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Austin-Healey Sprite (Mark ill)M.G. Midget (Mark IT)2=Austin-Healey S . pnte (Mark IV)M.G. Midget (Mark ill)Issue 43IJ.EXPLANATORYI . The range of parts in this List covers all serviceable components on model/models to the standardspecification. Where the part is confined to one specification this is clearly defined in the Descriptionor Remarks column, and where the part listed is not serviced, this is indicated by the letters NSPin the Part No. column. This List is provided with a Group Index on the title-page, and also more detailed indexes at thebeginning of each separate Section. Additionally, Alphabetical and Part Number Indexes are alsoprovided in the preface pages.Items comprising an assembly (or sub-assembly) are inset for easy reference. This principle isfollowed in all Parts Lists, typical examples being given below. The Part Number Index will be issued twice yearly.Examples:Crankshaft AMK 2264Plug AMK 97....... _IDIlIJ-nar I CZA " 8Angl&-&ttachment-rear bumper CZA 147Bracket-rear bu mper support CZA 164 The word ' Ouantity' as shown in the heading of all text pages is intended to convey that all figuresappearing in that column are quantities used on a particular application and not quantities usedper vehicle. The assemblies and components in the plate illustrations are identified by numbers which corre-spond with the illustration references appearing on the facing text page in the column immediatelyfollowing the Part Number. Note the use of squares, rectangles, and circles on the illustrationPlates. The square/rectangle indicates an assembly which comprises all component parts shownenclosed. The components can, in turn, be supplied separately providing illustration Numbersare shown against them. A circle embracing certain components is used to give a magnified viewof the items which are too small to show up in detail if illustrated on the same scale as the otherparts on the plate. It is essential first to identify the part against the illustration in the appropriate Section of the List,and then make use of the illustration reference number to locate the correct Part Number and officialdescription on the adjacent page, taking into account Engine, Car, and Conunission Numbers, etc. ABBREVIATIONS: Standard abbreviations are employed. The complete range of abbreviationscovering all lists is given below.JKDBLLCLBLBDLBTLWBMMBMPBNNo.NSPOD(OD)O/SPprpoiPSVP.T.O.AAIR(B)(BP)B.lI..S.C(C)(CB)(CN)CPD(D)DCDfEcIIaE(E)EPEn(l"AlG(G)GPBBC(BU).lI.ml>1IJaDceJb NqaIred.BocIYll_rBelt pulleY' IlumberBrltwl Road Semce.Chuala Dumbe..Car D,1Imbe..Cabll_rCollUDi8.loD llumberCUome-platedCoupeDe-but.Do1ll>Ie-eoUDo1lh1e-elld.dDlam.eterG.P.O. Engbo..ri1lgEngine llumlHtrG.P.O. PlaJUliD.gExport!"rollt axle D,1UDberG.P.O. Po.ta1Geubox DumberGeneral P1upo Curlerlie....Blgh compNUlollBydraa1lc udt llumlHtrID I1lalde cllameterI.P.T.O. I1ldep01lde1lt PowerTeb-oIrCortlbl.TnIc:kJt1lometre. per hourHIre CuLow compr...lollLeft-1uuldLeft-1uuld drinLeft-1uuld threedLcmg wheelhueL1mcnul1leMlaIJnao/Ol1l1llcoeehMD.. per ho'IUz-.e.tu Toue..NumlHtrNo....rric.ahl. put01Itald.. cl1am.terO...erclri.... D1UD.lMr0-0_Herd TopPeIrP01l1ldo/.quere IachP1Il>llc Semee VehiclePower Take-oJfoR(IU.)RHRBDRUT(lIP)S(S)STSTDSWB2STT.I .B.ulJI[u /SvwWBW.xChuolo ODd CabChuolo ODd _ttleRear axle llmnberRighl-1uuldRight-1uuld drinRlght-1uuld threedRear pulley n1lll\her404001' SaloonSupel" de-lux.Soft TopS_dudShort wheelha2-door Saloonkeater TourerTechnical InformationBulletinPick-upGt. Brllai1l ODdNorthem Ire1aD.dUIld.eraizeVODDual-plUpo(wood framlng)Wh..1I>ueDa.a1-p1U'po..(e1l-m etal)TexlIssue 4,- - . . . . . , . - ~ - - - - ~ - -.. EXPLANATORY-continued I Amendments to this List will be effected by means of revised pages. Should it be necessary to addan additional page or pages to interrupt the existing sequence of page numbers, the added pageswill be numbered as in the following examples, which illustrate what would happen if it becamenecessary (A) to extend the information on a text page beyond the limits of that page or (B) to add anillustration page between existing illustration pages. Use of the decimal notation avoids the necessityof re-numbering and reprinting all pages in any section after the newly introduced page.Example (A)Existing text pagesAdded text pagesPage sequence will then readExample (B)Existing plates .Added plates ..Plate sequence will then readBA 5, BA 6, BA 1, etc.BA 51, BA 52, BA 53BA 5, BA 5,1, BA 5,2, BA 5,3, BA 6, etc.A 5, A 6, A 1, etc.A 51, A 52. A 53A 5, A 5,1, A 5,2, A 5,3, A 6, etc. When information on a page has been revised this is shown by the inclusion of a dagger t. indicatingwhat