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  • Christmas&NewYearsDecember25,2016&January1,2017

    Saint Marys Catholic Church Boise, Idaho

    December 25, 2016 & January 1, 2017

    Original art by Fr. Bruno Segatta

  • Christmas&NewYearsDecember25,2016&January1,2017

    SAINT MARYS STAFF / PERSONAL DE STA. MARIA Pastor / Prroco ~ Rev. John Worster, 1(208) 680-0608 ~

    Rev. Jess Camacho, Parochial Vicar / Vicario Parroquial ~ (ext. 204) Rev. Bruno Segatta, Assisting Priest / Asistente del Sacerdote ~ Rev. W. Thomas Faucher, Pastor Emeritus (Ret.) / Prroco Emrito ~

    Deacons / Diconos Bill Petzak ~ ~ 658-8892

    Francis Hess ~ ~ 409-4103 John Carpenter ~

    Jos Ayala ~ 344-2597 ext. 201/204 Gene Fadness ~ 890-2712

    Harley Salazar ~ Call the parish office to obtain his number/Llame a la parroquia y le daremos el nmero

    ADDRESS: 2612 W. State Street, Boise, Idaho 83702 ~ PHONE: (208) 344-2597 FAX: (208) 344-9337

    Monica Pittman, Business Manager/ Gerente de la Parroquia (Ext. 206)

    Roxanne Harlow, Administrative Assistant / Secretaria (Ext. 214)

    Alejandra Daz, Administrative Assistant / Secretaria (Ext. 201)

    Meg Lawless, Coordinator, Children/Family Ministry (Ext. 207) Coordinadora del Ministerio de los Nios y de la Familia

    Mike Dambach, Facilities Manager/Gerente de Mantenimiento (Ext. 208)

    Patty Gabica Haas, Director of Music

    Tammy Emerich, Principal, St. Marys School / 342-7476 Directora de la Escuela de Santa Mara


    Saturday, 5:00 p.m. English / Sbado, 7:00 p.m. Espaol Sunday, 8:30 a.m. & 10:45 a.m. English /Domingo, -12:45 p.m. Espaol

    Weekdays 8:30 a.m. Misa diaria 8:30 a.m.

    RECONCILIATION / RECONCILIACION Saturday 4:00 4:30 p.m., or by appointment/Sbado 6:30 - 6:50 p.m. o previa cita

    BAPTISM / BAUTISMO Expectant parents should call the office for baptismal instructions.

    Bautizos en espaol, favor de llamar a la oficina parroquial para pedir los requisitos.

    MARRIAGE / MATRIMONIO / QUINCEAERAS Contact Deacon Petzak six months in advance/ Favor de comunicarse a la oficina parroquial por lo menos

    con 6 meses de anticipacin.

    FOOD BANK HOURS / HORARIO DEL BANCO DE COMIDA 3890 W. State St., Boise, Idaho 83703

    Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 11am3pm Lunes, Mircoles y Viernes: 11am3pm


    WEBSITES/PAGINAS DE INTERNET Church/Iglesia: School/Escuela:


  • Christmas&NewYearsDecember25,2016&January1,2017


    Dear friends, What a blessing it is for me to be a member of this parish. And at this time of year, when we contemplate Gods presence to all of humanity, please permit me to thank you for the many ways that we welcome all people to St. Marys. The ministry of hos-pitality here, among so many excellent ministries, shines forth as a very unique and holy part of our parish experience. As we pray for our needs and the needs of the

