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Annual Magazine of UIET

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  • Dr. Renu Vig

    It gives me great pleasure in unfolding this issue of QUIET. This edition is the 14th in the series of the campus magazine which harbors the valued thoughts and opinions of the students and further sets a benchmark for the forthcoming editions. The magazine facilitates and boosts the exuberance that bursts forth from every corner of the campus by providing a platform for students to showcase their creativity. It acts as a medium to put forward their opinion about vari-ous topics that concern them and promotes them to share their knowledge with peers. I congratulate team Magboard for their efforts.Enjoy reading.

    Ms. Nisha Tayal

    It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge, said Albert Einstein. As another issue of QUIET unfolds the creative endeavours of the Magboard Team come to the fore. If Creativity be the art of making new connections (which Electrically speaking may glow or blast), taking a fresh perspec-tive or viewing from an unprecedented angle, this edition of QUIET is certainly a creative ensemble. As a teacher I am happy that the UIET students have not just been awakened but are well on their path to awaken the nation or is it the generation!My best wishes to them.

    A message from the Director

    Faculty In-Charge, Magboard

    QUIET facilitates andboosts the exuberancethat bursts forthfrom every corner ofthe campus.

    If Creativity be the art of making new connections, taking a fresh perspective or viewing from an unprecedented angle this edition of QUIET is certainly a creative ensemble.


  • Ashit Sharma

    So we finally launch this years annual college magazine QUIET 14.

    Team Magboard in this edition of QUIET try to give you a glimpse of all the activities that happen around in the college throughout the year and a flashback of events that have already taken place.

    Continuing with our aim of providing a platform for the stu-dents with a proclivity for writing and other literary activities we have included poems, artwork and articles that cover a vast array of topics in this edition. The content in our magazine gives a sense of the individuality and creativity that the stu-dents from over 6 different streams and all the 4 years have to offer.

    This task is of great significance as it is a legacy that is to be left behind for the juniors to be followed. In my opinion it is not just about having a magazine to print pictures and puzzles and poems and some sci-fi articles. It also should present an interactive view point of students that can bring to notice all the positives and negatives about the student fraternity, the existing student forums and the need for new initiatives to be taken. The onus of this is on the upcoming students of UIET to keep this culture alive and through the official editorial board of UIET, make QUIET edition something to look forward to each year by the students. Its a magazine by the students, for the students.

    I would like to thank Team Magboard for their concerned efforts in the creation of this issue of QUIET.

    Convener, Magboard

    QUIET presents an interac-tive view point of students that can bring to notice all the positives and negatives about the student fraternity, the existing student forums and the need for new initia-tives to be taken.


  • Chirag Puri

    UIET as an engineering institute has been the perfect platform for us students to showcase our talent. QUIET` 14, one of those platforms is made for the creative, the poetic and the techie amongst us.

    QUIET `14 gives its readers an amazing insight to such topics as cloud computing, open source tools, ios8 etc. Not limited to this, the magazine is a compilation of the profuse activities and events in our college this year, various committees, fests are well documented to give the reader an idea of the vibrant college life.QUIET has something for all its readers. Well documented notes about how our college committees work, our much awaited fests, a little about your previous years department representatives. And not to underestimate the insightful arti-cles, the vivid poetry, a little something for the artist to admire/critique, and of course being an engineering college we have something called techila for our techies to see. We got a lot of entries from our fellow students but we could only choose a handful. I would like to thank all for sending in their entries and made this years QUIET possible. I feel honored to be a part of this great tradition and hope this legacy is carried for-ward for years.

    I would like to thank our wonderful teachers in charge who have guided us well and to our Magboard teams who have assisted us well and made QUIET` 14 possible.I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed presenting it.

    Co-Convener & Editor

    Quiet has something for all its readers. Well documented notes about how our college committees work, our much awaited fests, a little about your previous years depart-ment representatives.