has been revised at that issue. As revised pages are issued an Index showing the Issue Number will be added to the List andreprinted with each circulation of revised pages.Clabn. UDder WarrantyClaims for the replacement of material or parts under Warranty must always be submitted to thesupplying Distributor or Dealer, or when this is not possible to the nearest Distributor or Dealer, inform-ing them of the vendor's name and address.Issue 45IBMC Service Parts List Spine LabelsThese have been designed with a colour code to enable users to file or find Parts Lists readlly.The system is as follows :Coloured rec:tangles at top of spiae'Families ' of passenger cars will always have a common colour (e.g. Lilac forthe B.M.C. Minis).Heavy commercial vehicles will have a common colour throughout-Red.Light commercial vehicles will have a common colour throughout-Grey.second coloured rec:tangleThis indicates what the List deals with, as under:Red . ..Light BlueBrownPink ...Mechanical.Body.Power Unit (petrol).Engines.TanMagentaDeep YellowPower Unit (Diesel).C.V. Chassis.C.V. Body and Cab.DColoured circlesoWolseley.Vanden Plu.Austin Commercial.Morris CommercialPinkMaroonStoneGreenM.G.Riley.Morris. White .. .YellowGrey ...These indicate the franchises covered by the List. For any particular franchisethe circle will always appear at the same height OIl the spine label Additionally, itwill be coloured as under:Blue ... Austin.Title-pageFor easy identification when the List is lying flat, the colour of the text of the title-page repeats that on the spine label indicating whether the List is Mechanical. Body.Coloured circlesoWolseley.Vanden Plu.Austin Commercial.Morris CommercialPinkMaroonStoneGreenM.G.Riley.Morris.These indicate the franchises covered by the List. For any particular franchisethe circle will always appear at the same height OIl the spine label Additionally, itwill be coloured as under : .Blue . .. Austin.White .. .YellowGrey .. .IMPORTANT TO OWNERSIBRITISHLEVLANDBMCSERVICEBMC SERVICE PARTSOwners are strongly advised to insist on the use of BMC Genuine Parts. These may readily beidentified by the label below and many are packed in characteristic ca rtons. They are available throughany Distributor or Dealer, who can also provide details of the wide range of BMC Approved Acces-sories not covered by this publication.I!J"I,nIII1i hIM'.'WlSERVI CE, Replacement parts that are not of genuine BMC manufacture cannot be relied upon to be of BMCspecification, material, and workmanship, and therefore BMC cannot be expected to extend theirWarranty to vehicles which have been fitted with parts not of their manufacture.BMC reserve the right to make changes or improvements in the construction or equipment oftheir products at any time.In order to ensure prompt and correct execution of your orders it is essential to quote:1. The relative Unit Number. together with prefixes, suffixes, and spe cification reference whereapplicable:e .g. : Axle, Body, Cab, Car, Chassis, Conunission, Engine, and Gearbox Numbers, etc.2. The Part Number and description (prefix letters to Part Numbers must always be quoted).3. The quantity required. bearing in mind that the quantities shown are thos e us ed in the appli-cation actually illustrated on the Parts List in question. Sometimes only minimum packagedquantities are available. These packs may well contain more parts than are required for a singlejob ; for details of packaged quantities, see the confidential Service Parts Price List.4. Always state the colour of carpets, painted items, tri m items, etc.Tssu c 4.7I Vehicle IdentificationSerial Number Prefix CodeThe car number prefix:comprises a series of letters and numbers, present-ing in code the make, the engine type, the body type, the series, and,where applicable, left-hand-dri ve.1st PREFIX LETTER- Name 2nd PREFIX LETTER-Engine typeG-M.G.H-Heale y A3rd PREFIX LETTER- Body typeN- 2-seater Toure r4th PREFIX-Series of model 5th PREFIX (used to denote car3-3r d series ~ M G i. diBerent to standard right-4--4th se ries . . hand cIrlve)8--8th s e ~ e s Healey L-Left-hand drive9-9th senesCODE EXAMPLEG - AN 3- 25788II L Serial number3rd series2-seater TourerA'-type engineM.G.Always quote these prefixes with Car Se rial Numbe rsIssue -I.8Trim ColourProductionKey to Body Exterior and MainCombinations, from Start of VehicleAustin-Healey Sprite (Mark Ill)t The B.M.C. Colour Code numbers quoted in the following text relate to the Paint Colour samples in the uS.M.C. ServicePaint Sche me" publication re!. : AXD 1482 .In the case of two-tone body e xterior colours the colour below the break line is quoted first .In the case of two-tone body exterior colours where a