Qualitative vs Quantitative Research

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Qualitative vs Quantitative Research. Introduce qualitative research Compare qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative Research. Focuses on non-numeric issues Emphasizes meaning and interpretation Says studying life is dynamic Is possible with any quantitative topic. Qualitative. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Qualitative vs Quantitative Research

Grant Writer Roles

Qualitative vs Quantitative ResearchIntroduce qualitative research Compare qualitative and quantitative

Qualitative ResearchFocuses on non-numeric issuesEmphasizes meaning and interpretationSays studying life is dynamicIs possible with any quantitative topic



Designs / MethodsContent analysis (secondary analysis, historical/official records review)Surveys (questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, delphi technique, other blended)Observation (field study, ethnography, phenomenology, case study)Experiment (Quasi-Experiment)

Comparison of Qual & Quant

Comparison of Qual/Quant (continued)

Qual vs QuantSubjectiveMultiple realitiesDiscovery, descriptInterpretiveOrganismicWhole > partsRich narrativeResearcher big partContext dependentObjectiveOne realityReduce chaos, predictMeasurableMechanisticParts = wholeStatistical analysesResearcher separateContext free

Research Ethics1) Do no harm (RC theory on violations)2) Need outside approval (IRB, HSR)3) Obtain informed consent and vol. part.4) Guarantee anonymity or confidentiality5) Share your caveats & funding source6) Be aware of legal liability7) Special considerations (access, deceit)

PurposeDescribe, understandPredict causal relationships

QuestionsWhy, howWhat (test)


Role of TheoryBroad & post hocTheory-driven

MeasuresOpen, unstrux, face valHigh rel & val

SamplingPurposiveRandom, rep

InterventionHands offBig control

Data gatheredImmerse & ad libStructured & predetermined

Researcher roleMust dev rship w/ participsObjective


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