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  • The voyage shifted to a remarkable paradigm in the next decade (1993 -2003) serving the aspirants and doyens of divine lore, with sumptuous wisdom feast. Scintillating showers of logical and philosophical treat on Six Darsanas, Aphorisms of Badarayana, Gita - the Call of God, Mind - Matter and Soul, Vedas - their eternal

    relevance, Vedas for Universal Brotherhood, Thought Power, Devotion and Surrender outpoured, embracing even contemporary and emergent concerns and challenges such as Gulf War, Conflict Resolution, Engineering the Society and Anthrax, with their precise identification and solutions. He is a bridge between materialism and spirituality

    Mysticism & Modernism

    Sri Chaturvedi Swamiji sparkled as a precocious and prodigious child reciting even difficult vedic hymns with utmost ease. He was able to elucidate and solve intricate issues in general knowledge, academics and even in high level philosophical topics. His grasping and retention capacity of any topic were superb, and he proved to be an Eka-santha-grahi(Camphoric Assimilator). He indulged in knowledge seeking and dissemination even as a child and actively participated and electrified learned assemblies and divine congregations by his discussions, debate, music and recitation.

    He was first staged at Coimbatore when he was just 11 years old, to deliver lectures on Gnanasaram and Prameyasaram, the two quintessential treatises of Shri Vaishnavism. In 1985, there were series of lectures from him in Tamil, Telugu, and English on very esoteric and complex subjects, apart from traditional subjects like Srimad Bhagavatham, Ramayanasaram, Vishnutatvam, Thiruppavai, Bhagavad Gita, and other scriptures. He embarked on profound philosophical discussions on issues like Way of Life, The Purpose of Creation, Soul and its Mystery and Beyond your Mind leaving the viewers and listeners spellbound.

    Early Days... The Knowledge Voyage (1988-1999)

    as well as technology and humanism. In fact, in this world of duality; he can connect the opposites in theory and practice. Though his chronological age is measurable as '42', his mental age is immeasurable, as he is a limitless reservoir of wisdom and knowledge - ancient as well as contemporary that is far beyond the ken and capacity of any normal human being.

    Few of his eloquent and erudite masterpieces were:

    1988 Tamil Literature & Vaishnavism - Karaikudi - 1 Week

    1988 Karma, Gnana & Bhakti Yoga Vishveshwara Mandapam, Coimbatore - 1 Week

    1988 History of Indian Music & Tamil Music Literature Coimbatore - 1 Week

    1989 Patanjali & Sri Krishna - PSG Mandapam Kangeyam - 10 Days

    1989 Essence of Indian Philosophy - Erode - 10 Days

    1990 Vedas, Upanishads & their message - Tirupur - 10 Days

    1990 Purusha Sukta, Naranyana Sukta, Sri Sukta - Aanamalai - 10 Days

    1990 Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama - Dharapuram - 15 Days

    1991 Sankhya Yoga (Srimad Bhagavad Gita)Coimbatore - 15 Days

    1991 Svetaswatharopanishad - Coimbatore - 15 Days

    1991 Kamba Ramayanam - Coimbatore - 15 Days

    1991 Triveni Ramayanam - Palani - 20 days

    1992 Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam - Coimbatore - 1 Month

    During his school days, he was more interested in offering lectures rather than to them. Between 1988 and 1999, there attendingwere delightful, inspiring and informative sessions across the state which gained wider appreciation and association.

  • Swamiji is the founder and Managing trustee of two charitable organizations.

    Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust (SRMT), formed in the year 2000 at Chennai, always aimed at the betterment of the entire humanity with special focus on upliftment of weaker and marginalized sections of the society. SRMT has been very active in the fields of seeking and sharing wisdom by conducting national and international level seminars and symposia. It is also a prestigious member of WANGO (World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations). The trust has centers and coordinators at various places in India and also abroad. The vital objective of SRMT is knowledge dissemination. It has organized and supported more than 1000 conferences

    Pattabhishekam Celebrations

    of national and International standards on various topics like Seed breeding, Agronomy, Plant Bio-technology, Energy solutions, Waste recycling, Environmental issues like climate change, Medical Ethics, Nano technology, Bio-ethics, Education research, Pedagogy, National Security, Inter-faith dialogue, Music, Economic crisis, Media ethics, Jurisprudence and consciousness studies.

    In 2000, Swamiji also founded Sri Bhashyakara Charitable Trust (SBCT), a religious organization for the propagation of Vaishnavism, engaged in organizing offerings to temples in the form of gold and silver ornaments and other accessories. It is also contributing for temple renovations and especially focuses on the revival and enrichment of discontinued,

    fading and formal temple rituals and festivals. Few major projects of SBCT are Vaishnava Tours and Travels, Cottage Industries, Database Project, Vaishnava University and Sri Vaishnava Channel.

    The decennial celebrations of SRMT were celebrated with tremendous spirit and splendour on June 19, 2010. Hundreds of NGOs from all parts of the country attended. Deserving and established institutions were glorified with financial aid and honour. Role of NGOs in social reconstruction and Empowerment was the main subject of the discourses and discussions.

