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  • Saint Marys Catholic Church 250 Kraft Street, Berea, Ohio 44017-1499

    Rectory: 440-243-3877 FAX: 440-891-9417 Website:

    Parish Mission Statement St. Mary's is a faith community which worships together, follows the teachings of Jesus Christ in our everyday lives, evangelizes others by our

    lives and actions, gives generously of our time and resources in service to others, shows compassion and love towards one another, provides

    religious education and works for social justice for all.

    St. Marys Parish Staff

    Reverend John P. Singler, Pastor

    Reverend Max Cole, Parochial Vicar

    Ms. Angela Kovacs, Music Director

    Mr. Larry Roetzer, Religious Education Coordinator

    Mrs. Diana Lipfird, Homebound Coordinator

    Mrs. Barbara Goebl, Spiritual Ministries

    Parish Office Staff Mrs. Janel Abraham

    Mrs. Lorri Masie

    St. Marys School Staff Mr. Andrew Carner, Principal

    Mrs. Nancy Kaesgen, Director of Development

    Mrs. Sandi Ziegler, Program Coordinator

    School Office Staff Mrs. Mary Beth Hennessy

    Mrs. Rhonda Johnson

    St. Marys Religious Education Staff Mr. Larry Roetzer, Coordinator

    St. Marys Mass Schedule Weekday: 9:00am Monday through Friday

    Weekend: 4:00pm Saturday Vigil

    7:30am, 9:30am, & 11:30am

    Holy Day Consult Bulletin

    Sacramental Ministries

    Baptisms: On Sundays After 11:30am Mass

    Reconciliation: Saturdays 3-3:30pm

    Seasonal Celebrations

    Marriage: Contact Parish Office

    Anointing of the Sick: Contact Parish Office

    Seasonal Celebration

    Communion Calls: Contact Parish Office

    Celebrating 164 years of Pastoral Service to the Catholic Community of Berea

  • 2nd Sunday of Lent

    March 12, 2017

    Every year on Ash Wednesday we, the church, hear the call, Repent and Believe in the Gospel as we

    enter into the Liturgical Season of Lent and are marked with the ashes. It is, as Pope Francis spoke in his General

    Audience on Ash Wednesday, a time of preparation for Easter and the

    whole meaning of this 40-day period is illuminated by the Paschal

    Mystery. As he spoke to the crowds gathered in St. Peters Square, he

    reminded us that Lent, by its nature is, a time of hope and he invited

    us to get into Lent. [Those obviously are my words, not the Holy


    Get into Lent How so you might ask? How so indeed by

    the FAMILIAR good works Pray, Fast, Give. Thats the mantra of

    faithful Catholics. Pray, Fast, Give. And all of us, at any age and at

    every age CAN and MUST Pray, Fast, Give.

    After Jesus was baptized by John in the Jordan, he was led

    into the desert, as last Sundays Gospel proclaimed, and there he was

    tempted by the devil. He was tempted to change stones into bread,

    to throw himself off the highest peak, and to bow down in worship to

    the devil. His tempter called out to Jesus to be relevant, spectacular

    and ever powerful, but Jesus resisted because of his prayer and fasting.

    So it is with us to take our lead from Him and to pray, fast

    and give. Pray more, fast more and give more in these days NOT be-

    cause we are TOLD to, but because we GET to and in doing so ARE

    like the Lord who entered the desert to be, as Pope Francis spoke, illu-

    minated by His Mission.

    Todays Gospel is His Transfiguration and he teaches his be-

    loved friends that suffering is indeed part of the deal to be with Him.

    Suffering leads to glory. And our mission is to become one with the Lord. Like at his baptism, the voice of the

    Father is likewise heard, This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him. and confirms in

    his Son his mission to lead all to Life. And in this graced Season, our job is to Pray, Fast, Give in order that we

    find and know Life!

    So, do good and avoid evil this week!

    REMEMBER: The Evening of Confession is Wednesday, March 15th from 5-8 in Church.

    Make a Holy Hour of Reconciliation and GO to Confession as part of your Pray, Fast, Give.

    THANK YOU: for your continued generosity and faithfulness in support of the Church! Blessings!

