Shimla Kinnaur Spiti Manali - 10 days in Chandigarh and head towards Shimla. ... Visit Dhankar Monastery-…

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  • Best Time- Mid June to October Chandigarh Shimla Narkanda Rampur Sangla Chitkul Recong Peo Kalpa Pooh Khab Nako Gue Tabo

    Dhankar Pin Valley Kaza Kye Khibber Langza Komic Lohsar Kunzum Pass Chandra Tal Batal Gramphoo Rohtang Pass Manali Chandigarh

    Shimla Kinnaur Spiti Manali - 10 days

  • A journey that takes you through the Old Hindustan Tibet Road through the lush green paradise and apple orchards of Shimla and Kinnaur and the cold deserts of Spiti Valley. A journey to one of the most remote regions of this country which will take you back in time and disconnect you from the rest of world. A journey

    that will change the way you look at life.

  • Arrive in Chandigarh and head towards Shimla. Take appropriate breaks on the way and enjoy the beauty as you leave the hustle and bustle of Shimla behind. View the lush green valleys and apple orchards on both sides of the road. Stay in the midst of nowhere in Narkanda.

    Chandigarh/ Shimla to Narkanda

    (180 kms/7-8 hrs)

    Day 1

  • Have a nice breakfast with a view of the mountains and head to Sangla via Rampur. You shall meet the Sutlej river at Sainj and from there on it will be with you till Spiti. Sangla is one of the most beautiful valleys in India. We recommend a walk to Baspa river from your hotel.

    Narkanda to Sangla

    (160 kms/7-8 hrs)

    Day 2

  • Go for an early morning walk to Basteri village if you are up for it. Visit the ancient temple there and walk around the village.After breakfast, we take you Chitkul- last village on Indo-Tibet border. From Chitkul, we head to Kalpa. Here you will enjoy the stunning view of Kinner Kailash

    peaks over a cup of tea.

    Sangla to Kalpa via Chitkul

    (100 kms/4 hrs)

    Day 3

  • You can walk to the Old Shiva temple and Buddhist monastery in Kalpa, if time permits. Have an early breakfast and head to Tabo this day. The terrain will change after Pooh and you will see the end of the tree line. See the confluence of Spiti and Sutlej river at Khab. Lunch at a

    beautiful village called Nako. If time permits then we visit Gue to see the Mummy.

    Kalpa to Tabo Via Nako

    (170 kms/9 hrs)

    Day 4

  • Take the morning easy, have your breakfast and visit the Ajanta of Himalayas- The Tabo Monastery which is close to 1000 years old now. The murals, thankas and paintings are believed to have been made in a single night by the Gods themselves. You can also hike to the

    meditation caves, if time permits. Visit Dhankar Monastery- Seat of the King in ancient times- the most beautiful setting of a monument which hangs on a cliff and overlooks the confluence of Spiti and Pin River. Hike to Dhankar lake, if your lungs permit. We shall head to the last village

    in Pin Valley- Mudh- for a homestay.

    Tabo to Pin Valley via Dhankar

    (70 kms/4 hrs)

    Day 5

  • Wake up to the stunning landscape of Pin Valley National Park. Enjoy a cup of tea and walk around. From Pin, we shall head to visit Khungri monastery- the last hold of Buchen Lamas in Sangam. After this, we make our way to Kye monastery and Khibber Village. Kye monastery is

    on top of a mountain overlooking the Spiti valley and a huge river bed. It is also the main learning centre for Lamas following Geluk sect of Buddhism. This monastery houses some 100 odd monks. We shall climb a little further and visit Khibber Village- which was once the highest

    motorable village in the world.

    Pin Valley to Kaza via Kye and

    Khibber (80 kms/4 hrs)

    Day 6

  • Take the morning easy and today we head to Langza- the main area for Fossils, Hikkim- the highest post office in the world and Komic- one of the highest villages in the world at 4600 meters. A visit to the Tangyud monastery in Komic is also worthwhile. You can see some snow laden peaks during this drive. To make this memorable, you can also hike from Langza to Komic- 3-4 hours. Visit the postmaster of the highest post

    office in the world at Hikkim and mail some postcards from here. Drive back to Kaza

    Kaza to Langza, Hikkim, Komic

    and Back (50 kms/3 hrs)

    Day 7

  • Early morning, we drive to Chandra Tal- The lake of the moon via Lohsar village and Kunzum Pass. The drive on this day will be one of the highlights of the trip. Have a cup of tea at the last village of Spiti valley- Lohsar. After this you will just get closer to the high mountains and all you will see is snow capped peaks from Kunzum Pass and beyond. The hike to Chandra Tal lake is 20 mins from the barricade. The lake is a

    mesmerizing sight that will leave you speechless for sure. We dont have words to describe it. Spend the night at camp close to the lake.

