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  • Sys tem Ca ta logue2000/2001

  • The extraordinary versatility of view

    cameras expands the seemingly rigid

    boundaries of photography, providing the

    photographer with entirely new degrees

    of creative freedom.

    The film and lens planes on adjustable

    camera platforms from Sinar can easily

    be shifted for very convenient perspective

    corrections and even for modifications.

    By working with the cameras features, the

    photographer can skillfully use its swings and

    tilts to define the planes of sharpness and

    unsharpness in such a way as to convey

    precisely the desired pictorial expression to

    the viewer.


  • We are well into the era of digital

    networking. Large photographic

    businesses recognized the advantages

    of digital imaging (from original exposure

    to printed page). The flexibility of the

    Sinar System makes it easy, for instance,

    to attach a digital back to a Sinar p2,

    creating a perfect professional digital

    camera, one that matured from its infancy

    long ago and that is in full active use in a

    great many locations.

    The Otto Mail Order House, largest

    enterprise of its kind in the world, utilizes

    the many advantages of digital

    photography with the Sinar System.

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    The professional photographersjob is becoming ever more de-manding. His client expects inno-vative interpretations of ideas.Not only must these interpreta-tions reflect prevailing trends,they must also conform to an es-tablished budget. And they mustmeet high expectations of quality.No two assignments are alike.The need for flexibility alreadybegins with the choice of the imaging medi-um. Depending on the nature of the as-signment, the client may require images onrollfilm, sheet film, and increasingly on dig-ital storage media.Photography is writing with light and trans-forming ideas into images. The art consistsof the skilled manipulation of light andshadows, the judicious application of sharp-ness and unsharpness and the creativechoice of perspectives. Time constraintsand technical limitations are the only re-strictions on creativity and they sometimesbecome obstacles in the path to perfectphotographs.The evolution of 50 years of studio work,backed by innovative research and devel-opment has shaped todays Sinar System.The introduction of extremely versatilesystem components eliminated technicalbarriers in a revolutionary way and step-by-step opened new freedoms for creativity.

    The Sinar Quality ChainEvery chain is only as strong as its weak-est link. That motivates Sinar to pay specialattention to the optimal compatibility of in-dividual components with each other andto the uncompromised quality of each andevery system element.This guarantees the photographer thatwonderfully reassuring confidence in thereliability of his camera. Individual cameraand accessory components are designedto work smoothly with each other and with-out any impairment to handling. All cam-eras in the Sinar line of products are ofequally high quality and, depending on the

    composition of the outfit, they can be usedfor the greatest variety of assignments.Thus Sinar always equips the photogra-pher with the ideal tools for transformingideas into images quickly and perfectly.

    The Modular SystemThe Sinar system was designed in such away that the various camera models andaccessories can be combined in numerousconfigurations. This enables the photogra-pher to assemble exactly the right cameraoutfit that is optimally tailored to the as-signment at hand.

    Basic models of Sinar cameras:

    The first choice in the range of purelymechanical cameras is the Sinar p2.Thanks to its refined design, settings andfocusing with the Sinar p2 can be accom-plished faster than with any other camera.Not only does this save precious time, italso provides significant gains in precision.This model too, can be adapted for use asa digital camera.

    The Sinar x camera is available as amore affordable variation of the Sinar p2that features the same robust constructionand ease of use of the highly precise ad-justment capabilities, but which deliberate-ly omits certain other features.

    The Sinar f1 and f2 cameras are excel-lent as entry cameras for large format pho-tography and as ideal cameras for outdoorphotography. They are lightweight and

    affordable, and their compo-nents are, of course, fully sys-tem-compatible.

    In conjunction with its digitalimaging backs, Sinar offers arange of Adapters (see theSinar digital catalogue entitledDigital Performance). Theseadapters and adapter kits makeit possible to use the most pop-

    ular professional digital backs and theSinarback on Sinar Cameras and on themost important medium format cameras.

    For professional digital photography inthe studio, we recommend the compactSinarcams, which provide an efficient wayof working:The Sinarcam 2 for the Sinarback digitalback can be used on its own as a compactstudio camera and it can also be usedin conjunction with Sinar p2 and Sinar xview cameras.The Sinarcam 1 for the LeafVolare and the Sinarcam 3 for the LeafCantare digital back can also be used ontheir own as compact studio cameras, orthey can be used in combination with aSinar p2 camera.

