Republic of Yemen Presidency of the Republic The National Information Center Start

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Text of Republic of Yemen Presidency of the Republic The National Information Center Start

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  • Republic of Yemen Presidency of the Republic The National Information Center Start
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  • NextBefore End Start To set up, manage and develop an integrated national information system Objectives of NIC Policy and decision makers Investors and different development player Scholars, researchers and information seekers Public with different levels Different players in the information society Overall development and improvement at individual living standards For For Service Service
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  • NextBefore End Start Software Technologies Structural Administrative systems Cadres Components of achieving NICs activities Policies Information system operation and management Raising level of performance Information And knowledge Development Expanding production and improving services provided to the public Overall development and improvement at individual living standards
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  • NextBefore End Start The basic axis of the work for implementing the NICs objectives Setting up an institutionalized structure For information at the National level Establish, develop, and manage an integrated National Information System Setting up an integrated National Information System that fulfills unified reference Following up the ongoing technological Development with a view to making use of the breakthroughs reached In this field for setting up the IT infrastructure and accelerating entry to the information society. Establishing joint Cooperation relations at the international Level in the area of information and seeking to make use of opportunities arising from Sharing information and Expertise in this sector. Developing an accumulative Information bank and training Specialist information staff to be part Of the national wealth Setting up efficient Information services systems capable Of meeting users demands For information and raising The role of information in policy and Decision-making Developing technical know-how In the area of information Technology, and training specialist and Technicians capable of keeping pace with technological developments in this sector Setting up National Information Network Connecting the center with all information units and clients in general in all different sectors and other institutions in addition to concerned people in Yemen.
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  • NextBefore End Start NIC Main Areas of Operation Development Field Developing work systems and mechanism Expanding Information infrastructure Developing human capabilities in info. field Keeping pace with development in the information sector Information Production Field Preparing data components Data Preparing & info. Inputs Information analysis, processing and classification Developing data storage Information Sharing Field Developing Info. Resources Provide Information to clients Dissemination of Information and facilitating access Publishing and Information awareness Technical Field Setting up database information system Introducing and installing software and Information technologies Operating and making use of IT hardware and software Ensuring continued operation of tools and systems and protection of info. security
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  • NextBefore End Start Information Application Information Retrieval For processing & saving Information Retrieval Information Processing Circulation Processing, Protecting & Saving Information Classifying & Analyzing Information Clients Informatio n & Data Collection Resources Preparing Informatio n for Clients Available Data and info. inputs Data Flow Information Input Resources Communication Development and Technical Support Preparing Software Structure of the Required Information Feedback Information Provision & Dissemination Prepared Information