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Spring Welcome 2012

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    Pages 4-5: Downtown entertainment

    Page 8: Movie awards preview

    Page 11: New Years resolutions

    Pages 12-13: Winter sports update

    Pages 14-15: Local eateries

    Pages 16-17: Spring Break

    Pages 18-19: Campus recreation

    Pages 20-21: Hole-in-the-wall bars

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    File photo by Josh Campbell/THE STANDARD

    Patton Alley Pub, located at 313 S. Patton Ave., offers 40 beers on tap and over 100 bottles. The pub frequently hosts live musical acts such as Doug & the SOULar panels, Ben MillerBand, Big Smith, Speakeasy and more.

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    By Kaycie SurrellThe Standard

    While looking for a break from the hec-tic workweek this new year, considerSpringfields growing nightlife entertain-ment including local theaters, concert hallsand smaller venues featuring talented localacts.

    Springfield has more to offer than a rea-sonably-sized mall and a large selection offast food restaurants to provide respite from

    mind-numbing class schedules and part-time jobs that loom over the heads of manyMissouri State students.

    Look no further than downtown Spring-field for an array of venues that likely offersperformances suitable to your personaltastes. If you prefer to catch a play, there areplenty of options there, too, with venues likethe Springfield Contemporary Theatre atthe Vandivort Center or the Springfield Lit-tle Theatre.

    The Springfield Little Theatre is thelargest civic theater operation in Missouriand offers a season of nine plays and musi-cals, large enough for thousands of audiencemembers. Promising upcoming productionsinclude Annie. The award winning musi-cal will run from Feb. 3 to Feb. 19 with stu-dent ticket prices at $22.

    The Springfield Contemporary Theatre

    at the Vandivort Center offers a contempo-rary alternative to traditional theater andhas put on productions of The Rocky Hor-ror Picture Show, Reefer Madness andEvil Dead: The Musical. Their currentplay, The Seafarer, will run through Jan.22. Tickets run $16 - $22.

    The Juanita K. Hammons Hall for thePerforming Arts also offers theatrical enter-tainment ranging from Broadway produc-tions, single performances, dance, childrenstheater and an emerging artists concertseries. Missouri State concerts, recitals andlectures are also part of the Hammons Hallperformance schedule. Blue Man Grouptickets go on sale Jan. 20.

    The Gillioz Theatre in downtownSpringfield is historically known for its the-atrical performances, movie premiers andVaudeville shows, and, since restoration in

    2006, has offered the perfect venue for allkinds of events. Weddings, movies, con-certs, banquets, Broadway productions andmore all call the Gillioz home. Peter Framp-ton will visit the Gillioz on Feb. 27 for athree-hour performance of FramptonComes Alive!

    For something a little more laid backthat wont require purchasing tickets inadvance, there are plenty of bars downtownand on historic Commercial Street that keeplocal bands in business.

    For two venues in one, visit the HighlifeMartini Lounge or the Outland. Both arelocated on South Ave. and, for a low covercost, you can roam freely between both hotspots. Every Friday, beginning Jan. 20, theDJs of Black Box Review will play at theHighlife. Beginning Feb. 10, the second Fri-day of each month will accommodate a

    Venues provide avariety of drinksand music

  • The Standard Spring Welcome 2012 5

    younger crowd with 18 and up nights.Upstairs from the Outland youll find the

    Outland Ballroom. Many local metal andhip hop acts have graced this stage as well aslarger touring acts like Yo Mamas Big FatBooty Band and hometown indie heroes,Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.Patton Alley Pub at 313 S. Patton Ave.

    provides a more relaxed environment whereyou can choose from over 40 beers on tapand over 100 bottles for a low price duringtheir generous happy hour or late nighthappy hour. Enjoy performances by Doug& the SOULar Panels every Wednesdayand by popular bluegrass acts like the BenMiller Band, Big Smith, Speakeasy andmore.

    Springfields longest running musicvenue and blues bar, Nathan P. Murphys at218 S. Campbell Ave., offers a classic vin-tage setting with eclectic performances bylocal metal musicians, jazz bands likefavorites SPiNRaD and more includingspoken poetry by Mo Poetry Slam Spring-field.

