Resume Roel T.B. Jansen UK 2016
Resume Roel T.B. Jansen UK 2016
Resume Roel T.B. Jansen UK 2016
Resume Roel T.B. Jansen UK 2016

Resume Roel T.B. Jansen UK 2016

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Text of Resume Roel T.B. Jansen UK 2016

  • Curriculum Vitae Roel T.B. Jansen

    Personal Information

    Name : Jansen Forenames : Roeland Titus Bernard Name : Roel Titel : drs./Master of Science in Business Admin Actual address : Weeldeweg 14 4328 NC Burgh - Haamstede Date of Birth : March 19, 1964 Place of Birth : Nijmegen, The Netherlands Marital status : Single Kids : 2 sons named Sybrand (12) & Okke (10) Nationality : Dutch Cell number : +31 6 557 14 240 E-mail :


    Roel can be characterised as a hard working but pleasant person to work with who knows to create chances with focus on achieving results. Due to a great diversity of studies and working experiences he has developed exceptional skills to understand new themes quickly and act based upon that knowledge. By this capability he easily can connect with people (on all levels: from working floor to supervisory board) and help them onwards in their quest to improve and perform better. His creativity can give sometimes unorthodox points of views but he is always focussed on finding solutions and creating new challenges. Is not afraid of firm negotiations as long as the end-result will be beneficiary for both partners. Understanding the problem is - in most business cases - a big step forward in solving it. Keeping focus on the technical or social issues to solve people wants to do their utmost to help solving them. Do not patronise but enhance / empower colleagues in their skills and personal ambitions will be in line with the ambitions a company has. Roels vision on management is that you have to give colleagues freedom to act, to solve and to create, as long it will serve companies aims. Procedures and protocols are necessary to stay on course and realise the aims but they must not kill the self motivation of those with whom he works. He believes in the intelligence of colleagues on every level and their capability to contribute to the business. Dont make them depending on the management but make them problem-solvers on their own discipline. It is not his ambition to learn people how to fish but to learn together how to fish by blending the creativity of both for the best sustainable results.

    Career overview

    2015 Strategic Advisor (interim) E.ON Benelux Branche: Energy

    Asked by the CEO of E.ON Benelux to perform a market study within the domain of renewable energy. With focus on the transition to convert Greenhouses and households from gas use (for cooking and heating) into to use of rest heat from E-production. This in combination with other types of heat production like Wind, PV, Geothermic wells, Gas Boilers and with the central question whether alternative sources could comply to the market demand. Study was both quantitative and qualitative. Performed based upon interviews with relevant stakeholders and studying > 90 reports and policy documents from e.g. all the Municipalities in the adherence (Rotterdam, Delft, The Hague and Leiden) of the four E-production units of E.ON Benelux.

    2011 - 2015 Founder / Shareholder CGG Technologies B.V. Branche: Cool Gas Generator / Propulsion Technology, TNO Safety, Security & Defense

    After a partnership with TNO for the development of the Cool Gas Generator for over 6 years to realise a unique and patented Inflatable T-shirt concept / Life Jacket (see ResQme BV) I was asked to buy this technology from TNO and set up an own venture with two partners. To define new Product-market combinations for terrestrial applications and scale up the business besides the applications used in e.g. satellites like Proba-2. Due to the high commercial expectations and to secure the technology itself CGG - Technologies was set-up as an Intellectual Property Limited.

  • Curriculum Vitae Roel T.B. Jansen

    The Cool Gas Generator as developed by TNO for ESA could produce several types of gas: carbon dioxide, pure oxygen, nitrogen, methane, hydrogen and high yield. The nitrogen cool gas generator was in a production stage at TRL 7-8, so composition was clear and only development for specific use needed to take place (housing, connection and isolation). The other gas generators needed more R&D and where at TRL stage 2-3.

    Market approach (technology assessments, marktsurvey, business development, propositions etc) took place in separate subsidiaries. ResQme BV (see below) was set up to approach the maritime and navel industry to identify specific applications in that domain. Example possible applications we where thinking of: inflation life rafts and life jackets, emergency escape slides, actuators, fire extinguishers in engine compartments and switch boxes, submarine oxygen back-up systems etc.

