Letham Flower Show Schedule 2015

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  • THE 113th






    SATURDAY 8th AUGUST, 2015



    Open to the Public at 2pm

    Prize-giving and Raffle at 4pm


    PRESIDENT Mrs S. Simmers, Myrecairnie

    VICE PRESIDENTS Mr B. Service, Collessie

    Mrs M. Smith, Pitscottie

    HON. SECRETARY Mrs A. McDonald, Bow of Fife ASST. SECRETARY Mr G. Smith, Letham

    HON.TREASURER Mr G. McDonald, Bow of Fife

    Schedule Price : 1.00 to non-members Entry to Show : Members Free Non-members 1.50

  • Honorary Presidents

    Mr J.G. BRADBURNE Rev M. COLLINS & Mrs COLLINS Glenrothes Mr & Mrs. I. CROMBIE Keepers Wood, Cupar Mrs F. GREEN Cupar Mrs L. KERVELL Ladybank Mr J. LANG Hilton of Carslogie Sir ROBERT & Lady SPENCER-NAIRN Barham, Bow of Fife Rev C. STRONG & Mrs STRONG Gauldry

    Life Members

    Mrs M. Calley, Mrs F. Green, Mrs A. lrvine,

    Miss A. lrvine, Mr J. Stoane, Miss E.A. Wilson

    Committee and Collectors

    Auchtermuchty and Strathmiglo - Ayton & Dunbog Mr W. Fenton Bow of Fife Mr G. McDonald, Mrs A. McDonald Collessie Mr B. Service Cupar, Ceres and Dairsie - Falkland - Freuchie Miss E. Rosser Kilmany Mrs S. Simmers Kingskettle Miss A Irvine Ladybank Mrs L. Kervell, Miss E. A. Wilson Letham & Monimail Mr W. Fenton, Mrs V. Fenton,

    Mr B. Forrest, Mrs. H. Grant, Mrs M Rotheram, Mrs D. Smiles, Mr G. Smith, Mr J Wall

    Luthrie - Pitlessie - Pitscottie Mrs M. Smith Springfield Mrs J. Guy

    Gymkhana Committee

    Convener : Alison Irvine Members : Sharon Graham, Lynne Harvie, Alison McDonald,

    Edna Moffat, Dawn Wallace, Margaret Wyse

  • RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. This Society shall be for the purpose of promoting a Yearly Competition in Horticulture and Industry to be called "The Letham and District Flower Show and Industrial Exhibition", and shall consist of all those residing within the district and who have paid an Annual Subscription of 2.00; Old Age pensioners may pay 1.50. The Society shall be governed by a President, two Vice-Presidents, one of whom shall be a lady, two Secretaries, Treasurer and Committee elected annually, eight to form a quorum, to this committee may be added delegates from S.W.R.l.s under Rule 22 who shall be members with full voting powers. The President shall be elected for one year with the possibility of election in the next and succeeding year, so that there must be a change of President after three years. It is permissible that after one year elapses, a former President may be elected to this office again. The lady Vice-President shall act as the convenor of the Ladies' Committee when necessary. No member, after having been elected on to the Committee, can appoint any other member as deputy without written sanction of the President or Secretary. The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by one person. 2. The District shall be defined as all that area encompassed by a circle of seven miles radius with Letham Village as centre. For the 2015 Flower Show and Industrial Exhibition the Cut Flowers Section of the Show will be open to all residents within Fife. 3. Members shall be provided with a Members Card and a Programme Schedule for the Annual Show, to which they are admitted free on production of their Members Card and are entitled to enter exhibits as detailed below and to vote at the Annual General Meeting. 4. One member can compete with one entry only under each Schedule number. 5. In the Vegetable, Fruit and Cut Flowers Sections, only one entry per household is permitted in each class. 6. In the event of a child, i.e. person of 16 years and under on the day of the Show, wishing to exhibit in classes other than the Childrens Section, he or she may do so only if he/she has paid a full membership subscription. Children entering the age categories in the childrens section must be that age on the day of the show. 7. Members may exhibit and compete by providing a label of their own, approx. 4" x 2" for each entry. This must be securely attached to the article and shall show on the outside the Section and Schedule Number allotted to the articles as shown in the Programme Schedule and on the inside the full name and address of the Member. No article will be accepted without such a label. LABELS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE SECRETARY PRIOR TO THE SHOW. 8. Articles for exhibition and competition may be delivered to the Show area on the evening preceding the Show between 7.00pm and 9.00pm and on the morning of the Show day from 8.00am. All articles must be delivered by 10.00am and none will be accepted after this. 9. The Committee shall appoint from among their members persons to receive and stage all exhibits and also Markers who shall attend the Judges and record their decisions. During the judging no persons other than the Judges, the Markers and the President, Vice-President, Secretaries and Treasurer shall be admitted to the Show area.

