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    Hi & WelcomeThis is your

    New Newsletter

    Hi all,

    I would like to wish SOSs new newsletter the very best of luck!

    I think it is great that we will be able to get all the news every few months and it will be great to see pictures of all the different events that are taken place.

    Now to make sure the newsletter is a great success, we will need loads of help and it is up to everyone to make sure that all the news is given to Pat Ryan and that you encourage your fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and all your friends to read all about SOS.

    Best of LuckFrancis

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    Dreamtime was set up at the beginning of this year in response to the needs and wishes of service users. This type of service, which requires all

    sorts of expensive digital technologies, only became a realistic option when

    funding became available from Denis OBrian, thank you Denis!

    Dreamtime is mainly

    broken into three areas, radio, film making and

    photography (and the p r o d u c t i o n o f t h i s newsletter). Dreamtime

    radio broadcasts on 90.9 fm, three Wednesdays a

    month from 10am to 12 midday and 2pm to 4pm. The radio shows on offer are presented by service users who

    prepare there own shows with their choice of playlist, service users

    listening in from around the campus and beyond get great music, news & weather, requests and interviews with

    well known people such as Brian Cody, The Kilkennys and much more.

    Dreamtime film studio is busy putting together its first movie, CSI

    Kilkenny, which involves many of the service users most are involved in dreamtime and drama, but not all as

    the cast numbers 50 to 60 people. CSI Kilkenny is the third film produced by

    SOS, the first two were filmed by external film groups, this time Dreamtime have

    full control over the production and allows

    time for a higher level of creativity. CSI will have i t s p r e m i e r e t h i s

    November (18th) in the Watergate Theat re . Dreamt ime

    p h o t o g r a p h y o r F o c u s o n Photography is in its early stages of development, we are currently working

    to achieve Fetac accreditat ion, meanwhile the service users are busy

    brushing up on there photography skills in preparation for such future courses, many of the photographs

    within this magazine were taken by the guys in Dreamtime.

    Dreamtime - Radio - Film - Photography

    Dreamtime StudioThis new and exciting section within SOS

    uses digital technologies to broadcast Radio, to produce films, to teach and faci l i tate

    photography and other creative productions such as this newsletter.

    D R E A M T I M E

    C.S.I.K I L K E N N Y

    Premiere 18th

    Nov. 2010


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    Drumming Drumming has been going on in

    SOS for some years and has been

    run by different staff. At present it is

    run by Trish MacManus and Christine

    Wyss. Many of the service users are

    musical and have a good sense of

    rhythm. Twice a week there is an

    opportunity for people to join a

    drumming session. On a Monday the

    group is smaller and includes singing

    and performance. Often, when the

    weather permits, drumming takes

    place outside in a relaxed

    atmosphere. The big drumming

    group, open to anyone interested,

    meets every Friday. Sometimes as

    many as 15 people will participate.

    The drummers and percussionists

    accompany melodies played on the

    electric guitar and sometimes we all

    get so high with the joy of what is

    being created. We have the steady

    rhythm drummers like Bernie OShea,

    John Bergin and Frank Dooley. Then

    we have others playing percussion,

    Padraig Doyle, Pat Fitzgerald,

    Margaret McGuiness among others.

    We also have a specialist drummer

    Gerry Meaney with his own set of

    Bongos. Of course each person is

    valued and there are too many to

    mention. Drumming is a great way to

    relax, as no words are required and it

    is also a good way to let go of any

    tension. After the drumming we all go

    back to our sections in high spirits.

    Youth ReachLast month SOS teamed

    up with Youth Reach to do

    an interesting collaborative

    project. A total of

    13 youths from

    Youth Reach and

    4 service users

    from SOS were

    brought together.

    They spent one

    week together to

    make a piece of work from

    clay that was to be fired and

    glazed and then placed in

    both SOS and Youth Reach.

    The workshop was run by

    Will Lennon from Youth

    Reach and Christine Wyss

    from SOS. It was about

    bringing together people

    from different walks of life

    yet having in

    common that

    they are all


    by soc i e t y.

