Safal Electra erp Electra ERP.pdf¢  SAFAL ELECTRA ERP Established in 1999 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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Text of Safal Electra erp Electra ERP.pdf¢  SAFAL ELECTRA ERP Established in 1999 in Ahmedabad,...


  •  Established in 1999 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

     First in Gujarat certified with ISO/ IEC 27001:2005 and UKAS accreditation from Bereau Veritas in IT – ERP Industries

     All India Business & Community Award – Business Excellence 2011

     Nominated Leaders of Tomorrow Award – 2012

     Specialized in Metal/ Steel, Casting, Engineering, Food, Cement, Polymer and Infrastructure industries

     Having thousands of satisfied users around the globe.

     Presence in overseas market like Malaysia, Canada, Kenya & Tanzania


  •  MRP-1 (Material Requirement Planning = Material Planning) & MRP 2 (Manufacturing Resource Planning = Manpower, Machine & Finance Planning)

     Formula Management for Area & Weight Calculation for Various Finish Goods like Sheet & Panel.

     Batch Number and Bar Code Generation for Each Finish Goods.

     Machine Installation Management with After Sales Service Data Management like Customer Complaint, Solution, Customer Feedback, etc…

     Material Size, Type and Property wise Inventory Management

     Multi Level Bill of Material Management

     Document & Video Attachment of Solution Instruction for Various Complaints.



  • • Extrusion specific Bill Of Material for easy configuration and quicker implementation

    • Eliminate errors and data duplication with centralized die specifications and plastic recipes

    • Simple workflow optimized for Plastic business processes from quotes all the way to invoicing

    • Provide PLC production control dashboards and data acquisition with scanners and touch screens

    • Made-For-Plastic scheduling tools to guarantee on time delivery

    • Improve overall quality through Real Time PLC machine monitoring to track rejects

    • Email & Fax automation along with online client access portals to drive superior customer service

    • Marketing & Sales Management

    • Inventory Management & Procurement Management

    • Quality Control Management

    • Currency Gain Loss Utility for Import & Export

    • Plant & Finance Maintenance

    • Human Resource Management

    • Calibration Management

    • Bar Code / RFID Management

    • MRP 1 & MRP 2 Management

    • Schedule wise Production Planning Management

    • Online Order Integration


  • • User Friendly Highly Configurable Integrated Window Based Server - Client

    • Quick return on Investment

    • Reduce burden of Paper work

    • User Friendly Eye Catching

    • Screen Layout Summarized view of critical parameters of your entire business at a glance

    • Multi Currency Operation

    • Multi Company Enabled

    • Multi Field Search Facility

    • Multi User Login with User Right Management

    • Ability to share data across various departments in an organization

    • Graphical Representation of Reports

    • Alerts on SMS with Auto Responder

    • Dynamic Tax & Charges Calculation Facility

    • Data Security and User Log Management

    • User Friendly Screen Layouts

    • ISO Required Report Generation*

    • TS Required Report Generation*

    • Data Entry Authorization












    SERVICE with CRM



  • Marketing Management Forms Description Fields to be used

    Lead Management Used for generate and maintain leads Party Details, Item Name, Lead Source, Taken By etc…

    Forecasting Used for sales planning and forecasting Category, Item Name, Qty, Amount, From Date, To Date, Customer, Note etc…

    Inquiry In this form fill up customer’s Inquiry for your products or services

    Category, Inq. Date, Customer, Inq. By, Inq. Ref., Sales Person, Item, Quantity, Specification, Quote Date, Status, Loss Reason, Follow up, Attachments, Reminders etc…

    Offer Here company enters their Offer based on customer’s Inquiry

    Category, Date, Customer, Est. Delivery Date, Item, Quantity, Rate, Sales Executive, Encl., Basis of Rate, Taxes and Duties, Inspection, Mode of Dispatch, Insurance, Validity, Payment Terms, Delivery Terms, Transportation, Packing Spec. etc…

    Customer’s PO Here you can enter customer’s PO details

    Category, Date, Customer, Ref No, Customer Specification for Item, Marking, Scope, Pecking, Delivery Period, Shipment Inst., Communication, Quality Docs, Payment Follow ups, Terms and Conditions etc…