  • 10. All articles must remain on show until the Committee permit their removal. This will not be before 4.30pm on the Show day. Though every care will be taken, the Committee cannot be responsible for the safety of any article. 11. All vegetables to be dressed for table use except heaviest vegetables, on which four inches of stalk will be allowed. All articles for competition must be the growth of the competitors (flowers for bouquets, decorations and baskets excepted), or have been in their possession for at least 6 weeks before competition, and in the Industrial Section every article for competition must be the bona fide work of the competitor. Any Member infringing this Rule shall forfeit all Prize Money. No article in the Industrial Section to be again entered after it has gained a prize. 12. All articles for competition must be got up in strict accordance with Schedule, and any Stand having a greater or fewer number of articles competed for, or where sorts are not distinct, shall be disqualified. Should there be only one entry to any number of the Prize List, the Judges may use their discretion in awarding a prize. 13. Bouquets must be made up by competitors. 14. A Sub-committee shall be appointed with the power to visit Members' gardens at any time prior to or after the Show. 15. Judges' decision in all cases to be final. 16. In the event of the funds of the Society (after providing for all liabilities) not being sufficient to pay prizes in full, the funds available will be divided rateably among the Prize-winners, who thereafter shall have no further claim against the Society. 17. Winners of Cups and Medals must hand them to the Secretary who will take them to Thomas Young, Jeweller, Cupar for engraving, and the costs to be borne by the Society. Winners will be responsible for the safety and security of the cups whilst in their possession and will be responsible for the costs of any loss or damage. Winners must return cups to the Secretary prior to the following years Show. 18. Prize money will be paid in Letham Hall on Monday 7th September 2015 at 7.00pm. If not called for at that time it will be appropriated for the good of the Show. Prize-winners who are unable to be present and desire another person to receive the money on their behalf, must give such deputy an authority in writing. Public Meeting will be held at 7.30pm to elect new Committee and conduct other business. 19. The President and Secretaries shall convene a Special Meeting of the Society on representation by not less than ten Members in writing under their hand, and specifying the object or objects for which the Meeting is to be called. 20. Notice of any alterations in the Standing Orders for the Society must be lodged with the Secretary at least seven days before the General Meeting. NOTE: INDUSTRIAL SECTION - HANDICRAFT WORK

    (nos. 81 - 98)

    Please note that there are 2 sets of categories for this section. The categories for the 2015 (current) show and the 2016 show are included to enable forward planning by those wishing to enter these categories.


  • RULES FOR S.W.R.I. COMPETITION 21. Any S.W.R.I. in the Show area is eligible to enter and compete; subject to payment of Membership Subscription of 2.00 (W.R.I.s intending to compete should notify the Secretary by 31st July). 22. Each Institute to enter as an exhibit at the Show one set of the articles detailed in the Schedule as the subject for the year's competition. 23. The articles may be the work of any number of the members of the Institute as arranged amongst themselves, but each Institutes entries will be grouped and judged as one exhibit. The Institute obtaining the highest aggregate of points will hold the Opdahl Cup for one year. Should the competition cease to be held, the Cup to revert to the possession of Collessie S.W.R.I. 24. An Institute's corporate membership of the Society under Rule 21 does not entitle individual members thereof to compete in other classes in the Schedule without personally qualifying under Rules 2 and 3.


    Prize money for ALL CATEGORIES is as follows

    1st - 1.50 2nd - 1.00 3rd - 50p

    Further prizes are to be awarded as follows, to those exhibitors who obtain the first, second, and third highest total of points in each Section except for S.W.R.I. section.

    Highest Points Total - 4.00

    Second Highest Points Total - 3.00

    Third Highest Points Total - 2.00

    The best exhibit in each Section (except pho