Southport Flower Show 2010

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SOUTHPORT burst into bloom when the towns annual flower show opened its doors to eager spectators.


  • 27Southport Visiter Friday, August 20, 2010 Visit our website:


    MAIN PICTURE: Sarah Taylor-Passman, nine, has a wheely goodtime helping her mum and dad atthe Southport Flower Show but didget a little carried awayPicture: GARETH JONES GRJ180810FLOWERSHOW-2

    Reports byAmy Salter, JanineYaqoob andDanielle Manning Photography byGareth Jones andGavin Trafford


  • 28 Southport Visiter Friday, August 20, 2010 SOUTHPORT newsdesk: 01704 536655


    Flower showbursts into lifeSOUTHPORT burst into bloomyesterday when the towns an-nual flower show opened itsdoors to eager spectators.Exhibitors from across the country

    have been preparing for weeks ahead ofthe 81st Southport Flower Show and theatmosphere was electric as the proceed-ings got under way.Actress Suranne Jones, formerly of

    Coronation Street, officially pro-nounced the show open and the crowdssoon started toweave theirway throughover a million blooms that filled theVictoria Park setting.David Jackson, Chief Executive of the

    Southport Flower Show, told theVisiter:It is a fantastic year for the show, thefeedback we have been getting fromsome people has been incredibly posit-ive.With the new Grand Floral Marquee

    people can walk past and see the fab-ulous floral displays and everyone hasbeen saying how much of a feature thatis.The quality is excellent as always

    the gardeners seem to excel themselveseach year and some have been workinguntil after midnight for weeks.All the exhibitors have been getting

    really excited and that energy has beeninfectious.

    As well as the floral attractions, thisyears flower show, which runs untilSunday, boasts a brand new food villageand book festival, along with 250 tradestands.Celebrity gardeners David Bellamy

    and Stefan Buczacki were at the festivalyesterday (Thursday) giving membersof the public expert tips. Diarmuid Gav-in and Roddy Llewellyn are set to makeappearances over the weekend.Many exhibitors told the Visiter that

    the standard this year was very high.Steve and Elaine Hickman, of HoylandPlant Centre in Barnsley, were exhibit-ing an agapanthus display in the GrandFloral Marquee.Mr Hickman said: We have been ex-

    hibiting here for the last eight years. Itis a very good show and always verybusy which is why everyone goes to somuch effort. There is a very high stand-ard here and it compares well to theother flower shows.We are hoping to geta gold.Donald Sutcliffe, who was exhibiting

    with the National Dahlia Society(Northern Committee) in the Societiestent added: I started coming here as alittle lad 55 years ago with my dad andIve carried on with that tradition. The

    atmosphere so far has been great andthere has been great banter betweeneveryone.Sisters Jade and Elle Ollerton, from

    Penwortham, were amongst those ex-hibiting in the Floral Arts tent. Thechildren had created a beach scenecalled Fun, Sea and Sand.Jade, 13, said: We collected shells and

    seaweed and thought of a tropical para-dise.Elle, 11, added: You can win prize

    money but we just did it for the enjoy-ment.The girls mum Tracy, 45, said: When

    we walked through we just thoughtwow. There are some really good ideasand the festival really caters for every-body of all ages. It is a great day out.Jean Daniels, from Worsley, was ex-

    hibiting three pieces in the Floral Artstent. She said: I have been exhibitinghere for over 20 years and I have hadquite a few wins. The standard is prettyhigh this year, it seems to be gettingbetter and better every time I come.Today (Friday) is Ladies Day at the

    festival, with Coronation Street starsAnthony Cotton and Sue Cleaver bet-ter known as Sean and Eileen due toattend as special guests. The first results: Page 35

    Cassie Heathcock, 21, pictured with the superb sunflower display on show in the grand floral marquee Code: GRJ180810-5

    Trustee director Ray Roukin is well and truly potty about this year'sshow Code: GRJ180810-9


