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This is a breeze rewind session noting that I began the plot for today 39 hours and 40 minutes ago, you may find yourself asking in a few minutes what is she going on about and why all this information. To be honest I dont know why I decided to attack this rewind session like this or even this way, perhaps its because I have no idea what to do in front of an actual audience.My session is going to be an account on how a particular personality of mine Brigid-Rose perceives the environment and how it helps my creativity.A lot of my slide titles may not make sense to you but it makes tons of brain to me, plus the images are all to elongate this, they may come in handy maybe I dont know. Also there is a lot of text not for you, for me to keep me on track with what I am saying here, seeing as it is a premeditated thought. Yes at any point feel free to open up and participate with questions, and views. It is after all an interactive session, cut me off but honk first, be polite KEEP IN MIND

DO YOU REALY KNOW WHO YOU ARE Many people prefer to stick to norms, those set down patterns to guide their lives, its cool for them really thumbs up, but I always wonder how they sleep at night (asides from the random one night stands and tears on a musty pillowswe all have one of those) I mean how do they sleep at night, with the hollow tin -can labeled MYSELF standing empty, in the corner of their minds. The moment you begin to identify your individual, you become aware of the main question who are you. I always wonder what my answer would be to that infinite question when I die. Knowing who you are helps you express and it turn you can understand your creative wave lane: singer, artist, wordsmith, whatever.

SELF COMPREHENSIONI was 9 years old when I was sent to a girls only catholic convent Louisville Girls High School. Here I learnt how to be a stereotype lady, sit well, speak well, eat well, for reals we ate bread n stew with cutlery sets. I slowly began to think the world structure of what should be done and how it should be done was slightly archaic and needed correction, but I kept mute before I got a brush with the law. But honestly why must a lady be seen not heard, I really am no extrovert but I learnt to be a nuisance and shred the linen of feminity as a rebellious kid, pity I miss the silence of those days. I noticed then that I was sentimental to songs of freedom but I was no slave, or so I thought.

SELF EXPRESSIONWhen you look into yourself, you begin to see more, to dream often and before long you begin to create, sing songs from the freedom of your spirit. Everyone has a distinct way of establishing their existence in life. Some people go berserk and create collages using specific human body parts but not us, we express our humanity with the intricate application of words, music and arts (images, illustrations ). I used to hear voices a lot when I was a kid (still do) my family totally ignored it till one day I actually realized I was hearing voices from inside of me and so I decided to listen in on those voices and before I knew it, writing was a way I was adopting to voice out my emotions, well that and eavesdropping on spirits

SELF EXPRESSION : STRATEGYBelieve it or not, you have to have an attack to life up your sleeves somewheredo you get? No.oh okay, Imagine when Onika Tanya Maraj realized who she wanted to be, and poof she found sponsorship and began to pump her self into Nicki Minajthe Lewinski we all seem know today. She knew she had a talent and found her route to fame, it did not just happen it was a process. The same way a person decides strategies to express themselves: dress sense, speech patterns and slurs, body postures, fetishes and many random things.If you have a particular character description you run by, you can begin to flow with the society running your own plot structure without stepping out of line.

SELF EXPRESSION : DREAMS AND VISIONSYour young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. A very nifty bit from the bible, I at times agree to and disagree with. It is never to late to open up your creative mind and tell the world what youre all about. Limitations always pop up, you get into a block space but the trick is not giving up on it, if not it might be lost forever. I ask myself how can your creative ingenious be remembered and I decided I could be an activist for issues that affect me the most, like Gender bending ones(not feminism). How do you do that in the Computer age?

