Rochford Golf Club Annual Corporate Brochure 2012 - 2013

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A guide to the golf club, course and facilities, and supporting local businesses.


<ul><li><p>Official Club Brochure 2012-2013</p><p>Rochford Hundred Golf Club</p></li><li><p>10% off* all packages</p><p>on presentation of this brochure</p><p>Quote code: RCF100*Terms and conditons apply</p><p> Improve your Golf Game</p><p> Increase the distance and accuracy of all your shots</p><p> Build a lean muscular body</p><p> Reduce pain and inflammation</p><p> Have limitless amounts of energy</p><p> Achieve health and Wellbeing</p></li><li><p> T: 08707 707 765 E: Rochford Hundred Golf Club and Pinnacle wish to thank the businesses who appear in this publication for their support and wish them every success in deriving business from its circulation. The contents of this book are believed to be correct at the time of printing, nevertheless, we cannot endorse and readers should not rely solely upon the accuracy of any statements or claims contained herein without prior consultation with the service provider.</p><p>Rochford Hundred Golf Club 3</p><p>Contents</p><p>Photography by Martin Roffe of Michael Wynne Photography ( and RHGC.</p><p> 5 ................... Welcome 7 ................... History</p><p>13 .................... The Course</p><p>17 .................... Take the Course Tour</p><p>23 .................... Practice Facilities</p><p>25 .................... The DNA of Our Private Members Club</p><p>30 .................... Playing Categories</p><p>33 .................... Membership</p><p>35 .................... Social Activities</p><p>37 .................... Our Professional and the Pro Shop</p><p>39 .................... Tuition</p><p>41 .................... Committed to Growing the Game</p><p>43 .................... Visitors and Societies</p><p>45 .................... The Clubhouse</p><p>47 .................... Restaurant</p><p>49 .................... Hire for Functions</p><p>50 .................... How to Find Us and Contact Us</p></li><li><p>ForresterHydeIndependent Financial Advisers</p><p>Founded in 1970, tailoring financial services for individual and corporate clients.</p><p> Wealth Management Tax Planning &amp; Trusts Savings &amp; Investments Financial Protection Mortgages Retirement Planning Employee Benefits</p><p>Our aim is to stand apart from the crowd providing a very personal service in </p><p>an automated world.</p><p>19 Clifftown Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS1 1ABWeb: Email: </p><p>Tel: 01702 432 532 Fax: 01702 431 466Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority</p></li><li><p>Rochford Hundred is an historic golf club which has its home in a Grade I listed building that dates back to the late 15th century.</p><p>Located in Rochford, Essex, just north of Southend-on-Sea, our members club was founded in 1893, moving to its current site three years later. But it was not until 1924 that the course assumed the look that we know today, when it was lengthened considerably and remodelled by James Braid and J.H.Taylor, together with the renowned golf course architect Frederick Hawtree.</p><p>Now standing at 6,221 yards, the parkland course is a fair test for golfers of all abilities. It is particularly renowned for the condition of its greens, which are some of the finest you will find anywhere in Essex.</p><p>We are a club where new members are made to feel most welcome, both on the course and off it, with a rich and varied social calendar on offer throughout the year.</p><p>Our competitive golf schedule is almost unparalleled, with a host of trophies open to our members and we take equal pride in the many representative honours bestowed upon our golfers by the Essex Golf Union.</p><p>We are actively involved in the Parish of Rochford St. Andrews as well as in the local community and host hugely prestigious charity golfing days each year in support of our club and lady captains chosen charities, RNLI, Help for Heroes and Rotary.</p><p>Membership of Rochford Hundred Golf Club remains, as it always has been, a sought after goal for discerning golfers.</p><p>Welcome</p><p>Rochford Hundred Golf Club 5</p></li><li><p>Please feel free to contact us for a quote, or to arrange an appointment. </p><p>Office: 01245 329699 Mobile: 07971</p><p></p><p>LifestyleShutters &amp; Blinds Ltd</p><p>Designed, surveyed and installed by the same employee for the personal touch</p><p>Affordable shutters and blinds designed to suit your home</p></li><li><p>Rochford Hundred Golf Club was officially formed in 1893, born out of a crisis that threatened the existence of a neighbouring club. Members of Southend Golf Club on the Southchurch Hall Estate had been informed by the local council that it intended running a sewer through their nine-hole course and building a pumping station on the site. To even the most optimistic member it was clear that this construction would cause havoc and leave the course in ruins.