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    GLAMOROUS actress Suranne Jonesspent hours chatting with the crowdsas the sun shone down on VictoriaPark.The former Coronation Street star officially

    declared the show open at 10.30am yesterday(Thursday) as a burst of confetti rained downon the audience in front of the bandstand.Suranne, 29, then weaved her way through

    the displays, admiring the show gardens, theexhibitions in Grand Floral Marquee, theentries in the amateur competition and manyother attractions.The actress, who has been staying just a

    short distance away from the show grounds,at the Vincent Hotel on Lord Street, told theVisiter: It has all gone really well. I think thehighlight for me has been meeting DavidBellamy. I watched him as a kid and he wasalways really educational so to meet himyears later at the grand old age of 77, and to seethat he is still so enthusiastic is brilliant.The amateur tent was great as well, be-

    cause considering it is supposed to be ama-teur the standard in there is unbelievable.The event was the first time Suranne had

    been to a flower show, and she said it did notdisappoint.I think there has been a fantastic atmo-

    sphere and there is just so much to see, withthe food village, the kids stalls, the books andso many shops I had no idea it would be like

    this. When someone says flower show youthink it is just going to be acres of plants but itis a really good day out and you could spend alot ofmoney cominghere. I think I amgoing tocome back on Sunday and do lots of shoppingthen.There are 35 acres to cover so it is hard

    getting round to see everything but Im goingto put myself in the chairmans hands and seewhat he says is the best.Suranne happily posed for pictures as she

    met members of the public on her walkaround the grounds.She continued: Everyone has been really

    lovely, both at the gala dinner on Wednesdaynight, which raised a lot of money, and here atthe show I have been really welcomed andwell looked after. My auntie and uncle havebeen here as well so it has been a good chanceto catch up with them.I have spotted a few hanging baskets and

    little trees which I am considering getting toput at the sides of my front door. I think Imgoing to go from having no hanging baskets tohaving a million and one.Coming here gives you somany ideas and it

    just shows you dont have to have much space it is just about making the most of what youhave got.

    Warm welcomefor Suranne asshe opens show

    Suranne Jones officially opened the 2010 Southport Flower Show Code GAV190810A-17


    Coastal Capers proves a winnerTHE TEAM fromChurchtowns Botanic Gar-dens were celebrating a hat-rick afterwinning the flowershows top award for thethird time.In keeping with this years

    theme, the imaginative pieceentitled Coastal Capers,caught the judges eye andthe group were presentedwith the Brockhouse trophyfor best in show.The idea was the

    brainchild of Alan Foxhall,Alan Gosling and his wifeLynn. The three of them cre-ated the piece with the helpof Martin Sutcliffe, GaryManser, SteveGreenandSueRushton, as well as volun-teersCathyRimmer, PaulineBarker and Peter Barker.Mr Foxall, floral manager

    of the creative team, said:We have always enteredand this is the third time wehave won the Brockhousetrophy, so it is a hat-trick for

    us. We are absolutely overthe moon.Without the team and all

    the planning we could nothave done it. We also havevolunteers that give up theirown time to come andhelp.The exhibit incorporated

    over 20 different plants in-cluding petunia, dichondraand iresine. Mr Foxall ad-ded: Myself, Alan and Lynnstarted planning the exhibitin March and we all got to-

    gether to throw differentideas about. We then startedactually creating it downhere last Thursday and theflowers and plants all wentin between Saturday andMonday. We are delightedthat all the hard work haspaid off.Mr Foxall, who lives in

    Southport, dedicated theaward to his father Eric Fox-all, who passed away, aged97, just hours before theteam received the award.

    Alan Gosling designer of Sefton MBC Garden which won Best in Show Trophy Code: GAV190810A-9

    2130 August

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    Gala gatheringheralds showTHISYEARS proceedings began in style when the townsglitterati came together for the annual Southport FlowerShow gala evening.

    Star guest Suranne Jones looked relaxed asshe mingled with diners who were treated to asneak preview of the displays in the GrandFloral Marquee.The actress sat at the top table with fellow

    guest and horticultural expert Stefan Bucza-cki, Flower Show chief executive David Jack-son and chair of the board of trustee directors,Rob Anderson.The event was also a chance for Suranne to

    catch upwith old pal Paul Crone, fromGrandaReports, who hosted the evening.

