Company Profile Turt Softech Pvt. Ltd. C-20, Murari Yadav Complex, Faizabad Road, Indra Nagar,Lucknow-226016 05224064600 7505666667 7/30/2012 BOSS Creating difference in the flow format of IT industry…

Turt Softech Pvt. Ltd. Company Profile

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Company profile of the one the best growing alliance in Information Technology industry. This profile can be used by the new budding companies for making it a benchmark for growth.

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Page 1: Turt Softech Pvt. Ltd. Company Profile

Company Profile

T u r t S o f t e c h P v t . L t d .

C - 2 0 , M u r a r i Y a d a v C o m p l e x ,

F a i z a b a d R o a d ,

I n d r a N a g a r , L u c k n o w - 2 2 6 0 1 6

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BOSS Creating difference in the flow

format of IT industry…

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We Turt Softech Pvt. Ltd. are the website & software solution company. We have indigenously developed the

concept of high specification, carrier neutral & fully managed Servers in Lucknow, Hyderabad (India) & London (U.K)

We, in a short period, have established a reputation as the most definitive work for website and software


(A). Vision

To be the fastest, safest and most progressive technology builder in the pursuit of client & employee’s

excellence. We work with honesty, integrity & the Commitment to excellence, Turt Softech strives to achieve higher

customer satisfaction with information product & service. We are the most economical service providers on the globe

providing the most economical plans for website & software solutions.

(B). Mission

We believe in planned approach for future by securing your online presence today. To capitalize on the

efficiency of information technology industry to same clients, we work hard constantly.

At Turt you get the highest quality & value for your investment with complete peace of mind and satisfaction.

We believe in providing a user-friendly website with a unique presentation, easy approach & simple to understand.

We embrace bold strategies that will lead to our success in market place & will make Turt Softech a winning a

competitor both today in the future.


Our goal is to become a world class company with long term success. We see ourselves on the heights which

no one has ever achieved. We aspire to become the best cutting edge technology provider, that too responsibly and in

a fair way.

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Fact Sheet:

Founded in 2011 as a small co. with a big vision. Maintaining a phenomenal growth.

Achieving total financial stability since inception & growth solely based on internally generated funds.

Consistent record of 50% of business coming from repeat customers.

Spotless delivery of record of many successful projects.

A dedicated team of brilliant software and hardware professionals.

Providing complete peace of mind & satisfaction to our clients.

About Turt Softech Infrastructure

Turt Softech has a dedicated development and service center, which is an extension of the customer’s

software engineering facility from carefully selected building materials to unique power saving systems. We have

ensured that our operations and promises out as a contributing faster in maintaining the environment equilibrium.

Data Centre specification

A large working area. Complete powered network.

Healthy environment.

Fully air-conditioned.

Multiple internet connection from different backbone providers to provide 100% uptime.

Vision cameras.

Well-furnished furniture with flooring.

Providing good training facility for staff.

Dedicated servers for application hosting, testing & client presentation.

A good communication facility with clients with co-ordination.

Well maintained to overcome any disaster.

Environmental monitoring system.

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About Turt Softech Team

Turt Softech is a group of dedicated team of skilled IT professionals. It brings in a unique mix of specialists in

information technology areas. We have our owned staff monitoring entire network & all our servers. We employs an

experienced team of professional engineers, with proven track records who are committed, responsive & Information

Technology demand experts in these areas & Turt has geared up to offer a comprehensive suite of services to the IT


Software Team Specification

24/7 Helpdesk & Customer Support.

24x7x365 monitoring & staffing in NOC.

Experienced & Professionals of IT sector.

Good analysis, implementation & delivery of projects store technology.

Research & Development team.

Managed Web Hosting & Data center Services.

Email services.

Disaster recovery & Backup Solutions.

Share point services.

Global server load Balancing.

Network Designing & Implementation.

Virtualization Technology & Cloud Computing.

Geospatial Information System & Web Making.

E-Governess & M-Governess.

Honest & Hardworking staff.

Providing satisfaction to Customers.

Hardware Team Specification

9 to 9 Helpdesk & Customer Support.

Experienced & Professionals of hardware and network sector.

Good analysis, resolution & delivery of products.

Disaster recovery & Backup Solutions.

Honest & Hardworking staff.

Providing satisfaction to Customers.

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Advantages of Turt Softech

Turt ensure no. of advantages of its own:-

Ensure on time delivery.

Have skilled hardware and network professionals.

Healthy environment.

Good communication with clients through a simple & understanding language (or medium).

Quick resolution to problems.

Consistent growth & performance.

Satisfied clients.

Proximity to skilled manpower.

Multicultural & Multi location understanding.

Flexible to work with needs of the clients.

Provide high quality & cost effective solution.

Competitive pricing & risk sharing.

Local LANS, local time, local responsibility, local guarantee, global quality.

Pre-active client management accessing from 9am to 9pm.

Our Technology Services

Application Design. Product Development.

Integration & Support.

Network Management.

Network Security.

Annual maintenance contract

Data backup and restoration

Our Technical Languages

ASP.net, Java, J2ME, HTML, XHTML, XML, XLST, CSS, Struts, Spring, Perl, Java Script, SQL, MSSQL, , Solaris,

Windows API Programming.

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Our Dedicated Servers

Cent OS, Open BSD, Cold Fusion DNS, Hyper V-tech, Microsoft SQL Server 2008- Enterprise Edition R2,

Microsoft SQL Server 2008- Web Edition R2, Virtual Container, Parallel Plesk Expand Unlimited with Power Pack 2, Dot

net panel.

Our dedicated servers are designed to deliver an optimum combination of affordability, flexibility, reliability &

most important a higher level of security that makes your hosted environment complete.

Our System & Products

Incorporate user feedback points & are enriched with onsite experience.

Deploy modular, Plug in Framework.

Can be installed maintained & understood by end user.

Have excellent user interface & Reporting.

Use latest networking technologies like IPVG, SNMPU3, XML, and RPC.

Are designed for affordable Solutions.

Can be maintained through remote software updates.

Our Network Management

24X7 Monitoring

Investigate Anytime

Detect in real time.

Exchange logging.

Isolate Immediately


Turt Softech Aim at Providing-

Website Development. Software Development.

Dedicated Hosting

Software Deployment.

Cloud Computing

Website Makeover.

Domain Name Registration.

Annual Maintenance contract.

Data backup and restoration.