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SoftGloss XS RYKO Manufacturing Company Slide 2 SoftGloss XS Slide 3 Why even purchase a car wash ? Clean cars maintain a higher value? Clean cars run better. Driving a clean car improves your personal image and attitude. Older cars look newer when they are clean. New vehicles look old when they are dirty. Slide 4 FoamBrite Slide 5 Why wash with FoamBrite? FoamBrite cleans better. FoamBrite shines as it washes. FoamBrite gently washes your vehicles finish. FoamBrite is now approved by General Motors. Slide 6 What makes FoamBrite Unique Doesnt absorb water- remains light Doesnt retain dirt that can scratch Doesnt leave marks on vehicle surface Enhances shine Slide 7 Why SoftGloss XS? SoftGloss XS uses the new revolutionary FoamBrite material Easy to use Fast and efficient Gentle on your car A safe way to protect your investment Slide 8 Why Successful Businesses Choose The SoftGloss XS Provides an excellent quality wash for a low price. Great return on your investment. Low operating cost. High customer satisfaction. Easily fits into most existing car wash bays. Slide 9 Why Successful Businesses Choose The SoftGloss XS Can be used with reclaim. Ultra Sonic vehicle mapping. Smart split rear brush configuration. Customer pleasing wheel scrubbers. Tri-Foam soap applicator improves customers experience. Slide 10 Why Successful Businesses Choose The SoftGloss XS? Reliable. Easy to maintain. On-board self diagnostic. Fantastic revenue and profit generator. Its the smart choice Slide 11 Equipment Features FoamBrite Ultra Sonic Mapping Variable Frequency Drive System Diagnostics Code-A-Wash Split Side Arms Water Reclaim System Tri-Foam Detergent Clear Coat Wax Wheel Scrub On-Board Dryers Undercarriage Wash Spot Free Rinse Smart Cards Slide 12 Todays Market Charge for a wash High profit margins Higher car wash prices Technical advancements Higher consumer expectations Still produces traffic Slide 13 SoftGloss XS Support Utility Usage Information Brochure Proforma Video Locations and Referrals Direct Mailer Special Leasing Program Slide 14 SoftGloss XS Utilities Information Utility Usage Spreadsheet Water Electricity Air Salt Chemicals Variety of Wash Cycles Slide 15 SoftGloss XS Brochure Slide 16 SoftGloss XS Proforma Shows Typical Machine Related income and Expense Shows Typical Wash Count Shows Typical Menu Positions the Select-A Wash As The Top Of The Line Car Wash Slide 17 SoftGloss XS Video Slide 18 Locations and Referrals List of RYKO Areas That Have SoftGloss XS Installed and On Order Call the Local RYKO Representative Get First Hand Whats Going on With The Sites Referrals For Your Customers to Call Slide 19 Direct Mailers Targeted at Dealers and Jobbers RYKO's Master Customer List Many Mailings Are Planned ! Slide 20 Special Leasing Programs Contact your RYKO representative for a list programs available Shop around for the lease that best fits your needs Slide 21 SoftGloss XS You will see the FoamBrite difference Safe, soft, gentle wash Eliminate the customer wash complaints A wash process unlike anything available at existing wash locations