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  • 1964 Journal of the Lepidopterist~' Society 243


    Under this heading are included abstracts of papers and books of interest to lepidopterists. The world's literature is searched systematically, and it is intended that every work on Lepidoptera published after 1946 wiH be noticed here. Papets o{ only local interest and papers from this Journal are listed without abstract. Readers, not in North America, interested in assisting with this very large task, are invited to write Dr. P. F. BELLINGER (Dept. of Natural Sciences, San Fernando Valley State College, Northridge, Calif., U. S. A.). Abstractors' initials are as follows:

    [P.B'] - P. F. BELLINGER [I.C'] - I. F. B. COMMON [W.C,] - W. C. COOK [A.D,] - A. DIAKONOFF

    [W.H'] - W. HACKMAN [T.I,] - TARO IWASE U.M'] - J. MOUCHA [E.M,] - E. G. MUNROE


    [N .O'] - N. S. OBRAZTSOV [C.R,] - C. L. REMIt-IGTON U.TJ - J. W. TILDEN' [P.VJ - P. E. L. VIETTE

    Collins, Michael M., & Robert D. Weast, Wild Silk Moths of the United States, Saturniinae, experimental studies and observations of natural living habits and relationship. 138 pp., illus. Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Collins Radio C. 1960. See review in Journal, vo1.16: p.58.

    Ehrlich, Paul R., "Lepidoptera." If] McGraw-Hill Enoyclopedia of Science and Technology, vol.7: pp.459-473, 11 figs. 1960.

    Forbes, William T. M., J. G. Franclemont, & c. B. Knowlton, "The Lepidoptera of New York and neighboring states. PaIt IV .. :' Mem. Cornell Univ . agric exper. Sta. 371: 188 pp., 188 figs. 1960. See review in Journal, vol.l7: pp.40-42. 1963.

    Gullander, Bertil, Nordens dagfjiirilar [in Swedish). 93 pp., ill . . Stockholm 1959. Popular handbook of all Scandinavian butterflies and skippers, with short remarks on all spp., and color drawings. [T. W. LJ

    Gullander, Bertil, Dagsommerfugle i Norden [in Danish], Copenhagen 1960. A Dapish translation of Nordens Dagfjiirilar. [TW.LJ

    Kettlewell, H. B. D., "Lepidoptera as scientific tools." Journ. Lepid. Soc., vo1.l3: pp.173-177. 1963. .

    Langer, T. W., S;ove ting om sommerfugle [in Danish]). 182 pp., ill. Copenhagen 1960. A shorter and cheaper edition with the same color plates as Nordens .. dagsommerfugle, reviewed in Lep. News. vol.l2: p.205. [T.W.LJ

    Langel, T. W ., Allhems fiiirilbok [in S,edish]. Malmo 1958. A Swedish translation of S;ove ting om sommerfugle. [TW.L,]

    Langer, T Woo Danmarks dagsommerfugle [in Danish], 112 pp., ill. Copenhagen 1960. Systematic handbook of the Danish butterflies and skippers. [T.W.LJ

    Langer, T. W., Piiiviipe,hosten parissa [in Finnish], Helsinki 1961. A Fi,:!nish trans-lation of Sjove ting om sommerfugle. IT.W.LJ .

    Langer, T. W., Sommerfugleliv. Streiftog i sommerfuglenes verden [in Danish], 126 pp., ill. Copenhagen 1963. Butterfly senses, catching, immigration, subspecies, colors, chemical control, genetics, variation, etc., i1lu~trated by the major groups of European butterflies. [T.W.LJ

    Morrell, R., Common Malayan butterflie:s. xii + 64 pp., 20 col. pis., 6 figs. Longon: Longmans Green, 1960. Figures some llO spp. in color, with brief notes on these & related spp.; summaries structure {If butterflies and of Malayan families; gives simple directions for collecting and care of specimens. An excellent introductory handbook. [P.BJ

    Moucha, Josef, Motif/i. 143 pp., 36 col. pis. Prague: .Stitn! Detske Knihy .. 1962. See review in Journal, vo1.16: p.150.

    Niculescu, E. V., "Sur les caracteres primitifs et specialises chez les h~pidoptere~" [in French]. Bull. memo Soc. linn. Lyon, vo1.32: pp.22-28 . 1963. Discussion abo\l~

  • 244 Recent Literature on Lepidoptera Vo1.l8: no.4

    the meaning of the terms: "primitive characters" and "'specialized characters" in the Lepidoptera. [P.V J

    Patocka, Jan, Die Tannenschmetterlinge der Slowakei. 219 pp., 470 figs. Bratislava: Slovak Academy of Sciences. 1960. See re\'iew in louT1WI, vol.l5: p.74.

    Ponec, Jozef, Nose MotYle. 99 pp., 205 figs. Bratislava: Osveta. 1960. Shirozu, Takashi, Butterflies of Formosa in colour [in Japanesel [8] + 482

    + [2] pp., 76 pIs., 479 figs. Osaka: Hoikusha. 1960. See review in lourrUll, vol.l4: p.243.


    Aagesen, Stig, "Nogle bemaerkinger til belysning af type form en hos Heodes phlaeas" [in Danish], Flora og Fau1W, voI.59: pp.55-57, 2 figs. 1953. Proves that Linnaeus' type specimen had blue spots on upperside of hind wing. [T.W.LJ

    Agarwala, S. B. D., & Mohammad Wasiul Haque, "Studies on Argyria sticticraspis Dudgeon - the early shoot borer of sugarcane in Bihar." Indian lourn. Ent., vol. 17 : pp.307-314. 1955. Syn.: Chilotraea infuscatellus. Incidence, hosts, biology, life history. [J.DJ

    Amsel, H. G., "Microlepidopteren aus dem Kaukasus und der Ukraine" [in German]. Acta ent. Mus. nation. Pragae, vo1.33: ppAI9-422, 2 figs. 1959. Records 39 spp. collected by J. Moucha in W. and central Caucasus. Describes as new Lozopera caucasica (Tbilisi - Chanisi), Tortricidae. [J.MJ

    Amsel, H. G., "Eine neue japanische Laspeyresia-Art (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae )" [in German]. Mushi, vo1.33: pp.105-106, 2 figs. 1960. Describes as new L. kurokoi (Kyushu, Hikosan, Buzen). [P .BJ

    Aubert, Jacques F ., "Supplement au travail concernant les geometrides palearctiques du genre Entephria Hb." [in French; German summary]. Z mtschr. wiener enl. Ges., voI.45: pp.172-174, 1 pI. 1960. Describes as new E. ignorata persicata (Elburs, Tacht i Suleiman, Sardab valley (Vandarban), N. Persia) also names a "form". [P.BJ

    Balduf, W. V., "A significant synonym of C elerio intermedia Kirby (Lepidoptera : Sphingidae)." Ann. ent. Soc. Amer., vo1.55: p.259. 1962. C. oxybaphi, refelTing to foodplant Mirabilis ( = Oxybaphus), suggests early eastern invasion of this western plant, & physiological similarity of C. intermedia & C. lineata. [P.BJ

    Balogh, Imre, "A new Hungarian moth (Oecophoridae )" [in English; Hungarian summary]. Folia ent. hung., volA: pp.25-28, 3 figs. 1951. Describes as new Martyrhilda gozmanyi (Rupp Hill, Budapest, & Kaposvar, N. Hungary). [J .M.J

    Balogh, Imre, "Eine neue Lycaenide aus Ungarn" [in Hungarian; German summary]. Folia ent. hung., s.nn, vol.9: pp.65-77. 1956. Describes as new Aricia aUous isse.kutti (Balvany Mt., Biikk Mts., N. Hungary). [J.MJ

    Bauer, David L., "Descriptions of two new Chlosyne (Nymphalidae) from Mexico, with a discussion of related forms." Journ. Lepid. Soc ., vol.l4: pp.148-154, 1 pI., 2 figs. 1961. Describes as new C. rosita browni (EI SaIto. 1600 ft., San Luis Potosi), C. riobalsensis (Mexcala, 2000 ft., Guerrero).

    Bell, Ernest L., "Descriptions of some new species of neotropical Hesperiidae (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera)." Amer. Mus. Novit., no.1962: 16 pp., 27 figs . 1959. Describes as new Dalla pota (R. Mapoto, Ecuador), D. cola (R. San Joaquin, Cauca, Colombia); Corticea graziellae (Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil); Zalomes dores (Carmen, Ecuador); Moeris patriciae (Salama, Guatemala, 3000 ft.); Cobalopsis brema (New Bremen, Santa Catharina, Brazil); Psoralis alis (Massarancluba, Blul11enau, Santa Catharina, Brazil); Argon casca (Cascade Mt. Road, St. Anne, Trinidad, W.I.); Phlebodes pares (M ubevo, Paraguay); Oarisma brul1eri Uvloa, Cuba); ParatTytone browni (Cerro EI Muerto, Talamanca, Costa Rica, 11,500 ft.); M diana agnesae. (Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico); Vaccera moUa (Molleturo, Ecuador, 7700 ft.). [P.B']

    Bender, R., "Beitrage zur Lepidoptercnfauna cler Insel Rhoclos" [in German]. Zeitschr. wiener e.nt. Ges., vo1.48: pp.1l-20, 2 pIs. 1963. Review of previous studies & annotated list of 150 macros from Rhodes. Figures races of Gonepteryx cleopatra (in color), Maniola telmessia ornata, & GlaucopslJche alexis insulicola. [P.B.]

  • 1964 ] ournal of the Lepidopterist.,' Society 245

    Bentinck, G. A., "Coieophora lutipenella Z. en C. flavipenella H.-S." [in Dutch; English summary]. Ent. Berichten, vo1.20: pp.75-76. 1960. Notes on nomenclature, & on occurrence in Holland. [P.B']

    Bernardi, G., "Le polymorphisme de deux especes jumelles du genre Dixeia Talbot" [in French]. Bull. 1nst. franc. Afr. noire (A), vo1.23: pp.496-505, 4 figs. 1961. Note on the polymorphism of two sibling species of West African pierids: D. capricornus & D. cehron. [P.V.]

    Bernardi, G., "Note sur deux especes jumelles du genre Aporia Hubner (Lcp. Pieridae)" [in French]. Bull. Soc. ent. France_ vo1.65: pp.221-228, 17 figs., 1 pI. "1960" [1961]. Note on the sibling species A. hippia & A. bieti and their subspecies. [P.V.]

    Bernardi, G ., & P. Viette, "Que representent Zygae/Ul pennina Rambur (1866), Z. ettdaemon Mabille et Z. mauritanica Mabille (1885)? (Lep. Zygaenidae)" [in French]. Bull. m ens. Soc. linn . Lyon, vo1.30: pp.140-145. 1961.Notes on the identity of three spp. of Zygaena named by Rambur and Mabille. Z. pennina is a species close to Z. contaminei; new collections of Z. pennina are needed to give a sure conclusion about this species. 7.. eudaemon is a synonym of Z. felix; tbis last species was decribed from East, not West, Algeria (error by Staudinger). Z. mauretanjca is badly labelled "Algeria" and is a synonym of Z. fausta genev~sis, as is Z . f. mabillei. The lectotype of Z. mauretanica is a (and not a is as indicated by a misprint). [P.V']

    Bernardi, G., & P. Viette, "Une nouvelle sous-espece de Parnassius mnemosyne (L.) (Lepidoptera Papilionidae)" [in French). Rev. franc;. Ent., vo1.28: pp.54-.56, 2 figs. 1961. Description of P. m. viva ric us, a new subspecies from central France. [P.V.]

    Bernardi, C., "Note sur la position systematique correcte du Lycaena pontica Courvoisier (Lep. Lycaenidae)" [in French]. Rev. fT(~nc. Ent., vo1.29: pp.238-240, 1 fig. 1962. L. pontica is, in fact, a subspecies of Ly