    The pair exchanged memories of when theystarred in panto together several years ago inSouthport.Before the dinner got underway, guests were

    treated to a rousing performance by SouthportDramatic Clubs youth group.In keeping with this years theme of coast,

    the talented youngsters took inspiration fromthe old time vaudeville shows, which weretraditionally popular in seaside resorts in daysgone by.The gala dinner also helped raise funds for

    local charity Queenscourt Hospice.


    Two of the performers from theSouthport Dramatic Club's youthgroup, who performed at theSouthport Flower Show dinnner

    Sophie Foulds and HeatherGomersall from the SouthportDramatic Club's performing youthgroup Codes NA

    JudithLawrence,TracyLawrence,Jacqui Pringle,Anne Mentha,Karen Pittanand DebbieMillar at theSouthportFlower Showgala dinnner

    Code NA

    Duncan Pringle, Ron Mentha, Steve Millar and Andy Kenny at the Southport Flower Showgala dinnner Code NA

    Alan Hughes, Ann Hughes, JenniferMathias and Tony Mathias Code NA

    William Hunter, Lynne Howarth and DavidRose, Southport Flower Show trustee director

    Guests EvelynPye and EnidOakley Code NA

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    Judith Jenkins Code NA

    Guests urgedto look aftertheir healthAVOIDING back and jointpain is often the last thingthat comes to mind whengardeners reach for theirtools.But a local woman is

    urging people toremember to care for theirhealth when gardening.Judith Jenkins, 53, from

    the Southport OsteopathicClinic, is using theSouthport Flower Show asan opportunity to offeradvice and guidance.I thought it would be

    the perfect time to give outthe same advice that I givemy patients regularly.Judith opened her

    Liverpool Road basedclinic in 1997 aftergraduating from theBritish College ofOsteopathic Medicine.She said: Gardening is a

    physical activity and likeany other exerciserequires your muscles tobe warmed up before youstart and stretchedafterwards.A hot bath at the end of

    the day can help preventmuscle stiffness fromdeveloping.Judith offered advice for

    the gardening enthusiastsat the four-day weekend.Try to pace yourself

    she said.Those who view a

    weekend as a chance toblitz the garden can oftenend up with an injury.If you have limited time,

    try to vary your activity inthe garden and allow yourmuscles time to rest.She added: Incorrect

    lifting is the biggest causeof back injuries in thegarden.Always lift with bent

    knees and your backstraight or only veryslightly bent, do not stoop.Use a lifting aid, ask afriend for help, or maketwo or three trips.

    INSPIRATION from thisyears coastal theme came inall shapes and sizes but nonecould be more different thantwo of the exhibits in theshow gardens.Simon Norris, of

    Churchtown, transportedspectators to a tropicalparadise with his exoticcreation based on a recentholiday to the Maldives.Simon said: I thought why

    not bring a taste of the exoticto Southport. The centre

    piece was inspired the raisedvillas you see in Caribbeanresorts.Simon was awarded a large

    gold for his masterpiece,which he can add to the otherthree he has won overprevious years.Nearby gardener Greg

    Mook, of Mook Gardens inBirkdale, got his inspirationfrom holidays of a verydifferent kind. He said:When the coast theme wasannounced my mind went

    straight back to trips toLlandudno when I was a kid from crab fishing to playingon the beach, I tried toencapsulate it all in mydesign. This ismy 15th year atthe FlowerShow, its agreat eventwhich I amalways happy tobe involvedwith.

    Gardeners inspired by visitsto landscapes worlds apart

    The Maldives(above) andLlandudno (left)

    Show chief beamingTHE man behind the SouthportFlower Show beamed withpride as the crowds floodedinto Victoria Park when the proceed-ings got underway.Chief Executive David Jackson said

    the event had reached a new standardthat will only continue to grow as theyears go by.After addressing the audience to tell

    them all about this years show, MrJackson spent the opening day dart-ing around the park to ensureeverything was running smoothly.Speaking to the Visiter, he said:

    The feedback that I have been getting

    is that this years show is absolutelyfantastic, so the changes and the hardwork that we have been putting inover the last 12months has really paidoff.We know that from what people

    have been saying, the smiles on theirfaces and the fact that people arebuying things. The atmosphere isquite electric.This is Mr Jacksons third year in

    charge of the flower show and it is ayear in which is has made morechanges than ever before, with the

    introduction of a new food village andbook festival among themost promin-ent additions. But he told the Visiterhe believes the changes have beenwarmly welcomed: The response wehave had from people has been fant-astic and that is a combination ofSuranne being here and the glamourthat she brings, and also the way thatSouthport is changing, he said.I heard StefanBuczacki saying that

    Southport is setting the standard andI think I agreewith him even thoughit is my show!All the judges are independent and

    they go to a lot of shows, and theyhavebeen very positive. I just hope the sun

    keeps shining for the rest of the festiv-al, but even if it doesnt people shouldcome anyway it is too good tomiss.Rob Anderson, chair of the board of

    trustees, was also delighted with theopening day. He said: The show islooking fantastic, the crowds lookvery good and I think this is the bestshow so far. The festival just keepsgrowing and getting better and it isreally changing with the times. Ijudged the new contemporary floralart section and it was a very interest-ing experience. I thoroughly enjoyedit and learnt a lot.


    Chief Executive DavidJackson takes a deservedrest


    19/21 Station Road, Ainsdale 01704 570203

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    FREE DELIVERY Open 7 Days Mon - Sat 9am - 5.30pm Sun 10am - 4pm



  • 32 Southport Visiter Friday, August 20, 2010 SOUTHPORT newsdesk: 01704 536655


    Beth Fenny was one of theyounger visitors at this yearsFlower Show

    Code GAV190810AFLOWERSHOW-16

    IT all wentwith a bang,above, as Sur-anne Jonesdeclared theFlower Showopen accom-panied by ashower of con-fetti CodeGAV190810AFLOWER-


    Ivor Jones ofStationNurseries inWirral, right,with hisimpressivecollection ofdahlias




    Maris serves up green olives and Feta cheese inthe Food Village which comes to the Flower Showfor the first time this year Code GAV190810AFLOWERSHOW-22

    The Flower Show is a treat for gardeners and shoppersalike Code GAV190810AFLOWERSHOW-15

    Alan Gosling of SeftonBorough Council with theBest in Show trophy for hiswinning design

    Code GAV190810AFLOWERSHOW-9

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    Sisters Georgia (nine) and Elle Ollerton (11) put their feet up after working hard to get the Flower Show up andrunning Code GRJ180810FLOWERSHOW-6

    Colin Lord from Plant Supports UK holds a Helenium up tothe heavens as he prepares for the fun of the Flower Show

    Photos by Gavin Trafford and Gareth Jones Code GRJ180810AFLOWERSHOW-7

    Grape grower Adrian Johnson with his exhibit inthe Amateur Marquee Code GRJ180810AFLOWERSHOW-8

    Above right, JeffRawsthorne and JohnBaldwin from CrosbyLandscapes celebratetheir gold medal suc-cess in the mediumgarden categoryCode GAV190810AFLOWERSHOW-1

    Right, There arealways plenty of floralgoodies to pick up at theFlower ShowCode GAV190810AFLOWERSHOW-13

    Left, Can you spot12-year-old AliceCrump? She is admiringsome of the blooms onsale at this yearsSouthport Flower Show

    Code GRJ180810FLOWERSHOW-1

  • 34 Southport Visiter Friday, August 20, 2010 SOUTHPORT newsdesk: 01704 536655

    SOUTHPORT FLOWER SHOW 2010Flower Show catersfor book enthusiastsLOVERS of literature are wellcatered for at this years South-port Flower Show with the ad-dition of the Bloomin GoodBooks Festival.This is the first year the

    festival has been included inthe programme and across thefour days well-known authorswill be visiting the site to signcopies of their books.On the opening day of the

    Flower Show crime writersMark Billingham and StuartMacBride and childrensauthor Sue Shepherd were onhand to greet guests.On Sunday, internationally

    acclaimed author TessGerritsen will be giving a talkand signing her new book.Stallholder Elaine

    Silverwood, owner of Silverdellbooks, said: It is great to beinvolved with the SouthportFlower Show.After discussions with

    organisers it was decided thatthe book festival would be agreat addition to increasefootfall.Thanks to the inclusion of

    the book festival and foodvillage for the first time thisyear the Flower Show really isa family event.People can come along and

    spend all day here as there isso much to do and see.