    Just a short drive from downtown youllfind historic Commercial Street where thecommunity organization for the promotionof local artists, LemonDrop, makes its

    home. Youll also find one of the oldest barsin SpringfieldLindbergs.

    Lindbergs Bar boasts performances byThe Cherry Bomb Burlesque, rockabillyand punk bands like St Dallas and the Sin-ners, weekly performances by QuantumGroove, and an exciting array of upcomingevents. Celebrate Mardi Gras on Commer-cial Street with performances at Lindbergsby the Cherry Bombs, the Good Foot and adrag show put on through the Aids Projectof the Ozarks.

    LemonDrop works to provide avenuesfor artists to display their work and providesfinancial support to help nurture a creativeculture in and around Springfield. Catchout-of-town metal musicians, The Oppres-sor with ADALIAH and Float Face Downon Friday Jan. 20. Doors open at 6 p.m. Theevent is for all ages and costs $8.

    It doesnt matter what kind of musicyoure into or if you prefer a play to musicaltheater. Theres something to do just aboutevery night of the week in Springfield if youknow where to look. Dont spend the semes-ter at home wishing you knew where to gofor some live music or the perfect stage totake your date. Get creative and exploreSpringfields burgeoning nightlife.

    File photo by Matt Kile/THE STANDARD

    Downtown Springfield offers a variety of bars and venues, like Finnegans Wake, that-provide customers with all kinds of drinks and music.

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  • By Karman BowersThe Standard

    Its that time of year again when the stars get all dressed upand walk down a red carpet while we sit at home and gossipabout what theyre wearing. Oh, there are some awards inthere, too.

    Out of all the numerous awards, the Golden Globesand Academy Awards are the biggies. With the Gold-en Globes fresh in our minds (aired Sunday, Jan.15) and the Academy Awards still weeks away (Itairs Feb. 26. The nominees are set to beannounced on Jan. 24) we can still ponder someof the nominees, and possibly winners, for thisyears awards.

    Now, I could be way off, but looking at thenominations for the Golden Globes, there seems tobe five front runners. The Descendants, The Ides ofMarch, Moneyball, The Artist, and Midnight inParis were all nominated for best picture, best screenplay,all had best actor/actress nominations and four of the fivealso had best director nominations.

    My guess is that well see these on the Academy Awardsnominations as well. I was surprised that

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo didnt receive a nom-ination for best picture. Rooney Mara got the nomination(no surprise there), but why no best picture? Who knows?Sometimes I just cannot figure out why certain things getnominated. Avatar, anyone?

    The big question on my mind is whether or not the Acad-emy will stick with their recent trend of nominating ten filmsfor best picture. Perhaps The Girl with the Dragon Tattoowill make that list.

    And when will the year come that an animated picture willwin the big prize of Best Picture? Toy Story 3 should havebeen that film. It was a kids film but at the same time, it wasmuch more adult in so many ways. It made us accept the painfultruth that our childhoods were finally over. It should have woneverything.

    Unfortunately, there werent any animated picturesthis year on that level but there were some good ones. Myvote for best animated would be Rango but if the power-house team of Spielberg/Jackson behind TheAdventures of Tintin doesnt bring someawards, I will be very, very shocked.

    The Standard8 Spring Welcome 2012

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    Who will walkaway with all thehardware this year?

    See AAWWAARRDDSS page 10

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    Another thing that Inoticed with the nominationsthis year is that Ryan Goslingand George Clooney are hotticket items, especially if theyare together. Gosling got twoactor nominations, one forThe Ides of March and theother for Crazy, Stupid,Love. Plus, as mentionedbefore, The Ides of Marchwas nominated for a bunch,including Clooney as director.By the way, The Descen-dants is Clooneys othermovie. If I was placing anybets, it would probably be onthem to win something.The bottom line is there are

    always surprises (good andbad) and there are always surethings. If there is a Spielbergfilm out there, itll be nominat-ed. If there was an amazingtransformation by anactor/actress, theyll probablywin. All we can do is sit backand enjoy the show.