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  • 1. Escaping Voice Mail and E-Mail PurgatoryStrategies and Tactics for Dealing With Todays NewGatekeepers.Craig JamesSales SolutionsDecember 18th, 2008
  • 2. www.sales-solutions.bizWhats the issue?Voice Mails not being returnedE-mails not being replied to
  • 3. www.sales-solutions.bizWhat do we currently doLeave repeated voice mailsSend numerous e-mails
  • 4. www.sales-solutions.bizWhy is it ineffective?Were perceived as a nuisanceWe appear desperate
  • 5. www.sales-solutions.bizAdvantages and disadvantagesof leaving voice mailAdvantages: Opportunity to leave a persuasiveinfomercial The person might call you back Many people appreciate persistenceDisadvantages: Frustrating when they dont call back Chasing mode makes you lookdesperate
  • 6. www.sales-solutions.bizHow can you get better results?Be in your approach
  • 7. www.sales-solutions.bizVoice Mail Strategy #1Dont leave one!Call back multiple times untilyou reach the person
  • 8. www.sales-solutions.bizVoice Mail Strategy #2Mask your call
  • 9. www.sales-solutions.bizVoice Mail Strategy #3Call when the electronicgatekeeper is likely not toanswerBefore official business hoursAfter official business hours
  • 10. www.sales-solutions.bizVoice Mail Strategy #4Leave a compelling, benefits-laden messageMention a specific problemTone is self-assured (we mightbe able to help)
  • 11. www.sales-solutions.bizVoice Mail Strategy #5Leave a compelling, benefits-laden message......but dont leave a phone numberI will try you again at 3:00
  • 12. www.sales-solutions.bizVoice Mail Strategy #6If youre directed to call anotherextension, an assistant, orreception...Improve your odds of being letthrough by...
  • 13. www.sales-solutions.bizVoice Mail Strategy #6 Not treating person condescendingly Not claiming to have a bullet-proofsolution Asking the person what she thinks
  • 14. www.sales-solutions.bizE-mail Strategy #1 Be wary of using e-mail as a cold-callingtoolCAN SPAM lawsJunk-mail filtersGets lost amidst the hundred others
  • 15. www.sales-solutions.bizE-mail Strategy #2 Creative Use of Subject LineConstant paper jams frustratingyou?instead ofIntroducing Acme Copier Company
  • 16. www.sales-solutions.bizE-mail Strategy #3 Use an e-mail open tracking program, suchas DidTheyReadIt.Helps you time your follow-up call tobe shortly after its been opened
  • 17. www.sales-solutions.bizClosing recommendations How many voice mails or e-mails?No more than a half dozen, incombination Vary the message of voice mails, andsubject lines and content of e-mails As a final resort, use a take-way
  • 18. www.sales-solutions.bizSales Solutions Service OfferingsSales ConsultingSales Process ImprovementSkill Improvement/EnhancementOne-on-One Sales Coaching
  • 19. Escaping Voice Mail and E-Mail PurgatoryCraig JamesSales