Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research

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Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research. AMA Collegiate Marketing Research Certificate Program. Module Objectives. Qualitative and quantitative data offer different problem solving opportunities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>The American Marketing Association Collegiate Council Report on 2010-11 Activities and 2011-12 Strategic Plan</p> <p>Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research</p> <p>AMA Collegiate Marketing Research Certificate Program</p> <p>Module ObjectivesQualitative and quantitative data offer different problem solving opportunities Provide a broad framework for understanding when each is most appropriate (or equally appropriate) </p> <p>A Classification of Marketing Research DataFigure 6.3 A Classification of Marketing Research DataMarketing Research Data SecondaryData PrimaryData QuantitativeResearchQualitativeResearch Causal Descriptive SurveyData Observational&amp; Other Data ExperimentalDataPrimary Versus Secondary DataMarketing Research Data SecondaryData PrimaryData</p> <p>Primary Data Versus Secondary DataPrimary data data originated by the researcher for the specific purpose of addressing the research problemSecondary data data collected for some purpose other than the problem at hand</p> <p>Secondary DataAlways start with internal data The Internet makes secondary data just a click(s) awayElectronic databases (D&amp;B, Hoovers, Lexus-Nexus, Ebsco, etc.)Commercial dataCheck out competitors web sitesTrack online forums, reviews, etc. </p> <p>Primary DataThe heart and soul of research companies who are hired to collect, analyze and interpret new dataSometimes people mix up qualitative (less structured) and quantitative (structured) data. BOTH can be primary data</p> <p>Primary Data</p> <p>Qualitative Versus Quantitative ResearchPrimary Data Qualitative QuantitativePrimary Data</p> <p>Qualitative Research DefinedAn unstructured, exploratory research methodology based on small samples, which provides insights and understanding of the problem setting </p> <p>Quantitative Research DefinedA research methodology that seeks to quantify the data and, typically, applies some form of statistical analysis</p> <p>Qualitative vs. Quantitative ResearchQualitativeGain understandingSmall number of nonrepresentative casesUnstructuredNonstatisticalDevelop an initial understandingQuantitativeTo quantify the data andgeneralizeLarge number of representative casesStructuredStatisticalRecommend final action</p> <p>Common Qualitative Research Techniques</p> <p>Focus GroupsDepth InterviewsProjective TestsBlogs, social media, communities, etc.</p> <p>Qualitative Research</p> <p>Depth InterviewsDepth interview is an unstructured, direct, personal interview in which a single respondent is probed by a highly skilled interviewer to uncover underlying motivations, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings on a topic</p> <p>Interviewer SkillsNeed to be a good listenerProbe for details and examplesSeeking who, what, where, when, how, and why answersSeek personal relevance</p> <p>Focus GroupsA focus group is an interview conducted by a trained moderator among a small group of respondents (usually 8 12) in an unstructured and natural manner</p> <p>Why Conduct Focus Groups?Idea generationReveal consumers needs, perceptions, attitudesHelp in structuring questionnairesPost-quantitative researchMaking the abstract realTesting strategies and tactics</p> <p>Gaining Moderator Skills Has ValueThe moderator is the key to a successful focus groupListeningProbingStoring a question for later useGetting everyone to speakPolitely handling gabbersNeed to do your homework</p> <p>Projective TechniquesProjective technique is an unstructured and indirect form of questioning that encourages respondents to project their underlying motivations, beliefs, attitudes, or feelings regarding the issues of concern</p> <p>Technology and Qualitative ResearchOnline focus groups and forumsConcept testingBlogs, social networking, online communitiesOnline surveys with open ended responses</p> <p>Website assessmentCreative testingVerbal coding softwareTag cloudsSlogan testingVirtual shopping</p> <p>Quantitative Research</p> <p>Quantitative ResearchOutcome-driven researchTypically more structured (i.e., closed ended survey questions, test market sales, response to sales promotion, etc.)We will address this is in greater detail in Data Collection Methods module</p> <p>Common Quantitative Research TechniquesSurveys (Questionnaires)ObservationExperiments</p> <p>Combinations of EachQualitative vs. QuantitativeThe research objective should determine whether qualitative or quantitative research is most appropriateOften they are both usedQualitative research often precedes quantitative research</p> <p>In The Data Collection Methods Module We Discuss In Greater Detail The Types And Uses Of Quantitative Research</p>