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Seattle Humane Society Chronicles Magazine, Summer 2012

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Read the summer edition of Seattle Humane Society Magazine! Tuxes & Tails Raises $1.2 Million, Life-Saver Program Rescues Thousands, and Dog-Friendly Summer Fun!

Text of Seattle Humane Society Chronicles Magazine, Summer 2012

  • Tuxes & Tails Raises $1.2 Million

    Dog-Friendly Summer Fun

    Life-Saver Program Rescues Thousands

    Summer 2012

  • Dear Animal Lovers,

    People in our community are committed to helping pets in need, and they demonstrated that more passionately than ever at Seattle Humane Societys 23rd annual Tuxes & Tails by raising a record-breaking $1.2 million for the animals in our care.

    More than 900 guests attended, making it the perfect opportunity for an exciting announcement. As a leader in the spay/neuter movement, Seattle Humane Society currently performs more spay and neuter surgeries than any other agency in the region, and with the help of our community, we can do even better. Seattle Humane is taking the lead to end pet homelessness in our region by DOUBLING the number of spay/neuter surgeries we perform for the pets of low-income pet owners, from 2,500 to 5,000 annually, and embarking on a partnership with Washington State Universitys College of Veterinary Medicine in which senior veterinary students will spay and neuter our shelter pets as part of their clinical training.

    To help us achieve our goal, we asked Tuxes & Tails attendees to support a Fund-A-Need project that will fund a remodel and expansion of our Recovery Center to triple recovery space and fund a second shift of veterinarians to perform procedures. It turned out to be the highlight of the event as the crowd raised their paddles high and donated more than $420,000. Beginning in May 2013, WSU veterinary students will receive hands-on training at Seattle Humanes campus in Bellevue. With their help, we will have the capacity to spay and neuter more shelter pets and offer additional medical services to other shelters in need.

    Thanks to our generous donors and our incredible partnership with WSU, Seattle Humane Society will be able to reduce the number of unwanted, homeless and stray companion animals in our community. We couldnt do it without the support of compassionate animal lovers like you.

    Thank you for all you do!

    David Loewe Chief Executive Officer


    John M. Corby ChairMary Kay Wright Vice ChairChris Falco, CPA, CBI TreasurerJames T. Linardos SecretaryJanette AdamucciAsher BearmanJeffrey A. Christianson Elaine ColesKathleen ConroyTori DotsonMichael EllisonElwood W. HertzogDean KattlerKaycee KrystyLeslie PhinneyDaryl Russinovich


    David E. Loewe Chief Executive OfficerBrynn Blanchard VP of DevelopmentKatie Olsen Chief Operations OfficerKen L. Farmer Chief Financial OfficerRhonda Manville Director of MarketingDr. Brad Crauer Medical DirectorMike Conklin Director of Facilities

    Cover Photo: Julia Civoli with Bridget, a 5-month-old Poodle, adopted May 2012.

    13212 SE Eastgate Way Bellevue, WA 98005

    Seattle Humane Society is an independent, donor-funded nonprofit animal welfare organization saving abandoned, stray and surrendered pets in our community.

    For event details, visit

    CatapaloozaAugust 11-12 Seattle Humane

    Walk for the AnimalsSeptember 23 UVillage

    Letter From Chief Executive Officer David Loewe

    Editor Joyce Zoldak [email protected]

    Designer Aubrey Miller-Schmidt

    Summer 2012 Vol 20 Issue 2


    Main Line 425.641.0080

    Adoptions 425.649.7563

    Admissions 425.649.7561

    Vet. Services 425.649-7560

    Volunteers 425.649.7557

    Fund Development 425.649.7552

    Humane Education 425.373.5385

    Marketing 425.274.1513

    MaxMobile Requests 425.274.1513

    Pet Food Bank 425.649.7566

    Pet Project 425.649.7566

    Save the Date!

  • 3Q13 Pet Food Drive a Huge Success Thanks to the Q13 FOX Furry Friends Fund, helping pets in the community is as easy as going to the bank! In partnership with KeyBank, a special account was set up to collect funds to benefit Seattle Humane Society and other local animal shelters. From April 11 to May 18 thousands of dollars were raised for Seattle Humane in support of our Pet Food Bank.

    Our Pet Food Bank feeds more than 1,500 animals belonging to low-income community members monthly, and our volunteers pack, load, and de-liver 11,000 pounds of pet food. The food goes to local senior centers, low-income housing complexes, food banks and individual homes so our most vulnerable community members never have to choose between feeding their pets and feeding themselves.

    Thank you to everyone who made a donation to the Q13 FOX Furry Friends Fund! You've made a real dif-ference in the lives of people and pets in our community.