</p><p>That could have been the end of the club, but a major local landowner and pillar of the local establishment, Mr James Tabor, came to the rescue with the magnanimous offer to the club of several acres of land in Rochford, together with rooms in the Hall. </p><p>The committee wasted no time in concluding that the change should be effected with the utmost expediency. So it was that on 5th November the committee received a letter from Mr Tabor which offered the club use of a 70-acre tract of land for three years for the annual rent of 10 0s 0d.</p><p>Falling over themselves to accept the terms at their special general meeting on 12th November 1896 members passed two resolutions: That the links at Southchurch be at once abandoned and Mr Tabors offer permitting an 18-hole course to be laid out at Rochford Meadows be accepted; and that the name of the club be changed to Rochford Hundred Golf Club.</p><p>A Brief History of Rochford Hundred Golf Club</p><p>Rochford Hundred Golf Club 7</p><p>continued</p></li><li><p>A Brief History of Rochford Hundred Golf Club</p><p>Rochford Hundred Golf Club8</p><p>Very appropriately Mr Tabor was elected in 1896 as President and Rochford Hundred Golf Club was born albeit named three years late! Since all the members moved en bloc to Rochford it appears to have been universally accepted that the establishment of the Rochford Hundred Golf Club be backdated to the formation of the Southend club in 1893, and that is in fact the year appearing in the records of the golf historian at St Andrews. </p><p>As an aside, the term hundred dates from Saxon times and its meaning is the subject of debate. One suggestion is that it refers to raising 100 men in case of strife, but this is not the complete definition. In King Edgars reign in 973, areas of land were divided into hundreds consisting of possibly several villages controlled by 100 men. </p><p>In Norman Conquest times, the description was regularised. Essex had several hundreds, with Rochford listed in the Domesday Book as being the largest.</p><p>Peter Paxton, a Scotsman and runner-up to Bob Ferguson in The Open Championship of 1880, was chosen to lay out the new course, while W. Toogood, of Eltham Golf Club, was Rochford Hundreds first professional. Total membership stood at 100 players and 40 ladies in 1896.</p><p>It was agreed that although the first nine holes had been completed only the first seven holes should be played on Sundays, presumably to placate church-going members and to avoid the possibility of injury to local residents heading for services in their Sunday best.</p><p>continued</p><p>Above: Rochford Hundred Golf Club is definitely unique.Few golf Clubs can claim to have a Grade 1 Listed Clubhouse </p><p>dating back to around 1480. </p></li><li><p>Mrs Tabor drove the first ball on Saturday 16th January 1897 using a silver cleek presented to her by the members. Later that year Mr Tabor offered 100 towards the construction of the second nine holes with the overall area of the course growing to some 70 acres.</p><p>Both Toogood and his assistant tendered their resignations and headed north to similar posts in Ilkley in March 1903. His replacement, Jack Champion, stayed for just three years before being replaced by Frederick G. Steel. It heralded what was to become a long, enduring and happy relationship between the Steel family and Rochford golfers. Steel Snr reigned as the club professional for 44 years from 1906-1950, before being succeeded by his son Bob who held the post for a further 32 years from 1950-1982.</p><p>War from 1914 brought upheaval to Rochford Hundred, as </p><p>it did to many others. The club was ordered to plough and cultivate the whole of the 18 acres on which the new nine holes had been constructed and in addition to this inconvenience the clubhouse dining room had by now been occupied by the military.</p><p>Normality was finally restored after the First World War and in 1924 James Braid and J.H.Taylor, together with Frederick Hawtree were asked to redesign the course. The club had acquired another 28 acres, taking its total acreage to 98 and resulting in a lay-out very similar to that played today.</p><p>The club again closed in 1940 for the duration of the Second World War, after being requisitioned first by the Army (who departed with most of the Clubs furniture!) and then the Air Ministry.</p><p>Rochford Hundred Golf Club 9</p><p>continued</p><p>No other Golf Club can boast that their Clubhouse was once the home of the Boleyn family, of Henry VIII fame, before their famous Daughter lost her head!</p></li><li><p>Youngs floorinGThe specialisTs</p><p>Residential and Commercial Flooring Specialists</p><p>31 purdeys Way, purdeys industrial estate, Rochford, essex ss4 1ND</p><p>Domestic: 01702 547774commercial: 01702 218818</p><p>Residential and Commercial Flooring Specialists</p><p>shoWRooms DisplaYiNG a WiDe RaNGe of flooRiNG</p><p>caRpeTs - ViNYls - WooD &amp; lamiNaTeKaRNDeaN - amTico - safeTY flooRiNG</p><p>open to the public &amp; Trade 6 days a weekmon-fri 7.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. - sat 8.00.a.m. - 12.00 p.m.</p><p></p><p>shoWRooms DisplaYiNG a WiDe RaNGe of flooRiNG</p><p>caRpeTs - ViNYls - WooD &amp; lamiNaTeKaRNDeaN - amTico - safeTY flooRiNG</p><p>open to the public &amp; Trade 6 days a weekmon-fri 7.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. - sat 8.00.a.m. - 12.00 p.m.