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PROGRAM Voice Mail - Voice mail is one of the applications we provide to help the detainee and their friends and family members stay in touch. THE VOICE MAIL PROGRAM Participating

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    Voice Mail


    “Helping Families Remain Families”™

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    S Technologies, Inc.

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    allas, TX 75380-1549

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    Voice Mail Our facility provides friends & family members with

    additional forms of contact over and above

    the traditional telephone and mail systems.

    Unfortunately, because incoming calls are not normally

    permitted, detainees are required to schedule each

    of their calls or hope someone is at home when the call is

    placed. This limits the amount of time a detainee can

    communicate with the outside world and places undo

    hardship on friends and family members.

    In order to assure the friends and family members of our

    detainees stay in contact, we provide SECURUS’

    voice mail system. This application allows

    friends & family members to leave a voice mail message

    and the detainee to leave a reply.

    One of the many ways we help families remain families.

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  • Voice MailVoice Mail

    [email protected]


    Melinda has no idea how to pay the bills. With the stack

    of bills she has, she is not sure who she must pay and who

    can wait until she gets paid. Her husband Tim, was a whiz at

    balancing their budget. But since he was arrested she has

    no one to help. Melinda could really use Tim’s help to get

    through this month.

    It’s Tammy’s birthday and her five year old daughter Louisa

    wants to make sure she doesn’t miss her mommy’s special

    day. Loiusa wants to make sure she gets her very special

    message to her mommy.

    While Jerome is in jail, his lawyer needs to get him a

    message on his upcoming court date and what he needs to

    do to be prepared.

    While Alejandro was in jail, her daughter Rosa has fallen and

    requires emergency treatment. The hospital requires

    Alejandro’s approval to provide treatment to her daughter.

    All of these cases are real life stories that happen every day

    in correctional facilities across the country. In each case,

    contact was not made because of the communications

    limitations between detainees and the outside world.


    We understand the effect limitations on communications can

    have. Incarceration is stressful enough. Lack of contact with

    friends and family should not add to that stress.

    Families should be able to contact each other in case of an

    emergency. Friends should have the ability to stay in touch, to

    provide support and to be there when needed most.

    To overcome these issues, we have worked closely with our

    communications provider to provide contact alternatives.

    Voice mail is one of the applications we provide to help the

    detainee and their friends and family members stay in touch.


    Participating friends and family members can now leave

    voice mail messages for detainees the same way they make

    any call. The system will process your message and deliver it

    directly to the detainee. Detainees can reply with their own

    voice mail messages.* This program allows you to send as many

    voice mail messages as you want. No more waiting for the

    detainee to call you. Want to leave a reminder... need to ask a

    quick question... workplace doesn’t allow you to make calls during

    work hours? Now you can leave that message AND get a reply.*

    * Available Feb 2007


    To participate in the voice mail program:

    Friends & family members and the detainee should decide

    upon a Private Mailbox ID # (PMI) that only they will know.

    The PMI allows friends and family members and the

    detainee to privately access all their voice mail messages.


    It’s easy to get going. Once you have your PMI, simply call

    the voice mail account activation line at 800-844-6591

    to establish your voice mail account.


    Once you have set up your account, you are good-to-go.

    Send and receive voice mails as many times as you wish.

    Each one will be in your private account for you to enjoy

    anytime 365 days per year.

    P.O. Box 801549 Dallas, TX 75380-1549

  • Voice Mail Account Activation

    With SECURUS’ voice mail system, friends and family members can

    leave multiple voice mail messages from any phone 24 hours a day

    365 days per year. The system assures that your secure message

    will get to the detainee of choice every time.

    To find out more about how you can can participate in our voice mail

    program, pick up a voice mail brochure in the facility lobby today.


    This facility provides additional com- munications options that allow friends and family members to stay in contact with our detainees.

    One of the additional programs, we provide is the SECURUS voice mail system.

    This program provides an additional method that goes beyond the tradi- tional forms of telephone calls and mail delivery to assure you can always remain in contact.

  • Voice Mail Retrieval Process

    1) Pick up any detainee phone

    2) Place your call as usual

    3) If you have a voicemail from that phone number, the sytem will automatically ask

    you for your mailbox ID #

    4) Follow the directions to access your voicemail message

    To Open Up A Voice Mail Account

    If you do not yet have a voice mail account, have a friend or family member pick up one

    of our voice mail brochures in the facility lobby. To retrieve your voice mails you must

    have a mailbox ID#. Prior to setting up your account, please make sure you agree on a

    private mailbox ID # that only you and your friends & family members can access.


    This facility provides the SECURUS Technologies voice mail program.

    Friends & Family members can now leave a voice mail message for you to contact them.

    This program is available to all approved detainees.

    VoiceMailEndUser VMail_F&F Detainee

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