    Seattle Humane to the RescueDid you know that Seattle Humane Society saves animals lives beyond the Puget Sound area? We make it a priority to offer our services first to pets in our community, and then we reach out to shelters across the state and even out of state to save animals lives. As part of our Life-Saver Program, we provide rescue and adoption services to pets at risk of being euthanized because of lack of space or resources to care for them.

    Last year, we teamed up with more than 40 organizations to rescue 787 dogs and 766 cats in Washington and Oregon, and 330 dogs from Los Angeles-area shelters. Thanks to an amazing team effort, our Life-Saver Program is off to a great start in 2012 and we expect to transfer 2,000 pets to safety at Seattle Humane this year.

    If you would like to donate to the Life-saver Program, please contact our development team at (425) 373-5382.

    Humane Happenings: News & Updates

    Chubby Cats Need Love Too!Many cats are surrendered to shelters overweight. Seattle Humane works hard to get unhealthy pets back in shape with a nutritious diet and daily exercise, but nothing compares to the care of a loving home environment. We decided to give our fuller felines a leg up with a fun Chubby Cats, Petite Prices promotion in March. All kitties 1 year and older were $1.00 per pound off their usual $25 adoption fee for the entire month.

    Our promotional cover girl was Eucalyp-tus, a 27 lb. kitty whose health had been so neglected that she struggled to walk. After several months in a loving foster home where she received a wholesome diet and plenty of play time, Eucalyptus lost two pounds! Thanks to our promo-tion, 114 cats found new families at dis-counted fees, including Eucalyptus, who was adopted by a wonderful family for free and was carried out in a dog carrier to make sure she was comfortable.

    We celebrate our fabulous pets with monthly promotions and adoption discounts. To learn what's happening at Seattle Humane this month, visit or give us a call at (425) 641-0080.

    Left: We found Eucalyptus a happy home during our Chubby Cats promotion in March.Top: A volunteer helps with a life-saving transfer.

  • 4Have you seen Seattle Humanes 38-foot yellow adoption bus? Its hard to miss! The MaxMobile visits retailers and farmers' markets every week with great pets available for on-the-spot adop-tions. Sara, a 1-year-old long-haired tortoiseshell kitty, is one of more than 1,400 pets who have met their match on The Max.

    Sara was transferred to Seattle Humane when she ran out of time at another shelter. Four days later, we made her a cozy cubby on the MaxMobile and took her to the Redmond Saturday Market. Karen, a diehard dog lover, adopted a pup from Seattle Humane 11 years ago, so when she spotted our adoption mobile she decided to take a look. Karen found herself instantly drawn to Sara, the beautiful tortoiseshell kitty in the window. I must admit I am not a cat fan, said Karen. But when I saw Sara, there was just something about her.

    The two made an instant connection and Karen decided to adopt her first kitty. My sons were shocked when I came home with a cat! said Karen. Now a total kitty convert,

    Match Made

    Karen sent us an update about Sara, now Zoey. Zoey defi-nitely wants to be with her people, she says. Ive never had a cat who came when called and as far as we can tell she chases fairies down the hallway. Shes a laugh a minute!

    Thank you to Kaycee and Michael Krysty for their lead gift to launch the MaxMobile in 2004. Find out where the MaxMobile will be next at or (425) 641-0080.

    Happy Tails

    Gracie, a 2-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix, was surren-dered to Seattle Humane suffering from severe food and environmental allergies. Every inch of Gracies skin was sore and red with irritation. This poor pup needed special care and we had just the volunteer foster par-ents for the job.

    Bruce and Valerie had recently lost their dog and decided to become foster volunteers as a way to help their hearts heal. When they welcomed Gracie into their home, the healing began for everyone. Bruce and Valerie gave Gracie medicated baths several times a week and wrapped her to prevent scratching. She slept around the clock for the first month and found

    it difficult to go for even a 10-minute walk, says Valerie. She lost all of her fur so we dressed her in the finest T-shirts from Value Village! As the weather became cold we bought her a selection of sweaters and dog coats, too.

    After fostering Gracie for seven months, which included 29 visits to Seattle Humane for vet check-ups, 65 medical baths, and 42 refilled prescriptions, Bruce and Valerie decided that their bond to Gracie was too strong to let her go and they made her a permanent member of their family. An extra special thank you to Jim and Bet Schuler for their generous donation to start the Lexus Fund for dogs like Gracie who need extra medical care. To make a donation to the Lexus Fund, visit, write Lexus on your check, or call (425) 373-5382.

    A Healing Home

    Zoey (formerly Sara)


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