Redefining Security Management - NetAccess Security Management ... RRI EVC2 RRI RRI RRI EVC2 RRI RRI RRI EVC2 ... design module incorporates double side card design and a full range of

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<ul><li><p>Redefining Security Management</p><p>NetAccess is a comprehensive security management system. Based on Microsoft Windows</p><p>NetAccess integrates Access Control, Alarm Monitoring, CCTV, Photo ID, Stadia, Data Management,Network Management and much more. NetAccess is powered by NetAccess managementsoftware. At the heart of the supporting hardware is the second generation of the EVC ControllerBoard providing the base for additional modules ... bringing security to a single point.</p><p>A Changing WorldIn the late 1960's Access Control Systemswere developed to control and monitor theaccess and movement of personnelthroughout buildings. CCTV was rarelyutilised, the Internet as we know it today was but a dream, computers were in theirinfancy and mobile phones belonged toScience Fiction.</p><p>Since then the world and the technologyhave experienced dramatic change. Clientexpectations, together with the overallintegration of security solutions, have equally changed.</p><p>The Modern RequirementNow in the 21st Century securityrequirements encompass many dynamic andintegrated areas, including:</p><p> Door Access Security Alarms IT Access IT Alarms Building Control Fire Alarms Communications</p><p>The ability to manage and control thesediverse and integrated systems challengestoday's system and security designers. It is a necessity to provide integrated response and monitoring.</p><p>NetAccess 21st Century SecurityNetAccess provides the world's first fullyintegrated security solution for thischallenge. NetAccess integrates bothtraditional Security systems such as AccessControl and CCTV with innovative ComputerAccess Control and Monitoring, linked tomodern IT and Communications. Thisprovides today's system manager and userwith an extensive range of powerful alarmmanagement tools helping to provide adynamic 21st Century response system.NetAccess incorporates 'OperatorInstruction, Computer Messaging, SMS,Email' and dynamic door/computer access.</p></li><li><p>Computer SpecificationFront End Server Operating Database SQL 7.0+ </p><p>or Oracle 8.0+Regional Server Operating Database SQL 7.0+ </p><p>or Oracle 8.0+Client Consoles Win95/98/NT/2000/XPDomains UnlimitedNetAccess Full feature client controlLog 18,400 events/MbReports RelationalRegional Servers UnlimitedWork Stations UnlimitedOperators (concurrent) Subject to licence</p><p>Site PlansGraphical Site Plans 19,000 DXF/WMF/CAD/DWGCCTV Inputs Software Interface</p><p>Remote UnitsEVC2 20,000EVC2A 20,000Dial Up EVC2 20,000Card Readers 40,000Alarm Inputs 500,000Alarm Outputs 100,000</p><p>Alarm Image StorageIncrement Security Level Master Plans 50Usage Profiles net - door - alarm - CCTV - operator</p><p>CardholdersCard Range 1 to 99,999,999Ticket Range 1 to 99,999,999Cards per User 5Images per Cardholder 3Issue Levels 1 to 99Biometric Profiles 10 Usage (Audio-Finger-Facial-Retina)Vehicle Profiles 5Pin Numbers 1, 4, 7 digitAccess Code Mode 10,000 options</p><p>SchedulesAccess Zones UnlimitedAccess Schedules 365*No. ZonesAlarm Zones UnlimitedAlarm Zone Schedules 365*No. ZonesAlarm response Profiles 100,000</p><p>SmartmatrixCCTV Interface Via API</p><p>DatabaseAs many organisations standardise on either Microsoft SQL orOracle database, NetAccess has been designed to operate withineither environments. NetAccess lite operates with MSDE.</p><p>Operating System SupportNetAccess operates on the MS2000/XP range of products. Inaddition client control and management with Novel Networks isincorporated.</p><p>SYSTEM TECHNICAL DATA</p><p>SMS Textcapabilities</p><p>ISDN/ADSLDial Up / Modem</p><p>RRI</p><p>EVC2</p><p>RRI RRI RRI</p><p>EVC2</p><p>RRI RRI</p><p>RRI</p><p>EVC2</p><p>RRI RRI</p><p>RRI</p><p>EVC2</p><p>RRI RRI</p><p>MMS Textcapabilities</p><p>LAN</p><p>NetAccess Server</p><p>Wireless /Bluetooth</p><p>Public / Private connectioninternet</p><p>MultipleWorkstations Engineer</p><p>Remote Access</p><p>Regional Server</p><p>LAN</p><p>The details shown are believed to be correct at time of printing, however NetAccess is an evolving product and the right to change its specifications from those shown in this brochure without notification is reserved.</p><p></p></li><li><p>B R I N G I N G S E C U R I T Y TO A S I N G L E P O I N T</p><p>INTELLIGENT ACCESS</p><p>Powered by NetAccess</p></li><li><p>NetAccess - bringing security to a single pointNetAccess sets new standards with extensive system features that,for the first time, allow the Security, Building and IT Manager tototally integrate all aspects of the modern building or organisation.NetAccess modules incorporate Computer Access, Internet Access,Time &amp; Attendance, Asset Management as well as Engineer CallCentre functionality. These system modules, together with theintroduction of Event planning and ERP (Emergency ResponsePlanning), allow managers, for the first time, to control and integratea whole range of diverse systems. Supporting the NetAccess systemmodules are a powerful report generator and the unique NetAccessprofiler.