    Up-to-date AccessoriesThe convenience of the modular system isthe fact that practically every individualcomponent of the Sinar System can beused with every Sinar camera model. Theline of accessories is constantly being ex-panded with new items, which can, ofcourse, also be used with older Sinar cam-eras. For example, the versatile Sinar Roll-film Holder Zoom 2 with adjustable formatmasks, or the Expolux Shutter System.Exposure metering probes permit quick de-termination of the correct exposure andthey supply data for optimal contrast in theoriginal for printing. The modern proprie-tary Sinar digital back, the Sinarback, in itsvarious variations and with its ample rangeof accessories, can also be adapted withease at any time.

    Transforming Ideas into Images

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    The Sinar p2

    SINAR p2 4x5/10x12.5 cm 491.76

    Adjustment ranges:

    Adjustmentvertical: 4 cm, 4cmhorizontal: 3 cm, 5cm

    Coarse tilt: 45Fine tilt: 19Swivel: 50Fine focus: 5 cmBellows extension withMultipurpose bellows: 4 cm to 45cm










    SINAR p2 5x7/13x18 cm491.77

    Adjustment ranges:

    Vertical adjustment Rear standard: 5 cm, 2 cmFront standard: 4 cm, 4 cm

    Horizontal adjustmentsRear standard: 5 cm, 4 cmFront standard: 3 cm, 5 cm

    Coarse tiltRear standard: 30Front standard: 50

    Fine tilt: 19Swivel: 50Fine focus: 5 cmBellows extension with tapered bellows: 4 cm to 45cmWeight: 6,8 kg (15 lb)

    SINAR p2 8x10/20x25 cm 491.78

    Adjustment ranges:

    Vertical adjustmentRear standard: 5 cm, 0 cmFront standard: 4 cm, 4 cm

    Horizontal adjustmentsRear standard: 6 cm, 2 cmFront standard: 3 cm, 5 cm

    Coarse tiltRear standard: 20Front standard: 50

    Fine tilt: 19Swivel: 50Fine focus: 5 cmBellows extension with tapered bellows: 5 cm to 71cmWeight: 8,2 kg (18 lb)

    In terms of technical capabilities, theSinar p2 camera represents the leadingedge of today's camera technology. Itgives the photographer purposeful ad-justment capabilities that are based onwell thought out and very precise mech-anisms. That precision and the sturdi-ness is particu-larly importantwhen a digitalback is beingused. With theasymmetr ica lswing/tilt axes,sharpness com-pensation canbe accomplishedswiftly and withgreat accuracy.

    Even with double sharpness compensa-tion, the camera always remains in thecorrect position (free of sway), there isno need for tilting anything out of the wayor for any readjustments.

    1. An image point is focused on the hori-zontal (H) or the vertical (V) swing/tiltaxis.

    2. Now focusing is performed on theother axis, i.e. over the entire imagearea, using the fine drive knob, andpresto: it is done! If necessary, the in-clination obtained in this manner withthe swing/tilt axis can be transferred tothe front standard in order to retain thesame perspective.

    Sinar p2:The easiest sharpness compensation,

    made possible by asymmetrical swing/tilt axes





    SINAR p2 4x5/10x12.5 cm

    Consists of:411.41 Rail Clamp 2422.21 Basic Rail 12/30 cm429.21 2 Rail Caps431.51 Front Standard p2433.26 Carrier Frame 4x5/10x12.5 cm433.51 Bearer p2454.11 Multipurpose Bellows 4x5/10x12.5 cm462.16 Metering Back 4x5/10x12.5 cm531.41 Lensboard Holder

    Weight: 5.9 kg (13 lb).

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    The Sinar x

    SINAR x 4x5/10x12.5 cm 491.66

    For studio photography in the 4 x 5 for-mat, the Sinar x camera is a cost-effi-cient alternative to the outstanding Sinarp2 camera, performing all the functionswith equal perfection, but deliberatelydispensing with some of the operatingamenities.The TTL Metering Back, for instance, isnot included in the basic outfit, but it re-mains an option that can be added later.As in the Sinar p2 camera, all fine drivesare self-locking, so that a separate lock-ing device is unnecessary, significantlyenhancing focusing accuracy. All that isneeded is a slightly stronger turning mo-tion than that required for adjusting theSinar p2 camera.The feature of adapting formats largerthan 4 x 5 was also intentionally fore-

    gone on the Sinar x camera. Modern di-gital backs with area CCD arrays, suchas the Sinarback or the