    Order Acknowledgement

    In this form enter final OA data which is given to customer

    Category, Customer, Date, OA Type, Rev Date, Login Date, Rev No, Delivery At, Freight, Discount, Dispatch Mode, Contact Person, Credit Terms, Road Permit, Transportation, Attachments, Reminders etc…

  • Purchase Management - I Forms Description Fields to be used

    Indent In this form data comes from production planning or department for need of any item which is not in stock Here data can be come from Planning / Manual or based on Minimum Stock Level for inventory items

    Category, Date, Department, Item Name, Quantity, Lead time, recommended supplier, Special features of item, available stock, remark etc…

    Inquiry In this form company generate inquiry to various suppliers for purchase indent items.

    Category, Date, Supplier, Item, Quantity, Availability, Specifications, Attachments, Reminders etc…

    Quotation Here enter supplier’s quotation which is received on the base of inquiry

    Category, Date, Supplier, Reff No, Item, Quantity, Rate, Amount, Remark, Valid upto, Payment terms, Credit Days, Form Type, Note and applicable charges

    Order After judge supplier’s quotation company raise Purchase order to supplier

    Category, Date, Supplier, Item, Qty, Order Type(Import/Local), In case of Import then LC Detail, Shipping Detail, For Local Purchase use Purchase Executive, Freight, Discount, Mode of dispatch, Contact Person, Transportation, Road Permit, Excise etc…

  • Purchase Management - II Forms Description Fields to be used

    Inward After given purchase order material comes at your company’s location here material should be inward From INWARD data might be go to INWARD QC

    Category, Date, Supplier, Item, Weight, Book At, Driver Name, License No, LR Date, LR No, Destination, Transporter, Attachments, Document Settings, Packing etc…

    GRN – Goods Receipt Note

    After Inward OR Inward QC material will come to GRN form. If material is coming from Excisable traders then mfg bill detail will enter here. Deviation procedure is also available for any transaction.

    Category, Date, Supplier, Item, Weight, Book At, Driver Name, License No, LR Date, LR No, Destination, Material Name, Quantity, Transporter, Attachments, Document Settings, Packing etc…

    Final Purchase Here enter purchase invoice detail for accounting and stock effect

    Category, Date, Supplier, Bill No, Bill Date, Item, Rate, Amount, Tax, Other Charges, Purchase Type, Credit Type, Credit Days, Remark etc…

    Purchase Return In Purchase Return form enter goods return to supplier entry in case of rejection in qc or over quantity supply etc…

    Category, Date, Supplier, Bill No, Bill Date, Item, Quantity, Rate, Amount, Other Charges, Deduction, Reason, Remarks etc…

  • Design Management (R&D) Forms Description Fields to be used

    Feasibility Study Here data comes from marketing Inquiry department when any new product’s requirement comes and top management’s involvement required.

    Party Name, Feasibility Type, Inquiry Category, Inquiry Number, Follow-up details, Attachment and reminder facility.

    DCR (Drawing Change Request)

    Here data comes from marketing department / design department to change in drawing of any existing product / machinery

    Date, DCR No, Part Number, Drawing Number, Existing revision number, Description of Part, Reason of Change in Design, Remarks, Attachments, Reminders etc..

    DCN (Drawing Change Note)

    Here design department will release note after fulfillment of drawing change request which was generated by concern department

    Date, DCN No, Reference DCR Number, Rework Possibility, Replaceable with Old Revision, Finish Stock, WIP Stock, Part Number, Drawing Number, Existing revision number, Description of Part, Reason of Change in Design, Remarks, Attachments, Reminders etc..

    Design BOM With the help of drawing change note concern department will change bill of material of any standard product / machinery

    Design Code, Job Number, Design Date, Item Name, Item Code, Drawing Number, Batch Qty, BOM Type, BOM Date, BOM Category, Party Type, Planning, Remarks, Attachments, Reminders etc..

    Billing Breakup When turnkey project based machinery comes in picture then we can break the billing part as per required.

    Customer Name, Item Name, Order Number, Breakup Level, Item Quantity, Rate, Amount, Attachment & Remi