</p><p>The NetAccess range provides a powerful solution supporting the ever-demanding role of controlling and monitoring an organisationssecurity.</p><p>The NetAccess Benefit:</p><p> Higher Security</p><p> Greater Control</p><p> Reduced Administration</p><p> Increased Reliability</p><p> Higher return on Asset Usage</p><p> Lower Maintenance Costs</p><p> Cost Effective Solutions</p><p>The NetAccess Systems ExperienceNetAccess systems have been developed over a number of years. The EVC product range is used to control access for millions of people in organisations, public places and sports stadia all over theworld.The NetAccess Computer Access module is used in Universities to dynamically control and monitor PC and Internet usage.The NetAccess Image module is used to generate countless ID cards whilst the NetAccess Tracker is used in airports for passengertracking.</p><p>The NetAccess WarrantyAll NetAccess systems are backed by a comprehensive warrantyincluding two years for hardware and one-year inclusive softwaremaintenance.</p><p>NetAccess - Specific System FeaturesUser database functions include:</p><p> Access Control Emergency Event Program </p><p> Visitor Management User Profiling Module</p><p> Alarm Zones Multi Language </p><p> Alarm Handling/Monitoring Cardholder Database </p><p> Computer Access Cardholder Groups</p><p> Time &amp; Attendance Cardholder Import/Export</p><p> Guard Tour Door Zones</p><p> Asset/People Tracking Time/Holiday Zones</p><p> CCTV Site Plans</p><p> Event Management Report Generation </p><p> Photo ID Audit Trail </p><p> Contractor Management Distributed Processing</p><p> Room Booking Computer Booking</p><p> Operator Management Internet Access</p><p>Access ControlProviding flexible entry and egress control of doors, elevators,gates and turnstiles with powerful schedule plans and distributedintelligent remote controllers. NetAccess Access control incorporatesall elements a user would expect from a modern system togetherwith many innovative functions such as 'User Holiday Plans' - whereaccess is removed for cardholders when they are on holiday, and'Security Level allocation' - where access to an area can be set by group,individual rights or security level.</p><p>Visitor ManagementAll visitors can be logged into the Security System together withimages of the visitor and any supporting documents, (ID, Passport,etc). Users can pre-book visitors with the details appearing on a daylog in the reception/gatehouse.</p><p>Alarm ManagementNetAccess provides a flexible alarm management moduleincorporating, active graphics with zooming, prioritised alarm displayand operator programmed alarm response combined with system,communication and virtual action items.</p></li><li><p>Computer Access Control (option)Securing an IT network and the physical building has always beenachieved through multiple systems. This reduces functionality and isopen to abuse. NetAccess is able to monitor users through a buildingand authorise the login to a PC and provide an automatic logoff oncethe user leaves the site. Using this module the system can control andlog usage of all PC clients on the network and link this to the dooraccess control. With the Computer Access flag checked any PC userwill have to have entered the building via the Access Control prior tobeing able to logon. Upon leaving the building if the user hasforgotten to logoff then the system would automatically logoff.Internet Access can be restricted to certain times of the day andswitched on/off as part of any security event</p><p>Time &amp; AttendanceVia reporting and specific attendance, reports can be generateddetailing on-site and off-site times and hours totalled for the reportperiod. Using Access Mode Codes specific codes can be assigned toevents such as going to lunch. Specific exception reports can begenerated, for example, to detail any user who worked in excess of 48 hours between given periods.</p><p>Guard TourOnline or remote reader points can be predetermined on the systemwith programmed tours. Deviation from route or a delay in reachingspecific points can be programmed to generate alarms. Variableforgive times can be configured and a range of tours allocated tospecific guards or shifts. Associated system technology tours can be configured including CCTV and offline reader tag points(proximity or active).</p><p>EVACUATE</p><p>User Profiling (option)This option provides a unique neurological program with systemlearning facility. This will automatically define profile eventsagainst set criteria and build profile exception reports for systemusers. An example of this facility would be where an employeeover a period of six months always worked in a certain areabetween 08:00 and 17:00 hrs. When in a particular week theemployee worked on a different workstation in a different area ata different time, the system would log three exception profiles. Inaddition the system will build simple graphs of usage and theoperator will be able to set profile parameters for his search.</p><p>Emergency Response Program (ERP)With a continual threat of terrorism or major disruption theNetAccess Disaster/Major Event control allows the systemsconfiguration or ERP to be changed and reinvented with onemouse click. ERP functionality allows the system administrator to pre-programme the Security System and IT System Operation fora range of scenarios.