    Elaine Silverwood (left) and SueWardell at the Bloomin Good BookFestival at the show

    Code GAV190810AFLOWERSHOW-19

    By JANINE YAQOOBBOTANIST and environmentalcampaigner David Bellamywasagain on hand to presentawards and work the crowd at thisyears Southport Flower Show.The gardening enthusiast joined Sur-

    anne Jones to present the Best in ShowBrockhouse Award, and also handedover the prizes in the School GardenCompetition.Praising a show that brings amateurs

    and experts together, David explainedwhy hes such a big fan of the SouthportFlower Show.I have been coming to the Flower

    Show for almost 20 years nowand everyyear it gets better and better, he said.

    The weather has been fantastic andit is great to see somany people comingout to support this brilliant event.He added: What is so great about the

    Southport Flower show is that bothprofessionals and amateurs can show-case their work side by side with norivalry.The standard of the amateurs is of-

    ten so high that their work outshinesthe professionals!David, who is a Flower Show patron,

    was equally as impressed with the gar-dens produced by the youngsters in theSchool Garden Competition.This years coast theme was a diffi-

    cult one for the children to replicate,but they did a fantastic job.Their research was apparent

    throughout all the gardens and theyreally translated their findings intobeautiful havens.I enjoy presenting the Best School

    Garden award as it is inspiring to seeyoungsters so enthusiastic about ruralscience and gardening.He added: What is truly exciting is

    the shift towards real gardening thisyear. People are growing plants in theirgardens which then end up on theirplates.Schoolchildren are also doing this in

    schools and then imparting such know-ledge onto their parents.

    Bellamy full ofpraise for show

    Botanist David Bellamy in The Octopus Garden designed by Valewood Primary School Code GAV190810AFLOWERSHOW-2

    GARDENING expert andmedia personality, profess-or Stefan Buczacki hailedthe Flower Show the besthe has ever seen.Stefan, known for his

    books and parts in radioand televisionprogrammes, spoke to theVisiter about his firstimpressions of the day.I go to a lot of shows,

    and this is the best out ofanywhere he said.Southport is now

    setting its own standard.The whole show is ofinternational standard.

    He also spoke of hisconcern that the showdoes not attract enoughpublicity.Because it is in the

    North West region, it doesnot get as much nationalpublicity as it should. Itreally should be showneverywhere.This year, new features

    have added to the varietyof the show.A Bloomin Good Books

    Festival offered a varietyof literature, and for thosewith an appetite, the FoodVillage boasted a square, a

    street and a marquee, eachfilled with exhibitors fromall around the country todraw the crowds in.Stefan added: At one

    time, a flower show was aflower show, there wouldbe plants and not muchelse. But now there iseverything, the new FoodVillage and book festivalare great.It is better now that you

    have to push theboundaries out.This year, I am

    exceedingly impressed.