    Kaza to Chandra Tal Via Lohsar

    (100 kms/5 hrs)

    Day 8

  • Some people call it tough, some call it adventurous and some call the drive of their life- this is the last day of your trip before you head back to civilization in Manali. The road between Chandra Tal and Manali is the toughest, roughest, most scenic and we guarantee you will skip a few breathes this day. The non-existence of roads, a few water falls, dry and dusty make this terrain difficult. On the other hand, snow capped mountains, Chandra river flowing to meet Bhaga and the vast landscape make your drive memorable. Spend some time at Rohtang if time


    Chandra Tal to Manali via

    Rohtang La (130 kms/7 hrs)

    Day 9

  • Leave early in the morning to catch your evening flight from Chandigarh back to your hometown. Trip ends here Manali to

    Chandigarh (290 kms/10 hrs)

    Day 10


    Narkanda- Homestay Sangla- Homestay Kalpa- Homestay Tabo- Homestay Kaza-Homestay Pin Valley- Homestay Chandrataal- Parasol Camps (Attached Toilet) Manali- Dragon Guesthouse/ Hotel Iceland


    Inclusions & Exclusions For Homestay, Budget and Luxury Packages

    Inclusions Breakfast and Dinner except in Manali Taxi for 10 days as per the plan Stay at the list of hotels shared as per the plan on twin sharing

    basis Driver to act as a basic guide All expenses for the driver are paid for, including all tolls

    Exclusions Lunch, snacks and no beverages (except the ones with meals) Any kind of insurance Guide Cost of any emergency Bus ticket cost/Monument Entry fee/Cost of permits

    Narkanda- Hatu valley Homestay Sangla- Royal Castle Kalpa- Golden Apple/ Apple Pie Tabo- Tiger Den or Similar Kaza- Sakya Abode/Snow Lion/ Kunphen

    Guesthouse Pin Valley- Tara Guesthouse Chandrataal- Parasol Camps (Attached

    Toilet) Manali- Dragon Guesthouse/ Hotel Iceland

    Narkanda- Tethys Ski Resort Sangla- Kinner Camps Kalpa- Kinner Villa Tabo- Dewachen Retreat Kaza- Sakya Abode/Snow Lion/ Kunphen

    Guesthouse Pin Valley- Tara Guesthouse Chandrataal- Parasol Camps (Attached Toilet) Manali- May Flower

    Budget Hotels Luxury Hotels

  • Per person cost excluding Service Tax


    Cancellation Policy : We dont have a stringent cancellation policy and we go by actuals in case of any

    cancellations. Cancellation charges will on be applicable if hotels/ taxi are unable to refill their slots booked by you.

    Per person cost excluding Service Tax Per person cost excluding Service TaxGroup Size

    Sumo/ Tavera

    Scorpio/ Xylo


    2 31300/- 33600/- 35400/-4 22700/- 23900/- 24800/-6 19900/- 20600/- 21200/-8 22700/- 23900/- 24800/-10 21000/- 21900/- 22600/-12 19900/- 20600/- 21200/-

    Homestay Package Cost Luxury Package Cost

    Group Size

    Scorpio/ Xylo


    2 43500/- 45300/-4 33800/- 34700/-6 30600/- 31100/-8 33800/- 34700/-10 31900/- 32600/-12 30600/- 31100/-

    Budget Package CostPer person cost excluding Service Tax

    Group Size

    Sumo/ Tavera

    Scorpio/ Xylo


    2 32900/- 35200/- 37000/-4 24300/- 25500/- 26400/-6 21400/- 22200/- 22800/-8 24300/- 25500/- 26400/-10 22600/- 23500/- 24200/-12 21400/- 22200/- 22800/-


    Of course what made our trip in this beautiful but hostile topography a rocking success was the team of Incredible Spiti (Mr Vishesh Shourie). These guys know thier terrain inside out! Special mention to our driver who negotiated those tricky hairpin bends which elan and style ! At Kaza, I would recommend staying at Sakya Abode (Kunphen). While the facilities are basic, Mr. Tsering Bodh (owner) makes sure that all his guests are looked after and attended to. The added incentive is playing audience to him when he is narrating the local folklore :)

    Normally I do like to plan my trip myself, but one day I stumbled over this website of Incredible spiti run by two fine persons Vishesh Shourie and Tsering Bodh and I decided to take their help to ensure a smooth trip and they didnt prove us wrong , they not only helped in customizing our trip according to our wishes starting from the choice of stays, places to visit but also gave us an insight which only a local could have.

    About Tsering & Vishesh from IncredibleSpiti(our tour organizers):These both are amazing people. They give flexibility to the clients on their selection of itinerary and hotels. At times when you wanted to change existing place from the itinerary, then they come with dynamic itinerary(Pretty Cool). This is a lot helpful for us during our trip. We had cancelled one hotel and shifted to the other. For this we were reimbursed the money for that hotel. Both are credible.

    While I was there, the Pin side had flooded away and my mountaineer friend group were headed that side.Incredible Spititeam informed them well in time - which was a huge


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