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  • 1. Problem Confusion1.1Alzira is confused with a math problem.

    1.2Voice-over of Alzira explaining the problem.

    1.3Dad pops up asking what Alzira's having troublewith.

    1.4Dad looks at the problem and decides to figure itout with her.

    2. Explanation of Problem2.1Title page- Fernandes family productions

    2.2Title page- Using pythagoras' theorum INBASEBALL

    2.3Dad explains the problem in depth

    2.4Alzira comprehends

    2.5Dad explains how the diamond is a square and theuses of the hypotenuse

    2.6Using the term A squared plus B squaredequals C squared

  • 2.7Verifying the forumla

    2.8Finding the answer- 127.292 feet

    2.9High five/happy we found the problem!

    3. Credits3.1Daughter- Alzira Fernandes Dad- Mr. Fernandes(A Fernandes Family Production)