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sadhana for bueaty

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  • 5/24/2018 Sound Arya




    Satyam Shivam Sundaram is one of the fundamental sentences of

    Indian culture but it is also true that if good-fortune gets connected to

    beauty, it will be like icing on the cake. And how can any situation of

    life be joyful without good luck? Actually, situations have been

    transformed in todays era such that real beauty has been lost

    somewhere. Definition of beauty which we have thought in our mind,

    it could not have been imagined by our sages because we have

    confined its definition to physical aspects only and made it one-

    dimensional. Entire world is filled up in definition of beauty element

    since the thing which is novel each moment can be contained in

    definition of beauty. The one which is melodious, which can imbibe life

    in true sense with novelty is beautiful. But how much it is possible in
  • 5/24/2018 Sound Arya


    todays era? After striving hard the whole day, person finds that beauty

    element has gone missing from his life and when luck gets link to

    beauty element, then each moment and every day become cheerful and

    joyful. It has also been said that the thing which good time or luck can

    do for you, even combination of thousands of person cannot do it for


    Following are the benefits of this sadhna

    This sadhna is capable of transforming ill-fortune of person into


    It gets rid of shortcomings like melancholy in life, persistence ofnegative thoughts, not able to concentrate in any work and make life


    This sadhna is capable of adding flavor to stale life..

    This sadhna is helpful for progression in fortune.

    This sadhna is capable of providing job and promotion in job..

    This sadhna can make family life cheerful. Fate has an important role to play in success of sadhnas. This sadhna

    is capable of transforming the fate of sadhak for this purpose too.

    Seen in this manner, in all the melodious and joy-providing aspects of

    life, beauty and good-fortune has got an important place which could

    not be considered inferior anytime.

    22 March is not only tenth day of Shukl Paksha but along with being a

    Friday, it falls on Pushp Nakshatra and presents an amazing

    coincidence to provide beauty and strength to life. That too, in middle

    of Mahashivraatri and Holi, getting such a yog is like opening doors of

  • 5/24/2018 Sound Arya


    luck in life for a sadhak.Now who would like to miss tehse divine


    Articles required in this sadhna are

    Soundarya Lootika Prabheda Mahayantra.

    Agate stone accomplished by accomplishment-providing Soundarya


    Not only are we providing these two articles as gift rather we will also

    bear the expenses of sending them to you. Mantra which needs to be

    chanted with this sadhna will also be made available along with yantra.

    When you will see the composition of this yantra, presence of 4different beej mantra on its 4 corners is an amazing composition in

    itself. Filled with 8 petals of lotus, this divine yantra is capable of

    providing 8 accomplishments (capable son, capable wife, best home,

    fame, money, respect, complete life and capable body) of materialistic

    life. Having such divine yantra in sadhna room is like opening doors of

    good-fortune.This easy sadhna is only of 3 days. After taking bath in night after

    10:00 P.M, wear clean red dress, sit on red aasan and keep yantra and

    agate stone in front of you. Take the resolution and start the procedure.

    You just have to chant 5 rounds of mantra on each night. Every days

    mantra jap has to be dedicated to lotus feet of Sadgurudev Ji and take

    his blessings for success in sadhna.

    Moonga rosary has to be used for chanting.

    After completion of sadhna, keep sadhna yantra in worship place. Just

    chant mantra few times daily so as to imbibe the energy produced by

    this procedure. When you are getting such rare sadhnas in month of

  • 5/24/2018 Sound Arya


    March, will you still think? One has to make use of this opportunity of

    transforming fortune.

    It is our endeavor and intention that all of you get joy, good-luck and

    wealth in life so that you can move ahead on sadhna path with heart,

    mind and soul. As per ideals of Sadgurudev, not only you become

    financially strong but strong in all the respects.

    Those who want to do sadhna, they can contact on

    [email protected]

    Decision to do sadhna is all yours.

    After all this precious life is all yours..

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  • 5/24/2018 Sound Arya


    ****NPRU****Posted byNikhil at8:54 AMNo comments:


    Thursday, January 31, 2013


    Friends, Sadgurudev has always said that battle in any particular era

    can be won by using weapons of that particular era only. In modern

    era, attaining success in sadhna is nothing less than any battle in whichthere is fight between various mental tendencies of sadhak.In Todays

    world neither environment conducive for sadhna is available nor our

    food-habits, mental thought process and physical purity is conducive

    for sadhna. Therefore, divine idols are needed much more than before.

    And whenever Divine word comes to our mind, we automatically get

    reminded of Parad. Sadgurudev put a lot of hard work and made theserare idols available for common public and introduce us to such rarest

    articles whose presence is sufficient to induce attitude/ emotional base

    needed for divinity and attaining spiritual heights which are even rare

    for high-level yogis in so many aspects. Some people may feel that
  • 5/24/2018 Sound Arya


    Parad Sahatraanivata Deh Tara and other idols are brought in front of

    you all for business purpose but those who have participated in shivirs

    conducted by