    whole world, I sense the compassion we all feel for human persons everywhere. What a blessing for me to see that we at St. Marys are healing human beings near and far by our open hearts and our open arms. We have every reason to thank God now that he has brought forth from us this holy long-ing to embrace all human persons. And it is this spiritual practice that gives us every reason to be hopeful in the new year that is before us. Thanks and Blessings ~ Fr. John La Encarnacin del Hijo de Dios, Navidad. Celebramos la fiesta del misterio de la Encarnacin del Hijo de Dios, que conocemos como Navidad. Como regalo de Navidad, quiero compartir con ustedes una historia y una peticin. All por el ao de 1969 escrib una pequea obra de teatro, en tres actos, titulada "El Cumpleaos de Dios". El primer acto presenta el relato evanglico del naci-miento de Jess. El segundo acto narra el origen de la fiesta de la Navidad: una fiesta pagana (romana) que se convierte en fiesta cristiana. El tercer acto trata de plantear la pregunta: dejar la Navidad de ser una fiesta cristiana y volver a ser una fiesta pagana? Porque fuera de las iglesias, parece ser que ya no se habla ni de la Navidad ni del Hijo de Dios que se hizo un Nio para salvar-nos. En algunas partes se llega hasta el extremo de ni siquiera desear una feliz Navidad, sino "felices fiestas", con el pretexto de no ofender a nadie. Por todo esto, quiero pedirles a todos ustedes que no expulsemos a Jess de nuestras casas ni de nuestro lenguaje. Dios no merece que olvidemos sus muestras de amor a la humanidad. Que nuestros nios y nias sepan que la Navidad celebra el nacimiento del Hijo de Dios. Es el cumpleaos de Jess, nuestro Salvador. Deseo a todos ustedes una muy Feliz Navidad! El 25 de diciembre cumplo 41 aos de mi ordenacin sacerdotal. Los invito a que se unan a mi ac-cin de gracias. Su amigo y servidor ~ Padre Jess Camacho We celebrate the feast of the Incarnation of the Son of God, which we know as Christmas. As a Christmas gift, I would like to share with you a story and, and at the same time, a request. Back in the year 1969, I wrote a small theatrical script in three acts, titled "God's Birthday." The first act pre-sents the Gospel narrative of the birth of Jesus. The second act recounts the historical and liturgical origin of the feast of Christmas: a pagan Roman feast that was changed to a Christian feast. The third act tries to pose the question: Will Christmas continue to be a Christian feast or will it return to being a pagan feast? For indeed, outside of church there is no mention of Christmas anymore nor of the Son of God, who became a child to save us. Some places even go as far as not wishing a Merry Christmas, but rather "Happy Holidays," with the pretext of not offending anybody. Because of all of this, I would like to make a request to all of you and that is to not expel Jesus from our homes or our language. God does not deserve for us to forget his great deeds of love for human-kind. May our boys and girls know that Christmas celebrates the birth of the Son of God. It is Jesus' birthday, our Savior coming to the earth! Nothing less. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! On the 25th of December I celebrate 41 years of ordination. I invite you to join me in my thanks-giving. Your friend and servant ~ Fr. Jess Camacho

  • Christmas&NewYearsDecember25,2016&January1,2017


    Thank you for your generosity!

    Jean Ihli Therence Kagoma James Kelsch John & Jeannette LAbbe Pat Larson James & Linda Leonard Louis & Patricia Miller Earl Ourada John Lipareli Leo Perez, Sr. Stanley & Pamela Phipps Andrea Poynter Jackie McPherron Angela Purcell Doug & Sandy Racine Emma Jean Rodriguez Justo & Paki Sarria Sarah Satterlee Arnold Silva Lois Stallman Edith Starcy Rosie Williams


    Miriam Adams Selina Anacabe Margaret Huerta Anderson Judy Bailey Celeste Becia Joe Bleymaier Robert & Claudia Borgna James Brewer Rita Brilz Tom & Charlotte Brother M.J. Byrne Mrs. Pete Cenarrusa Francisco Corona-Guzman Billy & Favia DSouza Mrs. Mathias Fernandes Bill Grimes Norma J. Gustavson Kay Helgeson Tim & Carol Herring Tom & Maryann Hogg Ray & Eileen Hoobing Vince Huerta


    We are pleased to announce that our picture directory has arrived. If you had your picture taken for the directory, you will receive a com-plimentary book. If you did not par-ticipate in having your picture tak-

    en, we have a few extra directories and you may pur-chase each for $5 at the parish office.

    Dear St. Marys Parishioners, We at Saint Marys Catholic School are so blessed to be able to do Gods work each day by educating our students in our Catholic faith and providing them with a solid academic foundation. As principal of St. Marys School, I am so blessed to work with such amazing teachers, students and

    their families. It is truly a privilege to serve our school and parish! One of the many things we are working on this year is improving our math program. This school year we have dedicated an hour each day to math instruction. We have also leveled math in our 5th 8th grade clas-ses. We provide additional help for those students who may struggle in math and challenge those students who are gifted. In all subject areas, we meet students where they are academically, and we challenge them to do the best they can each day. We have also aligned our curriculum with Bishop Kelly High School so our students have a smooth transition to the secondary level. I thank all the parishioners for supporting our school. We could not continue to do our great work without your generosity! All are invited to St. Marys School Open House on Sunday, January 29 after the 10:45am Mass. We would love to share the great things going on in our school. On behalf of the teachers and students at St. Marys Catholic School, we want to wish all of you a Blessed Christmas Season! Yours for Excellence in Catholic Education,

    Tammy Emerich ~ Principal

    QUIET ~ PRAYER ~ CHRIST ~ PEACE ADORERS NEEDED Please consider joining our small group of adorers who spend an hour every Wednesday visiting with Chris


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