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SofTech\'s booth slide for Autodesk University 2010

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Vaulting Drawings, Assemblies and Vaulting Drawings, Assemblies and PartsParts

• Manage complex Inventor product designs comprised of drawings, assemblies and parts

• Manage AutoCAD Mechanical and Electrical drawings

• Secure access to reusable data

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Content Center LibrariesContent Center Libraries

• Use the Content Center Browser to locate and place standard components

• Manage Content Center components as an Inventor Part

• Capture document properties as ProductCenter attributes

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Version/Revision ControlVersion/Revision Control

• Check-In an item to generate a new version

• Check-In a released item to generate a new revision

• Secure Access for each Version and Revision

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Release ManagementRelease Management

• Manage In-Progress, In-Approval, Released and Obsolete items

• Traceability to the Complete History

• Supports Regulatory Compliance requirements

• Complete Item History

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Property MappingProperty Mapping

• Automatically Capture CAD Document Properties

• Faster Searching for Relevant Files based on CAD Properties

• Reduce Time and Errors from Manual Data Entry

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BOM ManagementBOM Management

• Automation of BOM creation from CAD Model

• Visibility into Product Configurations and Designs

• Manage As-Design BOM

• Export BOM to ERP/MRP

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Engineering ChangeEngineering Change

• ECR, ECO and ECN management

• Work Assignments

• Intelligent Activity Routing

• Email notification

• Audit Trail

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Bill of InformationBill of Information

• BOM + Deliverables + Artifacts

• Complete Product Definition

• Relate all Relevant and/or Dependent Data

• Ability to Filter Data for wide range of Audiences

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Vaulting Drawings, Assemblies and PartsVaulting Drawings, Assemblies and Parts

Content Center LibrariesContent Center Libraries

Version/Revision ControlVersion/Revision Control

Release ManagementRelease Management

Property MappingProperty Mapping

BOM ManagementBOM Management

Engineering ChangeEngineering Change

Bill of InformationBill of Information

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About SofTech, Inc.

• At SofTech, we have been providing design-through-manufacturing productivity solutions since 1969.

• SofTech has more than 100,000 users benefiting from its solutions, including General Electric Company, Goodrich, Honeywell, Siemens, Sikorsky Aircraft, U.S. Army, and Whirlpool Corporation.

• Headquartered in Massachusetts, SofTech has offices and distribution partners throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

• SofTech’s solutions optimize product lifecycle processes at the lowest cost by fostering innovation, extended enterprise collaboration, product quality improvements, and compressed time-to-market cycles.

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A Sample of ProductCenter Adopters

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Document Management• Facilitates secure access and sharing of information across design and

supply chains, leveraging your valuable product knowledge.

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ProductCenter Advanced Search• Quickly find what you need with ProductCenter’s Search dialog. Query

for specific items or workflow activities or instances for an instant assessment of ongoing projects or to assess the impact of a change.

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ProductCenter Bill of Information• ProductCenter’s Bill of Information (BOI) approach enables the real-time

management and reporting from the entire aggregate of product-related information at any point along a product’s lifecycle.

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ProductCenter AutoCAD Integrator• Is your conduit to ProductCenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) on your

Autodesk AutoCAD® desktop.

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ProductCenter Inventor Integrator• Is fine-tuned to take advantage of Autodesk Inventor’s unique features, including

support for iParts and iAssemblies and External References.

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ProductCenter AutoCAD Integrator• Is your conduit to ProductCenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) on your

Autodesk AutoCAD® desktop.

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ProductCenter Viewing & Markup• Conduct on-line

collaborative design reviews with multiple participants simultaneously

• Check designs in real-time, share information and ideas, solve problems, coordinate activities, and assign action items

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ProductCenter BOM Management• ProductCenter BOM Editor simplifies the process of BOM creation and

changes, consolidating BOM information from multiple sources, and with exchanging BOM’s throughout your enterprise.

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ProductCenter BOM Management• ProductCenter BOM Editor simplifies the process of BOM creation and

changes, consolidating BOM information from multiple sources, and with exchanging BOM’s throughout your enterprise.

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ProductCenter Process Management• ProductCenter Workflow provides the ability to build, release, and

distribute product configurations. Workflows are easy to set up and automate to cut weeks out of product development processes such as ECO/ECN approvals.

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ProductCenter Regulatory Compliance• With ProductCenter Workflow you’ll also gain the audit accountability

and process integrity so important for ISO and FDA compliance.

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ProductCenter Forms• Easy-to-use Attribute forms simplify and improve the accuracy of data

input and the inclusion of data packages for routing automatically throughout your organization with ProductCenter Workflow.

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ProductCenter Reporting• ProductCenter’s Report

Module provides users with access to product information throughout the entire Product Lifecycle.

• Item Reports for item version/revision history

• Workflow Reports for the status of all Processes in the system, or audit trail review

• BOM Reports for generation of a single or multi-level expansion of the BOM or other analysis, such as a cost/quantity rollup.

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Why Choose ProductCenter PLM?

✓ NO SWEAT Decisions

• Successful, fast deployments for quick return on investment

• History of proven customer results

• Price competitive with flexible concurrent licensing and low cost of ownership.

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Why Choose ProductCenter PLM?

✓ NO SWEAT Deployment

• Comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality without heavy customization

• Installs in weeks versus months

• Successful at replacing failed PLM deployments in place previously

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Why Choose ProductCenter PLM?

✓ NO SWEAT Operation

• Secure and reliable implementations requiring minimal support

• Ease of use for rapid user acceptance

• Strong multi-CAD integration suite for in-depth product structure management

• Multi-platform support and interoperable across other enterprise systems

• Modular and extendable to adapt from workgroup to enterprise

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Why Choose ProductCenter PLM?

• Gain hands-on PLM experience in your own environment.

• Educate engineering/product teams and management on the value and business benefits to be derived from PLM.

• Evaluate a PLM solution with your product information without the risk of information loss.

• Jumpstart your actual PLM deployment with the results achieved from your ProductCenter pilot.

The Benefits are SignificantThis program provides a very low risk opportunity for you to prove how ProductCenter PLM can streamline your product development efforts, while educating everyone involved: