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There is a microscopic world of organism everywhere on Earth

Louis Pasteur1, Lazzaro Spallanzani2, and Antonie van Leeuwenhoek3

1 École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts; 2 University of Reggio, Reggio, Italy; and 3 van Leeuwenhoek shop, Delf, Holland. Air, water and dirt contain biological components that can transform materia, generally producing biological substances such as alcohols, ammonia, acetates, etc. Previous data have shown that materia contained in these Earth’s elements can produce several human diseases, which can multiply in several organisms and disperse to other ones, and that they can be eliminated by simple procedures of filtration and heating. These observations suggest that these essential elements of Earth could host living organism that cannot be seen by the naked eye. e In these work we use a new method to analyze the microscopy world constituting these three elements of Earth with the goal of identifying their components, which could be constitudes by living microscopic organism besides common inorganic and organic materia. In our shop at Delf, we developed a series of lenses that allow the amplification of small particules from different sources. Exposition of the material to be studied under a white light with an intensity of a candle allowed the observation using a series of lenses of several creatures with cyllindrical, circular, spring and irregular shapes that we named initially animalcules (see figure). Some of this forms showed autonomal movement. Some of them can multiply in solid and liquid and have the potential of producing alcohol. Also, similar but bigger animalcules can be observed in human blood, which have the capacity of destroying other animalcules, we suggest that they could be a system of protection for potential diseases. Our results indicated that microscopy creatures can be found in diverse Earth and human sources. Such forms of life are microscopic and have the capacity for transforming biological material as well as for destroying other microscopic forms of life. CE disclosure: Mr Spallanzani received payments from a monastery at Reggio. Mr Pasteur and van Leeuwenhoek has two patent pending on production of alcohol and a microscope, respectively.


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