    Best show ever says expert Stefan

    Gardening expertStefan Buczacki

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    SOME OF THIS YEARS TALENTED WINNERSTROPHIES ANDSPECIAL PRIZES The Brockhouse Gold Perpetual Chal-lenge Trophy A11, The Best exhibit in theshow: Sefton Council Leisure services Edith Aveling Gold Perpetual Trophy A04,For the finest display of Orchids in theshow: North of England Orchid Society Flower Show Committee A51, For thebest exhibit by a government departmentor agency: Sefton Council Leisure services Late R. P. Wood Esq A41, For the finestdisplay of Roses in the show: Not Awarded Sefton Chamber of Trade A35, For thefinest display of hardy plants and/or cutflower of hardy plants: Eversley Nurseries The Salopian A77, For the runner up tothe best exhibit in the show: Chris AshcroftLandscapes Liverpool Daily Post Centenary A61, Forthe finest exhibit of Chrysanthemums inthe show: Chrysanthemums Direct Late Mrs. H. L. Musgrave-Hoyle A22, Forthe finest exhibit of Dahlias in the show:Station House Nurseries Christiana Hartley A19, For the finestexhibit of specialist interest: Don Billington Cyril Foster A47, For the finest exhibit ofcarnations in the show: High Park Nursery Astley & District Factory Estates A62,For the finest display in which Trees andShrubs predominate: Hippopottering Nurs-ery Charles H. Curtis A15, For the exhibit ofgreatest horticultural interest and or edu-cational value in the show: National DahliaSociety Walker Cain A39, For the finest exhibit ofvegetables in the show: W Robinson & Son(seeds and plants) LTD A. Huxtable Esq A72, For the finest in-corporating water as a major element in itsdesign: Tarleton Specimen Plants William & Glyns A58, To be awarded atthe judges discretion for outside Gardens:Simon Norris Landscapes Herbert Barber A60, To be awarded atthe judges discretion: C S Lockyer Alderman S.E. Charlton A56, To be awar-ded at the judges discretion Class 198:Denis Hague, St Annes R. Edgar Perrins A57, To be awarded atthe judges discretion Class 295: R B Pot-ter, East Ayton Percy C. Woodhead A84, For the mostimaginative Non Competitive exhibit in theshow: Sefton Council Leisure Services Lady Pilkington A118, The exhibit thatbest depicts the Theme of the Show:Sefton Council Leisure Service The Pontins Trophy A86, Awarded for thebest outside garden: Chris Ashcroft Land-

    scapes The Southport Corporation Trophy A33,Option 1 Outside Gardens: Tarleton Speci-men Plants The Finchett Trophy A17, Option 2 Out-side Gardens: Chris Ashcroft Landscapes The Mullard Trophy A59, Option 3 Out-side Gardens: Garden Creations The Cook Trophy A48, Awarded for thebest exhibit of light honey in the show:Shaun Fisher, Hesketh Bank The Bradley Trophy A63, For the bestexhibit of mead in the show: T H Williets,Mold The Rush Trophy A6, Will be awarded forthe best exhibit of heather in the show: J RMcCann, Crosby The Southport & District BeekeepersTrophy A52, For the best exhibit of darkhoney in the show: K J Fleming, Lydiate A Blue Ribbon Award awarded at thejudges discretion to the Best Exhibit in theHoney Section: John Bryan, Southport The Randall Trophy A25, Will be awardedfor the best exhibit of Honey in the show:John Bryan, Southport The Burnett-Hughes Trophy A121, Forthe best exhibit by a member of Southportand Formby Beekeepers in the Honey Sec-tion: John Bryan, Southport The Leech Trophy A81, Will be awardedto the best exhibit in classes 27 42:Margaret Whittaker, Longton The Percy C. Woodhead Trophy A42, Willbe awarded to the runner-up in classes 27 42: Joan Medder, Prescot The David Knowles Trophy A120, Awar-ded to the best society stand: NationalDahlia Society The Hargreaves Trophy A29, For the bestexhibit in classes 44 57: Ivor Mace,Rhondda The Seabourne Trophy A37, To be awar-ded at the judges discretion classes 78 99: John Jack, Airdrie The Odd Fellows Centenary A79, To beawarded to the best exhibit in classes 112 120: matt Roskell, Thorton Cleveleys Xenia Field Trophy A97, Best exhibit inthe amateur section by an exhibitor under21 years of age: Emma Leanne Kelly, South-port The Mary F. Peet Trophy A08, Chrysan-themums winner of class 63: Kevan God-win, Bucknall The Allwood Trophy A01, The best exhib-it in class no 44 Carnations: Ivor Mace,Rhondda The Amateur Gardening Trophy A02, Thebest exhibit in class 111 Gladioli: JimMoore, Oldham The Jescott Trophy A05, The best exhibit