    Fr. John

  • Monday March 13 Lenten Weekday Dn 9:4b-10 / Lk 6:36-38 (230) 9:00 am Bert Formanik Friends from McDonalds Tuesday March 14 Lenten Weekday Is 1:10, 16-20 / Mt 23:1-12 (231) 9:00 am Barbara Polasik Natalie Woelfle 2:00 pm Aristocrat Berea Mass Wednesday March 15 Lenten Weekday Jer 18:18-20 / Mt 20:17-28 (232) 9:00 am Greg Cahlik Family Thursday March 16 Lenten Weekday Jer 17:5-10 / Lk 16:19-31 (233) 9:00 am Dennis Culler Chester Talarczyk 1:30 pm Northwestern Mass Friday March 17 Lenten Weekday Gn 37:3-4, 12-13a, 17b-28a / Mt 21:33-43, 45-46 (234) 9:00 am Timothy Glynn Pat & John Vanderaar

    Saturday March 18 Lenten Weekday Mi 7:14-15, 18-20 / Lk 15:1-3, 11-32 (235) 4:00 pm John Habermann Family Sunday March 19 Third Sunday of Lent Ex 17:3-7 / Rom 5:1-2, 5-8 / Jn 4:5-42 or 4:5-15, 19b-26, 29a, 40-42 (28)

    7:30 am For All Parishioners Living & Deceased 9:30 am Arthur Traverso Family 11:30 am Brother Bernard Polinak Jane Savinsky

    Mass Schedule and Intentions

    Homebound Ministry Our Homebound Parishioners are very important to us and we want to make sure their spiritual needs are being met. If you or a friend or family member are homebound and unable to attend Mass, we would like to bring the Eucharist to you in your home. Please call Diana Lipfird, the Home-bound Parishioner Coordinator, at 532-9491 or e-mail her at We will set up a time and day for the Ex-traordinary Minister to visit that best fits your schedule. If you are an Extraordinary Minister and would like to be part of our team of taking Communion to the homebound, please call Diana at 440-532-9491.

    Collection for 3/5/17: $14,489.00

    Thank you for your generosity to the Parish.

    Weekend Collection

    Please remember in prayer all who are ill or homebound, especially the following:

    Maggie Armstrong Donna Baker Mary Anne Bialosky Frank Blatnick Larry Buchwalter Owen Dumm Brian Follen Joan Foust Timothy Glynn Gerry Grant Wayne Goforth

    Katie Halley Dennis Jamiot John Kern Les Lindenmeier Rob Lucas Karen M. Joseph McLaughlin Leo Oblak Mary Elizabeth Ryba Kathy Staub Jeanine Surma Chester Talarczyk

    Bulletin Prayer List

    In Your Charity

    In your charity, please remember the

    repose of the souls of Francis

    Templeman and Rita Pignatelli

    May they rest in eternal peace. Jesus waits in silence

    Silence gives us a new outlook on every-

    thing. We need silence to be able to touch

    souls Jesus is always waiting for us in si-

    lence. In that silence He will listen to us,

    there He will speak to our soul, and there

    we will hear His voice. Interior silence is very difficult but we

    must make the effort. In silence we will find new energy and

    true unity.

    Excerpted from: Love: A Fruit Always in Season Daily Medita-

    tions by Mother Teresa (Ignatius Press 1987)

    Mother Teresa

    Anniversary Wishes If you will be having a wedding anniversary in the month of March and would like your names listed in the bulletin, please call the parish office (440) 243-3877 or email

    2017 Mass Intentions

    If you would like to schedule a Mass Intention for 2017 the

    Mass Book is Open for your intentions.

    Your request can be made by contacting the parish office

    (440) 243-3877, email at or by mail.

    The usual Mass stipend is $10.00 per Mass. We will do our

    best to accommodate your requests.

  • Sunday, March 12 Monday, March 13 9:30am - Church Stations of the Cross 10:00am - Chapel Rosary 12:00pm - FJG Mtg Rm Rosary Makers 7:15pm - Church Rosary Tuesday, March 14 9:30am - Chapel Rosary 11:00am - Chapel Bible Study 12:30pm - Chapel Quiet Prayer 2:00pm - Aristocrat Berea Mass 6:00pm - Church Youth Choir Rehearsal 7:00pm - Chapel Bible Study 7:30pm - Church Traditional Choir Rehearsal 8:00pm - FJG Mtg Rm TMIY Program Wednesday, March 15 9:30am - Chapel Rosary 5:00pm - Church Diocesan Confession Night 7:00pm - Chapel Liturgy of the Hours Thursday, March 16 9:30am - Chapel Rosary 1:00pm - FJG Mtg Rm Tri-City Seniors Pinochle Club 1:30pm - Northwestern Mass Friday, March 17 7:00pm - Church Stations of the Cross Saturday, March 18 3:0