  • Shivam Miglani

    Karat Sidhu

    QUIET saw an overwhelming number of entries this year and it was a joy and an honor to go through and (hopefully) select the best out of the lot. Most of you would have hoped for the magazine to come out earlier than this but certain restrictions forbade us from doing so. To say that this magazine and the very nature of articles/poems received have evolved overtime would be an understatement.

    Our team whilst in the process of compilation saw new bench-marks set in the level of maturity in some of the pieces. Let there be no doubts that shortlisting the final draft was a daunt-ing task.

    Let me not bore you though; Ill conclude it while its short and sweet. Well, at least short.

    It is always a pleasure to work for MagBoard, as a designer, as you get all the perks of attending the interesting meet-ings which enhance your personality, and get to know all the Magazines insights that they publish before hand. For me, QUIET 14 was a daunting task to design in my final year of MBA, but at the same time it was a lot of fun and what kept me going was the fact that it was for my own friends and college. For the geeky & creative guys out there, i used Adobe InDesign CS 6 for desining this magazine, some special edit-ing of photographs was done using Adobe Photoshop CS 6.Special Thanks to Mr. Pujit Singh Juneja, as his design of pre-vious years Quiet helped me get the inspiration when i was stuck.



    To say that this magazine and the very nature of articles/poems received, have evolved overtime would be an understatement.



    Akshi Amneet Anika Saxena

    Anisha Ashit Sharma Chirag Puri

    Dilmil Singh Esha Pal Himanshu Goel



    Kanwar Abhay Singh Karat Sidhu Ketika Gupta

    Kushal Walia Mahima Sood Mehak Beri

    Priyanka Pathania Pujit Singh Shivam Miglani



    10 Ch-Ch-Changes 12 The Grass is greener, where you water it

    14 Delete the Dal, Download the Rajmah

    16 The Twin Sides of Internet Activism

    18 Can Panjab University become Asias #1 University?

    20 Top 10 video games of all times

    22 An Interesting Conversation 24 Life of a Grammar Nazi 26 Me, Right Now

    28 Probability and large numbers


    31 Meaning of Life 32 Independent 33 My Story

    34 The Ball 35 Mirth in Breach

    36 Light Prevails

    37 Leave it

    38 To lose all but the child within 39 The Apple & the checkmate

    ARTBEAT ..................... 40

    COMMITTEES ............. 44



    51 4K The next Big Thing 52 Argus 2 Retinal Prosthesis System

    53 Could glow in the dark plants, light up our lives in the future?

    54 Hondas New i-DTEC engine

    55 Dye and quantum dots sensitized Solar Cell

    56 Meet iOS 8

    58 Contributing to Open Source Community Software 59 3D Printing Will change the World 60 Cloud Computing

    CROSSWORD .............. 62


  • Change is inevitable. Change is the next step to transformation. People are always in an uncomfortable position whenever they have to change. Be it the change for themselves, or the change that is necessary for the betterment of their friends and society.A need for Change always runs down a chill in the spine. It belea-guers the human mind, shudders the human spirit. Humans always have a tendency to sit back comfortably and refrain from change as far as possible, little knowing that it is the change which will unlock their next level, which will tap them into a zone they could never envisage to enter.Every-time people are closer to facing a changing situation, they






    You dont set out to build a wall. You just need to place the first brick as properly as possible. And you do it each day.

    -Will Smith


  • Dream Big, Start Small, And Act Now.

    procrastinate. Inside their heart, they know that they fear change and start to convince fellows as to why they evaded a particu-lar situation. The energy spent in citing the reasons for not being adaptable is much greater than the beginning would have requested.So why do people fear change so horrendously? The belief sys-tem one has formed over the years in his mind influences his actions. Most people think and view change as an effusive one time effort. This scares them to the core of their heart, and the

    result is that either they never gather the courage to take a step, or try to achieve something mammoth in a single day fail-ing which they start feeling sub-verted