    in class 79 Dahlias: Ronald Hill, Brombor-ough Pool The Boots Trophy A09, Best collection ofVegetables in class 295: R B Potter, Scar-borough The G Tarbuck Trophy A12, The bestexhibit in class 100 Gladioli: Graham An-derson, Burton-On-Trent The Alfred Marland A16, The best exhibitin class 181 Alpine and Rock gardenplants: Mr & Mrs Jim Wright, Southport The Gibson Trophy A18, The best exhibitin class 130 Roses: A J & A Bracegirdle The Helters Trophy A20, The best exhibitin class 43 Hanging Baskets: Paul West-on, Crosby The Piggott Brothers Trophy A24, Thebest exhibit in class 23 Floristry: SaraCollinge, Ribchester The Rose Bowl A28, The best exhibit inclass 24 Floristry: Sara Collinge,Ribchester The Messrs. Cooper & Co A40, The bestexhibit in class 149 Sweet Peas: J MRobson, Castle Douglas The Blackmore & Langdon Trophy A44,The best exhibit in class 197 Begonias:Robert Joy, Maghull The John Wilding Trophy A95, The bestexhibit in class 196 Begonias: RobertJoy, Maghull The Alfred Derbyshire A117, The bestlocal authority exhibit in the show: SeftonCouncil Leisure Services The Happiland Trophy A102, The highestnumber of first prizes for the Ferns inclasses 9-17: Robert Sykes, Robert Sykes,Kendal The Southport Visiter Trophy A36, Thehighest number of first prizes for earlyflowering Chrysanthemums in classes 63-75: Ken McDean, Middlewich The Gladys Lavinia Reddington TrophyA91, The highest number of first prizes for

    Gladiloi in classes 101-111: Not Awarded The Therkilsen Trophy A69, Winner ofclass 137: A J & A Bracegirdle The Harry Scholefield Trophy A43, Thehighest number of first prizes for SweetPeas in classes 150-157: J M Robsopn,Castle Douglas The Alderman A Goldberg Trophy A65,Winner of class 162: W W Howarth, South-port The Southport Centenary Trophy A80,Winner of class 180: Mr & Mrs Jim Wright,Southport The Flower Show Committee TrophyA104, The highest number of first prizes forthe Cacti and Succulents in classes 215-222: David Rushforth, Southport The Sunday People A23, The best exhibitin class 62 Chrysanthemums: Kevan God-win, Bucknall The Thomas Rivers Trophy A64, The bestexhibit in class 280 Fruit: W W Howarth,Southport The W S Gleave Trophy A66, The bestexhibit in class 245 Orchids: DonaldVose, St Helens The Col. RF Hesketh Trophy A67, Thebest exhibit in class 31 Floral Art: JeanMangnall, Warrington The Allen Trophy A71, The best exhibit inclass 34 Floral Art: Margaret Whittaker,Longton The Fred Brooke Trophy A73, The bestexhibit in class 214 Cacti & Succulents:David Rushforth, Southport The Wolstenholme Trophy A74, Winner ofclass 77 - Dahlias: John Oxley, Keighley The Percy Olivant Trophy A75, The bestexhibit in class 281 Fruit: Adrian John-son, Blackpool The E O Hall Trophy A76, The best exhib-it in class 252 Greenhouse Plants: NotAwarded The Maher Trophy A85, The best exhibit

    in class 26 Floristry: Bolton Floral ArtClub The Prince of Wales Hotel Trophy A99,The best exhibit in class 25 Floristry:Chris Buckels, Southport The Evelyn Cotterell Trophy A101, Thebest exhibit in class 35 Floral Art: TomHodge, Southport The British Pteridological Society A10,The best exhibit in class 8 Ferns: YvonneGolding, Buxton The John A Chatterton Trophy A100, Forthe best bowl of cut roses in the show: A jBracegirdle, Ramsbottom The Mae Bamber Trophy A122, Winner ofclass 28 Floral Art: Gail Lee, Warrington The Josephine Yates Candelabra A123,Winner of class 27 Floral Art: RitaRoberts, Bagillt The Pinewood Bonsai Challenge TrophyA124, Winner of class 122 Bonsai: AnnaDodd, Liverpool The Greta Wright Trophy A125, The bestexhibit in class 29 Floral Art: Pat Binns,Knottingley The North West Area Trophy A126, Thebest exhibit in class 205 Begonias: DenisHague, St Annes The Nevel Web Trophy A127, The bestexhibit in class 204 Begonias: RobertNelson, Carluke The Chairmans Trophy A150, Option 4Outside Gardens: A View From Within

