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Reasons Why to Select GreenFlag Profit Recovery by Transworld Systems

Reasons to Select GreenFlag Profit Recovery by Transworld Systems

Transworld Systems Inc. is highly qualified to become Company Names collection partner for the following reasons:

TSI is considered to be a best in class provider of debt recovery services.

TSI has extensive experience in the prospects market/industry.

TSIs GreenFlagSM Profit Recovery uses a diplomatic collection approach we preserve your valued customer relationships.

TSI has a deep knowledge of state and federal collection laws and regulations we will minimize your risk of accidental violation and/or harassment suits through third-party intervention on your behalf.

TSI has unmatched expertise and greater resources than the competition.

TSI has a nationwide network of 100 offices the ability to collect in all 50 states with important local impact, regardless of debtor location.

TSI has a proven, effective Internet based client system (Online Client Portal) and full IT Support.

TSI has more than 35 years of experience and growth based on strong client performance.

TSIs GreenFlag Profit Recovery will minimize your internal efforts, dramatically reducing your costs.

TSIs GreenFlag Profit Recovery charges a flat fee of less than $0.00 per account, regardless of balance owed.

TSIs GreenFlag Profit Recovery offers the highest rate of recovery in the industry; 56% recovery at an average cost of $.04 per dollar, compared to 16% collected by traditional agencies at an average cost of $.33 per dollar collected.