Retail & Shopper Trends in the Middle East

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Text of Retail & Shopper Trends in the Middle East

  • 1. SHOPPER & RETAIL TRENDS 1 Andreas Gurkys 99 cent II, Diptychsold, 1st photograph to sell for more than $3 million
  • 2. INTROWhat will make the world tick in 2013? What will the consumer do in 2013?What is the forecast of trends in the near future? Planners and intelligencedepartments do their share of the job and thousands of reports everywhereare evaluating, analyzing, studying and demonstrating the crucial trends ofthe coming yearAt Cheil UAE, our observation skills, trend-spotting & pattern recognitionare MADE IN THE REGION. From different global and local research tosupermarket visits, caf ear-dropping, social behaviourism and practicallyanything that showcases or hints to any new pattern being built, we develop our MEA 2013 collection of trends.For previous Trend Reports please log on to hDp://
  • 3. #01Servitude
  • 4. #01Servitude Customer Service has never been so literal. Servitude is what brandsare turning to facing a busy consumer, more demanding, and denitelymore time-conscious looking for instant gratication. Brands that wantsome loyalty or do any selling with the Master consumer need toprovide the level of Service their new Master is expecting. Example: Red Tomato in Dubai has reached the level of servitude needed: The VIP Fridge Magnet has a direct line to the pizzeria. Customer pushes the button, triggers a connection to the Internet via Bluetooth on a smartphone and shortly afterward, gets his Pizza delivered, literally: on demand!
  • 5. #02New &Improved
  • 6. #02New & Improved The attraction of the New has never been more present. The famousProsumers of last decade evolved into a new specie of consumerslooking for the NEW in products, services or even experience. How toamaze this ConNEWmers? How to make him act or react? Sameformula, same product same retail space, just change one ingredientand you have a completely new formula inducing a new consumerexperience. Example: The Dubai 24 Hours Initiative, a non-stop shopping experience for people visiting Dubai during Eid 2012 . Participating Malls made history by opening for 24 hours during weekend. A rst of its kind initiative that created a lot of interest among retailers and shoppers: residents and tourists alike, wanted to try this new experience.
  • 7. #03 The BondEffect
  • 8. #03 effect The BondThe world of espionage has captured consumers imagination for the past fty years, and James Bond was the main reason! What makes Bond so popular: Technology! And all those gadgets.. Imagine a service that picks up your location, a map to track your way, an MI6 style mobile visual search.. Good news: Any digital savvy brand can make any smartphone user live & feel the excitement of the 007 effect!! Example : Durex has chosen Dubai as the 1st city to sell a service that picks up your location via a mobile app to deliver condoms within the hour. After ` downloading Durexs SOS App, user can order condoms. Delivery man will arrive, dressed as a pizza guy, tourist, police.. A racy experience for smartphone user!
  • 9. #04 The Secret ` Society
  • 10. #04 Society The Secret Consumer wants to feel unique, the product should be exclusive butthe experience should also be avant-premiere. Most importantly hedoesnt want to feel hes our target market. His individuality makeshim want exclusive events with people from his own tribe, sharing onemajor interest: where common people are not invited, or even bettercommon people havent even heard about it! Example : On 27.4.12 Sole Dxb invited all sneakerheads to the only Sneaker Festival in the ME for an exclusive sale in Al Quoz. Private invites sent to very exclusive people via Facebook only. Tiger Translate party (with grafti artists from around the world) did the same private sale event on 24th Jan in Dubai.
  • 11. #05Homey
  • 12. #05 HomeyRetail goes homey! The new trend to create a homey vibe in-storeserves two purposes: giving customers a more comfortable outingexperience and the second one is offering a more intimateexperience with the brand. Brands are not telling the consumerCome and Buy anymore, Brands are sending the message of Relax& Enjoy, just spend time with the brand. Example: The Pavillion in downtown, the Archive caf in Safa park, the Shelter in al Quoz just to name few of those new places offering costumers a homey experience with a library of books in various languages offering readers the chance to relax, enjoy the scenery while customers eat, drink and consume, feeling right at home.
  • 13. #06VirtualShops
  • 14. #06Shops Virtual Grand Prix Winner at Cannes the Tesco virtual Store by CheilWorldwide was probably one of the most talked about pieces of work inadvertising, but it also opened the eyes of the world about howconsumers and technology are transforming shopping. From Korea, toMelbourne, Chile to Santiago, Virtual stores ourished in Singapore,New York, Carrefour France, Peapod Chicago. Soon in a Bus stop nearyou?! Example: When we know "CONVIENCE is one of the big reasons for virtual shops success, its only a matter of time in a busy city like Dubai where service and delivery is so competitive, for Supermarkets, beauty products or restaurants to invade the Metro walls, Bus stops, Malls.. with virtual stores!
  • 15. #07 M-Shopper
  • 16. #07M-Shopper While online shopping is growing increasingly popular in the region*(42% in UAE), a new fast growing category (12%in the UAE) is turningto Mobile shopping: apps (27%), airline tickets (21%) and movie tickets(16%) are the top 3 categories purchased by consumers in the UAEthrough their mobile phones. Convenience & efciency are the 2 mainreasons why consumers are more and more turning into mobileshoppers. Example : UAE consumers are the most advanced in the region when it comes to M- shopping: Take the Grand Cinema Mobile