</p><p></p><p>10% DiscouNT oN all flooRiNG</p></li><li><p>The post war period at the Club was stable and prosperous mirroring the UK in general. The thriving middle classes and Londons boom and success led to a healthy demand for golf as a sporting and social pastime.</p><p>Undoubtedly one of the most important moments in our history came in June 1980 when Charles Tabor offered to sell to members outright, with very few conditions or covenants, the course and the Hall. By November, contracts had been signed for the 125,000 transaction, funded by debentures issued to members at that time. This brought to an end a very happy landlord-tenant arrangement which had existed since 1896. The members at Rochford Hundred Golf Club were now their own masters.</p><p>Disasters such as the theft of the clubs trophies in 1987 and the devastating effects of the hurricane of the same year </p><p>were borne with stoic fortitude and Rochford Hundred celebrated its centenary in 1993. </p><p>Into the new millennium, the Club has continued to evolve and modernise, including in 2003 the reform of the Clubs constitution to give full and equal status to our lady members alongside the gentlemen, establishing one General Committee to oversee all the golfing sections, and extending subscription concessions to junior members until they reach the age of 26 and also to our octogenarian members. </p><p>With the Club now well into its second hundred years, if they prove anything like our first century it should be an equally fulfilling and richly entertaining journey.</p><p>A Brief History of Rochford Hundred Golf Club</p><p>Rochford Hundred Golf Club 11</p><p>continued</p></li><li><p>ALLEYN COURT PREPARATORY SCHOOL</p><p>PREPARATORY SCHOOL FOR BOYS AND GIRLS FROM 2 TO 11 AN IAPS &amp; ISA AFFILIATED SCHOOL</p><p>At Alleyn Court we offer:</p><p> Specialist teaching and a broad curriculum</p><p> Outstanding pastoral care</p><p> Superb facilities</p><p> Confident, courteous and happy children</p><p> Extensive and diverse extra-curricular opportunities</p><p>WAKERING ROAD | THORPE BAY | SS3 0PW 3 IMPERIAL AVENUE | WESTCLIFF | SS0 8NE</p><p></p><p>For a prospectus or further information about the school,contact Mrs Cain, the Admissions Secretary, on 01702 582553 or</p><p>Developing todays childrenfor tomorrows world!</p></li><li><p>Rochford Hundred is the only course in England with an active church within its grounds. St Andrews Church is in full view of the clubhouse and from the 1st tee and 18th fairway, some might mischievously suggest perfectly situated for those looking for divine intervention at the start of a round, or for forgiveness of their sins at the end of one they would care to forget. The church flies the flag provided by the Club in order that golfers who wish to can gauge the winds direction and speed.</p><p>Ours is a parkland course, stretching to 6,221 yards from the white tee boxes and has been that way more or less since it was redesigned in 1924. With three par-fives, it plays as a testing par of 71, though this becomes a slightly more generous 72 on non-competitive days when the 187-yard par-3 18th can be played as a more forgiving 306-yard par-4.</p><p>The unique presence of St Andrews Church is far from the only feature that sets us apart. We are renowned for having a significant annual course investment program resulting in a manicured and cared-for course, and some of the finest greens in the whole of Essex. The true roll of the putting surfaces and the quality of our fairways draw most favourable comment from our visitors.</p><p>The Course</p><p>Rochford Hundred Golf Club 13</p></li><li><p>MICHAEL CLARK DESIGNS</p></li><li><p>The hard work of our six full-time green-keeping staff and substantial investment in acquiring for them the very best equipment to help them perform their task has reaped its rewards. Rochford Hundred tends to come out of winter early. Into spring our compact yet fair greens are often immaculate. While those enjoying a good day with the flat stick are likely to prosper, there are a number of testing holes that examine all parts of ones game.</p><p>The par-4 5th, for example, is the toughest hole on the card for good reason. At 437 yards even off the yellow tees it requires a long, accurate drive over a pond and a ditch.</p><p>Water comes in to play on several holes, with a number of fiendishly-placed ditches and brooks, while the more than adequate bunkering makes the course a challenge for golfers of all abilities.</p><p>The never-ending search to better ourselves and to invest in our future continues. With water seemingly to be in ever shorter supply, in 2012 the Club commissioned a new ultra-efficient course irrigation system. Ambitious Clubhouse enhancements are planned for autumn in 2012 including the comprehensive refurbishment of the locker, shower and changing areas.</p><p>The Course</p><p>Rochford Hundred Golf Club 15</p><p>continued</p></li><li><p></p><p>Email:</p><p> New Builds Extensions</p><p> Alterations Conversions</p><p> All types of Brickwork</p><p> Complete Service from Planning to Completion</p><p>Tel: 01268 780278 Mob: 07989 580926Fax: 01268 780278</p><p>Contact Steve for some friendly advice or to get a quote! </p><p>Sparkes Contracts are well-established build...</p></li></ul>