A FINGER TO CREATIVE PROHIBITIONI began to understand the truth at sixteen,that the best of life was meant for beauty queens, hot chicks ,badass rich girlsand high school girls with cream chocolate skin, with eyes that glowed with mock future bright. Who married young and then retired, but not my kind. Valentines never were more than days to mope and indulge in new ways of escape. Evening rendezvous of youth were spent on the beautiful ones, while the rest strayed in corners picking habits, trying to matter, trying to exist. At sixteen I learned the truth. Those of us with ravaged spirits, flames of reality blaze within, ordinary people, lacking in the social graces, desperately remained at home inventing lovers on the phone murmuring obscenities, dreams where freely dashed at us to cash if the luck came. There was more to life than sixteen. So remember those who win the game lose the love they sought to gain in debentures of quality and dubious integrity . While we grew up and bloomed.

A FINGER TO CREATIVE PROHIBITIONBeing who you are is a gift many people fail to appreciate and understand, it is a driving force from the soul, it is what makes the difference when 10 people make a bowl of edika-ikong and you can pick a favorite and a worse. There should never be a slated out way to express ones self, however certain guidelines on how to go about certain modes of expression like, chorus and verses in lyrics, iambic pentameter's in poetry, certain surgical incision areas when augmenting body parts and so on. But to truly open up and make a creative statement starts from within. Different issues affect different people at random times, if you dont agree with it that is fine but when criticizing always keep in mind its an individual creative expression.

A CLEAR INNER SPIRITI strongly believe that the advent of sincere, untainted expression comes from a spirit that is balanced and harmonized. I take religion very dearly because it is the hospital that nourishes and restores the wellbeing of the total package; You.Peace of mind is sure to reward you with clairvoyance , same way a tidy room; clean sheets, air-conditioner or fan blazing, is a guarantee to a great night rest (no mosquitoes included)

MENTAL STATE OF HEALTH MATTERSFor me depression is my basic emotion, hence when I write I focus on deep thinking, what ifs, and hippie themed propaganda. If youre always chirpy and happy in most cases your creations would appear satirical or comical, except in some rare situations (50:20) where sad people are able to create happy themed creatives.

REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSEAll my life I heard so much gist about myself, same with many creative minds. Today its youre living a lie next day is you dont know what youre doing to your life the next get a husband thats life. We all judge people like pictures from color books only the color side forgetting to read their pages, each one of us at different times forgetting how it feels to sit at the receiving end. I decided a while that I did not want to self-destruct so I immersed myself into my cause; LIFE. If you dont get it, forget it, I really dont have to explain beyond that.You have to outline what your stance in life is and slowly, it would be an aura that defines you and everything to produce and interact with.

MY HAPPY PLACESilence is golden is really not a joke, the comfort that only silence can give you can only be equated with the feel of drinking spring water upon being rescued from the desert. I believe once in a while (if you dont already indulge in the practice) you should try some solitude and use the time to review, revise, correct, applaud, caution, adapt etc your life, ask random questions like; I wonder at times if 5 years ago the answer to the question in "5 years time what will u b doing?" is going as planned. I love to evaluate my life, most may think it is a whack job idea but really, its like having a car and never seeing the need to maintain or understand its manuals( I dont know honestly, I dont drive) but it just might make sense to someone.

ALWAYS BE BALANCED. EQUAL EVIL, EQUAL GOODNever be biased, I personally need to take my own advice seeing as I am quite hypocritical, but sincerely being open minded to various points of views is a way to broaden your creative perspectives, it helps you understand and increase the amount of social, physical, spiritual, and mental planes out there, in turn you have a big box with goodies to select from. Dont be myopic in your perception let thing in and let things out. You know what is worth it in the end.

DARE TO BE DIFFERENT AND IF YOU GET PAID AWESOME.I noticed I found beauty where many people didnt and that in some way helped define who I was going to slowly grow into. This factor allowed me spread my arms and appreciate versatility in other words I slowly learnt to be tolerant.Keeping in mind the balance determine for yourself how you want your expression to help you and the society, it is best to always give back to whatever society you identify with, for unknown reasons. Just do it yeah. Ps these girls are real.its pretty cool.

THE INNER SELF A HOST TO MY MUSESo I rely on my inner self, Brigid to help me organize my thoughts and processing before I can relate it down in creative exp