vice structure of pure eye - obviously a versa. thispolyethylene the formula itsmolecularbase for the meaning falls structure meansplastic of the short nothing to me -object. 9. STRANGE [streynj]: adjective 1. unusual, extraordinary or curious; odd; queer: a strange remark to make. , 2. estranged, alienated, etc., as a result of being out of one's natural environment. 3. situated, belonging, or coming from outside of one's own locality; foreign. 4. outside of one's previous experience; hitherto unknown; unfamiliar . 5. unaccustomed to or inexperienced in; unacquainted (usually fol. by to). 6. distant or reserved; shy . 10. IT IS ONE OF THE COMMONEST OF MISTAKES TO CONSIDER THAT THE LIMIT OF OUR POWER OF PERCEPTION IS ALSO THE LIMIT OF ALL THERE IS TO PERVIEVE. 11. C.W. LEADBEATER 12. strange familiar 2 of 2 RECOGNITION GAINED FROM A CHANGE IN PERSPECTIVE additional thoughts familiar: chang-consider: former and familiarity. ing perspective knowledge, a being able to see or context oftencanny eye, per-with an extended can change thesonal experience vista of open-ness meaning oror understanding can often times familiarity tocan drasticallycompletely certain individu- change percep- change all als.tion, recognition- preconceievednotions. 13. all images taken by lottie m. anderson book produced spring 2010 for creative and critical thinkingmolecular structure referenced from: Handbook of Polyethylene: Structures: Properties, and Applications by andrew peacock