    From SOS we

    h a d P e t e r

    McEvoy, John Bergin, Brian

    Manning and John Earl.

    The work took place in

    Youth Reach. One day was

    spent learning different skills

    with clay, while on another day we went to

    Woodstock for inspiration and then it was down

    to doing the work. It was interesting to see how

    well the two groups got on together. While some

    from Youth reach were reserved, the lads from

    SOS were very outgoing and this got a great

    atmosphere going. The project is still ongoing as

    youths from the groups merged perfectly, as our

    people got to know how the youths spend their

    time and now the youths will come here and see

    how we spend our time.

    The final work will be ceramic glazed tiles put

    side by side to form a wall sculpture.

  • [4]

    The wishing tree actors and singer Raymond Lyng went to Cork in June of this year to take part in the

    National Performing Arts Festival.


    Second place was awarded to The Wishing Tree and Raymond lyng received a medal for his song, The Fields of Athenry.

    Many thanks and congratulations to all who took part and to Jim Craddock who Presented the second place medals to--

    Sean Hickey, Anne Proctor,David Brian, Therese Nolan,

    Noel Kavanagh, Jimmy Renahan, Ruth OConner, M.J Scallon,Joseph Byrne, Alma BreenCiara Cahill, Connor Walsh,

    John Halley, Natasha Dowling, Deirdre ONiell ,Marie Bergin, John English, Mary Mahon and

    Angela Holahan.

    The Wishing TreeNational Performing Arts Festival

  • [5]

    Service Improvement with

    Co-operative LearningIn February Margaret Holohan,

    Janet McCormick (Margarets Sister)

    and Mary Lawlor went to D.C.U.

    (Dublin City University) to do a

    c o u r s e i n S e r v i c e

    I m p r o v e m e n t w i t h C o -

    operative Learning.

    The aim of the course is

    to provide, through focussed

    education, individualized

    Support with outcomes that

    r e s u l t i n p e r s o n a l

    d e v e l o p m e n t a n d

    col laborat ion in serv ice


    O n c o m p l e t i o n t h e

    participants will have developed

    k n o w l e d g e a n d s k i l l s o f a

    cooperative approach. This will lead

    t o s e r v i c e c h a n g e a n d

    improvements as a direct result of

    service user consultation.

    Four teams took part which

    consisted of a service user, family/

    carer and staff member.

    Teams were from:

    S.O.S. Kilkenny

    St. Michael House

    LArche Dublin

    St. John of God Celbridge

    Each team had to come up with

    an idea around changing or

    improving what is happening in their

    service. For our project we looked

    at our existing telephone list and

    tried to make it more service user

    friendly by having all staff photos

    taken and placed beside their

    telephone extension number. \this

    will improve communication for

    service users who have reading


    This project also supports the

    organization mission statement

    and objectives.

    On completion of the module

    each Team had to give a

    class presentation of their

    project, people from the

    different service and the

    steering group came to

    D.C.U. to hear a l l four

    projects. Francis Coughlan

    represented S.O.S.

    The course was from Feb-

    June. We all enjoyed working

    together as a team, getting to know

    about other services and meeting

    new people. The whole learning

    experience was very good.




    66 AnnFinancialController



    LiamDay ServicesManager






    The Nore Swim 2010

    Jane Saunders participated in The Nore Swim 2010 on the 21st August. She was a fantastically brave woman and swam from Johns Quay by the Brewery to Johns Bridge. It was a lovely day and the weather was perfect for the occasion. There was a large crowd to support all the swimmers. The swim started at 3pm followed by a buffet meal in the Set, Langtons, which all the participants attended. After the buffet they were all presented

    with medals for their effort. The swim was in aid of The Home Care Team. Jane raised 150 euro for this charity. She says the water was not too cold and she had been training with Breeda Sweeney, who supported her on the day.

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    The Garden CentreThe Garden centre went on a day trip