</p><p>Each scenario is set up as a Master Plan and can be triggeredautomatically or manually. The whole system will then operateaccording to a new set of rules. An example of this would be a fire alarm, when the system could be programmed to restrictaccess to areas to fire wardens, allow egress on all main doors,logoff all PC Clients, flash an Evacuate warning message on all PCs, logoff the user and prevent access until the alarm event is cleared.</p><p>Asset TrackingThe system provides full details of all assets linked or programmed into the system including: Type, Serial Number and Maintenance Period - with automatic warnings in the event that maintenance isoverdue. Additionally photographs can be stored of each asset together with an historic and engineer log.</p><p>People TrackingA fast and simple tracking module whereby any system user or usergroup can be tagged. Any and all movements through the systemreaders or computers can be followed instantly. In addition trackexceptions can be set-up with a range of associated event alarms andaction items programmed, for example when Joe Smith is on site send email to Mike Davies.</p><p>CCTVAny modern high-level CCTV controller/matrix that has either an i/por RS232 interface can be linked to the NetAccess system includingcamera and VCR/DVR recording control. Specific icons can beconfigured on the system equipment hardware tree and be allocatedto a graphics plan. Right clicking on any CCTV icon will allow activeviewing and control of the selected device.</p><p>Event Management NetAccess Stadia (option)NetAccess Stadia provides an integrated ticketing system withstadium access control capable of controlling a wide range of eventplanning modules. System features include, multi-event, season ticketand back office functions.</p><p>Photo ID (Option)The NetAccess image module allows the complete design andproductionof ID Cards utilising dye sublimation printers. The carddesign module incorporates double side card design and a full range ofimaging effects.</p></li><li><p>Contractor ManagementSpecific Contractors can be set up on asset items and reportsgenerated as to the performance in achieving maintenance andrepair times on listed faults.</p><p>Room/Computer BookingMeeting Rooms or Computers can be pre-booked for a specificuser or groups at set times. An option is available to allow booking and availability via a clients intranet. When allocated aroom or computer, access will only be granted to the authorisedperson or group.</p><p>Operator ManagementFull Operator Division is configurable on the system - whereby anoperator will only be allowed to logon at pre-set times andmanage within their privilege rights. All operator actions arestored on the system, so specific operator reports can begenerated.</p><p>Communication Action ItemsA range of pre-programmed communication messages can be setup and allocated to events/alarms according to time of day/day ofweek etc. The message format can include: Email, SMS,Pager, etc. For example, in the event of a Tamper Alarm on a devicean automatic Email could be sent to the Security Controller and atext message could be sent to the Site Engineer.</p><p>Regional ServersThe system supports peer to peer servers allowing local and/orremote server connection. In the event the remote server fails,local control would still be available.</p><p>Multi Language SupportMultiple languages can be configured on the system, with eachlanguage module, each event or system message can beconfigured into the appropriate language. Operators are set upwith a home language, all messages will then appear on theirterminal in their designated language. In addition where LCDPanels are used with readers the system will recognise a cardaccording to the cardholders language and display the AccessMessage in the local language e.g. Enter, Entre.</p><p>Elevator Control (low or high level)Elevators can be configured on the system and controlled viaeither relay panels or RS232/RS485 (high level). A cardholderpresents their card in the lift car and only floors where thecardholders access rights are valid will be accessible.</p><p>Engineering ModeEach unit on the system can be set to Engineer mode, with alarmsenabled or disabled (sent to engineer log only). This functionprevents hundreds of alarms being generated during routine orspecific maintenance.</p><p>Operator Program Alarm Response (OPAR) Pre-defined Operator Sequential Instruction Telephone List Confirm Operator Actions Change Master Plan Display auto actions (relays, messages etc) Go to Graphics Go to CCTV Cardholder Locate.</p><p>ReportsThe NetAccess system incorporates a comprehensive reportsmodule including a wide range of standard reports, for example:</p><p> Cardholder Report Cardholder Activity Operator Activity Asset Usage Time &amp; Attendance Report Evacuation Report Exception Report</p><p>In addition the system includes a straightforward report writerwizard which allows specific reports to be configured as well as anauto-report function that allows reports to be automaticallygenerated (by time/date/day or event) and emailed to a specificaddress or addresses.</p><p>Program Logic Control (PLC)With PLC functionality it is possible to c...</p></li></ul>