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  • Recent Literature on the Foot


    Clinical and hemodynamic results of bypass to isolated tibia1 artery segments for ischemic ulceration of the foot. Belkin M; Welch HJ; Mackey WC; ODonnell TF Jr. Am J Surg Sep 1992, 164 (3) ~28 1-4; discussion 284-5

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    One of the most feared complications of surgery is infection feditoriall. Harkless LB. J Foot Sum Nov-Dee 1992,3 1 (6) ~533 -

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    rreiE;bf cutaneous losses of the heel with lateral calcaneus artery flap]. Tratamento das perdas cutaneas do calcanhar corn retalho da arteria calcanea lateral. Monteiro Junior AA; Schiozer WA, de Lemos RG; de Almeida OM; Alonso N; Ferreira MC. Rev Hosp Clin Fat Med Sao Paulo May-Jun 1991,46 (3) ~152-5

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    [Distal pedicled musculus extensor digitorum brevis island flap for covering an amputation stump--case report]. Distal gestielter Musculus-extensor-digitorum-brevis- Insellappen fur die Deckung eines Amputationsstumpfes--Fallbericht. Soyka P; Jirecek V; Ganzoni N. Unfallchirurgie Ott 1992, 18 (5) p3 15-6

    weurn-orthopedics in the system of complex treatment of rheumatoid arthritis]. Revmoortopediia v sisteme kompleksnogo lecheniia revmatoidnogo artrita. Pavlov VP. Vestn Ross Akad Med Nauk 1992, (6) ~36-9

    [Effective operations of the foot. Report of experiences after 25 years of administration of the orthopedic department]. Bewahrte Operationen am Fuss. Erfahrungsbericht nach 25 jahriger Leitung der orthopadischen Abteihmg. Dederich R. 2 Orthop Ihre Grenzgeb Jul-Aug 1992,130 (4) ~323-32


    Mucormycosis osteomyelitis causing avascular necrosis of the cuboid bone: MR imaging findings. Chaudhuri R; McKeown 8; Harrington D; Hay RJ; Bingham JB; Spencer JD. AJR Am J Roentgen01 Nov 1992,159 (5) plO35-7

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