    After spending countless hours and big money in research, development and market approach we decided in 2015 to stop with the aim to bring the Cool Gas Generators to the market. Complexity, units costs (even in high volume), an unwanted residu and a market that was not waiting for disruptive technologies brought us to this conclusion.

    2010 Founder / Owner ResQme B.V. Branche: Maritime / Naval Safety

    I focussed myself with ResQme on the Maritime / Naval Industry to explore possible applications for Cool Gas Generators (see above). Besides the application for a patent (EU/ USA) for the use of Cool Gas Generators in a new concept Inflatable T-shirt for kids and Life jackets took place via ResQme. In partnership with the Technical University of Twente we developed and designed the new Inflatable T-shirt / Life Jackets after thorough design studies. New design complied to all regulatory issues (IMO / ISO / CE).

    ResQme has been terminated in 2015 (for same reason as CGG - Technologies)

    This development resulted in an EU / USA Patent application.

    2004 - 2015 Founder / Owner Kids Nautique B.V. Branche: Watersport / Maritime

    Based on the analysis that in the triangle kids, water and safety there is no one-stop-shop for parents and kids (age 0 - 14 years) for safety products, I set up Kids Nautique. Kids Nautique aim was to develop on own expenses a small gamma of unique safety products and sell these products worldwide. Developed two products in partnership with Industrial Designers and Technical Universities (Delft and Twente). Brought one product successful to the market, the other faced some technical issues that are not solved yet.

    This development resulted into two EU Patent applications.

    2003 - 2004 MD ad interim Polikliniek De Blaak & Cosmedisch Centrum De Blaak Branche: Healthcare

    Asked as Managing Director a.i. to solve a lot of healthcare issues at a Private Medical centre (8 doctors) where both insured treatments where given but as well cosmetic (non- insured). Reorganised the whole and took care that the Private clinic complied to the Dutch regulatory issues. Meanwhile split up the insured activities from the non-insured issues into two clinics with separate market positioning with its own set of stakeholders.

    2002 - 2003 Managing Director / Founder Tripod Solutions B.V. Branche: Maritime Safety / Risk Management

    Set up a subsidiary under Global Safety Group (GSG: Maritime training worldwide). GSG acquired during its expansion the Tripod Methodologie. The Tripod Methodology is developed by University of Leiden & Manchester in assignment of Shell based on the central question why does our employees make mistakes while we do EVERYTHING to control the safety of our processes and employees?. I started with a Phd Thesis and a desk to convert the methodology into a web-based questionnaire. After 11 months and meanwhile working with a small team of 8 persons I was asked to stop this activity since GSG was about to be sold to Group4Falck and this activity did not fit into the business proposition of trainings.

  • Curriculum Vitae Roel T.B. Jansen

    2000 - 2002 International Manager Supplier Relations KPNQwest N.V. Branche: Telecom

    Part of Management team to roll out in Europe the DSL (Digital Subscribers Line and nowadays known as Internet) to start with SMEs in Norway, Sweden and Germany on co-locations. KPNQwest went unfortunately bankrupt so activities were terminated. 1999 - 2000 Senior Business consultant Van de Bunt adviseurs voor Organisatie en Beleid Branche: Consultancy

    As consultant I was actively involved and / or in charge in multiple consultancy like; Development of new marketing concepts in Energy branche for Solar Boilers; Business proces redesign at several companies; Diagnose, design and implementation of new Governance; Stakeholder analysis to understand why the realisation of a 6 km road in NL was

    impossible to realise (A4 midden Delftland) and to advise the Government on this; Training on Organisational Science, Quality and Communication.

    1995 - 1999 Senior Change Manager Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat Branche: Civiele sector / Government

    Set up HSE Management systems (Health, Safety and Environment) on three locations at the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, The Hague, RWS Directie Utrecht en Directie Rotterdam.

    1994 Consultant Nationale Ideenlijn Branche: Innovation - New Business / Product

    Developed a business plan for the National Idea Line: which was at that time far ahead of all the Dragon Den kind of television programs. Made a serie of 8 shows in partnership with the Dutch broadcast company NCRV.

    1990 - 1994 Internationaal Logistic Manager Variopak B.V. Branche: Packaging Industry & Production Machines

    After graduation of my Bsc study I became responsible for