    GARDEN Alan Francis Landscapes: Silver Gilt A View from Within: Large Gold Chris Ashcroft Landscapes: Large Gold BG Fencing: Bronze Crosby Landscapes: Gold A Jackson Landscapes: Silver Garden Creations: Gold Jackie Knight Landscapes: Silver Gilt Mook Gardens: Silver Gilt Simon Norris Landscapes: Large Gold Tarleton Specimen Plants: Large Gold

    GRAND FLORAL MARQUEE Craig House Cacti: Large Gold Eversley Nursery: Large Gold Chrysanthemums Direct: Large Gold D + A Wright: Silver North of England Bonsai: Large Gold Beechtree Nursery: Bronze Flavourfresh Salads Ltd: Gold Alan Leyland: Large Gold Station House Nurseries: Large Gold Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants: Gold Pinewood Bonsai: Gold Greennet: Silver Rougham Hall Nurseries: Silver Gilt

    Garden of Japan: Silver Exclusive Garden Design: Silver Shamac LTD T/A Just Airplants: SilverGilt Jacques Amand INT. LTD: Gold Mandy Plants: Gold Lockyer.C.S: Large Gold Popular Farm Flowers: Gold Bromac Nursery: Gold Mary Green: Large Gold Solva Plants: Gold Westdale Nurseries: Silver Gilt Sefton Council Leisure Services: LargeGold Liverpool City Council: Large Gold Proud Plants: Silver Gilt Morton Nurseries Ltd: Gold Hillview Hardy Plants: Silver Primrose Bank: Large Gold C Newberry & Son: Silver Eagle Sweet Peas: Large Gold High Park Nursery: Gold Budding Designs: Bronze K+S Nurseries: Silver Gilt Brookfield Plants: Gold Harperley Hall Farm Nurseries: LargeGold Pheasant Acre Plants: Large Gold Don Billington: Large Gold Midsteam (West Lancs) LTD: Gold Gordon's Nursery: Silver Gilt Graeme Iddon: Gold Fuchsiavale Nurseries: Silver Hoyland Plant Centre: Large Gold T3 Plants - Wall End Nursery: Silver Fibrex Nurseries Ltd: Large Gold Roualeyn Nursery: Large Gold Tamarisk Nurseries: Large Gold Philip Tivey & Son: Large Gold The Plant Lovers: Large Gold Triffids: Gold Glens Garden: Gold Devine Nurseries: Large Gold Derbyshire Bonsai: Large Gold Brighter Blooms: Gold Rebekah's Vegetable Seeds: Large Gold Rebekah's Vegetable Seeds: Dibleys Nurseries: Large Gold North West Bonsai Supplies: Gold Pennard Nurseries: Silver Gilt Thorpe Salvin Nurseries: Silver W Robinson & Son (seeds & plants) LTD:Large Gold Tynings Climbers: Gold Hippopottering Nursery: Large Gold C+K Jones: Silver Pennard Plants: Silver Gilt HMP Kirkham: Large Gold HMPYOI Thorn Cross: Large Gold Hooksgreen Herbs: Gold

    See next weeks SouthportVisiter for the full resultsfrom the amateur sectionsof this years Flower Show

    Suranne hits the rocksA SHOW Garden exhibitorgot a surprise when starguest Suranne Jones perchedherself on top of her rockery(pictured).Jackie Knight, from Jackie

    Knight Landscapes inFormby, was exhibiting withher husband Paul, who is ori-ginally from Southport.

    She said: Suranne justturned up with a hoard ofphotographers and startedclambering over the rocks inher heels I dont think heroutfit was ideal for it!The last time we exhibited

    here was 10 years ago but wewanted to come again. It is alovely show and the standard

    is really high in the showgardens.In the Grand Floral Mar-

    quee the exhibits are not un-like those that you would seeat other big shows around thecountry. It has been reallyenjoyable and the welcomewe have had has beengreat.

    Suranne Jones on the rockery created by Jackie Knight, inset GAV190810AFLOWERSHOW-3

    Graeme Iddon, from Hesketh Bank, looks right at home in his garden chalet, just as theFlower Show is a real home from home for the many gardeners and visitors who attend eachyear Code GAV190810A-11