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Retailing 20s. Store operations and Customer service. Introduction. Retailing 20S is a course designed to help you understand the various activities involved in selling goods or services directly to customers. General Learning Outcomes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Retailing 20s

Retailing 20sStore operations and Customer serviceIntroductionRetailing 20S is a course designed to help you understand the various activities involved in selling goods or services directly to customers.General Learning OutcomesIdentify the correct procedures for recording a cash sale on a cash register. Recognize the importance of ensuring customer satisfaction through increased awareness of products and services. Demonstrate good business ethics. Recognize the purpose and importance of projecting and maintaining a professional image with customers regarding store policies, sales promotion and selling policies, and customer service policies. Why did you take this course?HearsayFriends are taking itCareer pathTimetable reasonsEasy creditInterest

Modules CoveredModule 1: Introduction to RetailingModule 2- Store PoliciesModule 3- Analyzing Target MarketsModule 4- The Buying ProcessModule 5- InventoryModule 6- PricingModule 7- Store Image, Layout , and DisplaysModule 8- The Selling Process


Be on time Adhere to schedule Work well with other employees Maintain the appearance of the store Deal with the customers Clean the store Demonstrate good business ethics Employee Theftif any student is found stealing from the store they will lose their credit in this course.

Please note!Each student must commit to working a minimum of six shifts in the school store. These shifts will be scheduled by group in three-day blocks over the course of the semester. Failure to fulfill this commitment will result in an Incomplete standing in the course.

What you need to knowAssessment/Evaluation:

Term mark will be based on on-going evaluation on assignments, tests, projects, and performance in the school store.

Supplies for class: Pen/Pencil

Tests and ProjectsIf you are absent on the day of a test or on the due date of a major project or a scheduled shift, your absence needs to be excused prior to the beginning of class. The student or parent/guardian must phone the school prior to the test to provide a reason for the student`s absence. Students will not be allowed to write missed tests unless the reasons for the absence(s) are acceptable to school administration.DeadlinesStudents are encouraged to hand in all assignments on time. Any students handing in assignments late will have to submit a late assignment form in order to submit assignments.

IF A STUDENT IS ABSENT FROM CLASS, IT IS HIS/HER RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND OUT WHAT THEY MISSED AND HAND IN THE APPROPRIATE ASSIGNMENT FOR ASSESSMENT IN A TIMELY MANNER.Other Points to Note!ARRIVE ON TIME AND PREPARED !! If you arrive late to class you are not to disrupt the class. Please knock on the door and you will be allowed to enter provided it does not disrupt the lesson. Should you miss some instruction, you will be required to find someone to fill you in on the material you missed. You will NOT be allowed entrance past the bell without the teacher admitting you. If you consistently show up late you will be asked to stay after school to meet with the teacher. As per school Policy 4, lates will be equal to 1 absence on a students attendance record. Students may be required to make up late classes. ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT

I love my phone.You love your phone.I very much enjoy listening to music.You very much enjoy listening to music.

There are however appropriate times to use a phone and listen to music.Neither of those include when I am talking or teaching a lesson.They also do not include when one of your classmates are speaking to the group.Therefore it is imperative for you to ENSURE that you use your electronic devices responsibly. Dont make me take them from you, and we all win.

A beginners lookSome things you will have to think about during this course.Looking at the networkYou will all have your own network space.It will generally be your fist initial and last name.

Work that you need to pick up with be in the Student R Drive in the Shared folder and in the folder Retailing JonesWork that needs to be dropped off to myself will go in the Student R Drive in the grade 10 folder Retailing Jones Hand In.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SAVE YOUR WORK USING YOUR NAME SO I KNOW WHO TO GIVE MARKS TO!Now lets make our own retailing folderThis will be a folder where you can save all of your retailing work for the year.

Open your udriveClick My documentsCreate a new folderName it RetailingPaste into your documents

All work in this folder will need to be named with your name!Pick up and Drop off time!To Pick up Work:Student R SharedRetailing Jones folderCopy it and paste the assignment into your own accounting folder in your Udrive under my documents so it is workable.

To Drop off Work:Student RThe folder of the grade you are in (grade 10)Retailing Jones Hand In