    Similarly, SBCT also had its decennial celebrations on August 14, 2010. VAISHNAVISM - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow was the main theme in the plenary session and dignified Vaishnava scholars from various fields were honoured.


    Swami belongs to the glorious tradition of Sri Vaishnavism. He is a spiritual leader of the highest order, leading thousands of its followers by carrying forward the values and principles, as propounded and promoted by the great saint Sri Ramanujacharya.

    Recognizing Swamijis greatness, uniqueness and infinite potential, his 12th Birthday was celebrated by his devotees with great splendour amidst rituals, recitations and cultural concerts. Then onwards, these celebrations got expanded by enrichment of events and increasing flow of participants.

    In 1993, an Acharya Sthana, by name Sudarsana Peetam was installed and Swami was coronated as its Head, to carry the ideals of thousand years of unbroken lineage. Since 1993, the coronation day celebrations are being conducted with golden shower, shower of gems, chariot ride, camel, horse and elephant rides, embellished with various cultural programs and participation of thousands of people across the country and abroad. Recently, the extended birthday celebrations are being organized every year in many parts of the country.

  • Prof. S.A.R.P.V Chaturvedi is a multi-faceted genius, who is designated and glorified as 'CHATURVEDI' for his unparal-leled mastery in the Vedic lit-erature. He can interpret the most intricate and complex situ-ations and explain the unknown in understandable language to the layman. He is a scholar in abstract theories and postula-tions of the Upanishads and also modern technologies of IT, BT, Medicine, Nano, Nuclear and Space sciences, Ontology, Epis-temology, Politics, Law, Manage-ment and hundred other fields of knowledge and can interpret them in their material, scien-tific, religious, philosophical and spiritual dimensions. He has an entirely new approach to all these subjects, which is origi-

    Few Projects in Pipeline Complete Vedic Encyclopedia

    Institute for Social Responsibility

    Mould Schools

    Informatics Village

    Computer Aided Education For All - CAEFA

    Innate Skills Development

    Spiritual Theme Park

    Parliament of Faiths

    Peace Tour


    Effective Healing Systems

    Wisdom Club

    Academy of Parenting

    I nstitute for Nationalism and Global well being

    Institute for Accelerated Learning

    Nobel Academy

    School for Intuitive Excellence

    N.G.O Channel

    Viswa Shanthi (World Peace)

    Swamiji is a messenger and promoter of peace and has organized and participated in many national level conferences on subjects connected both directly and indirectly, with peace & harmony and allied subjects. He has delivered profound lectures on the various dimensions and components of peace like Inner Peace, National Peace, Global Peace and Inter-religious Challenges, Peace & Harmony. His Trusts are also involved in activities related to poverty amelioration, youth and women empowerment, rural development, ethical education and stress reduction which ultimately contributes to peace. He had also spoken on serious issues like Inter-religious Harmony, Indo-Pak Relations, Sri Lankan strife, India & Her neighbours and Minority Rights in Islamic countries and many more. He has plans for the establishment of an Institute for Peace and a Parliament of .

    As a strong believer in the indispensable need installation,he has been frequently

    Homams at various places across Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad,

    Delhi. These rituals comprise of and sustaining global peace.

    A Multi-faceted Personalitynal, holistic and integrated. His power of analysis and presenta-tion is superb. He integrates and synthesizes them with science, technology, politics and man-agement for practical applica-tion, effortlessly and eloquently in many languages. Swamiji has organized, supported and par-ticipated in at least 1000 nation-al and International level con-

    ferences on various topics. His lectures have been serving as a great source of inspiration and pursuit, to a wide range of soci-ety that includes common man, activists, think tanks, profession-als and research scholars. All of his lectures have been recorded and are being transcribed for the meritorious cause of mass reach and benefit.

    permanent establishment of

    Vedic mantras for restoring Pune, Jaipur, Jammu andthe nation, like Chennai,organizing Viswa Shanti of divine grace for peace

    World Faiths.

  • Academic & Professional Background

    Having obtained masters in Philosophy, Human Rights and Sanskrit, he is also a law graduate. He is pursuing management studies in IT administration and master's degree in law and computer applications, as well as doing research in Sanskrit, consciousness and advanced logic. He is the Chief Mentor and Vice Chairman of Jawaharlal Nehru Institute for Advanced Research (JNIAR) and Distinguished Professor of Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Studies (JINAS) in the Centre for Religion, Peace and International Relations. He is also the Chairman of the Association for Inter-faith Dialogue and Action, a cooperation circle of United Religions Initiative (URI), San Francisco and is an international member of Amnesty International, UK. He is the managing partner of SAMSKRITI products, a commercial firm run by the trust and also a consultant to many companies. Moreover he holds the following positions by his merits and excellence:

    Positions C hief Mentor and Vice Chairman, Jawaharlal

    Nehru Institute for Advanced Research (JNIAR)

    D istinguished Professor, Center for Religion, Peace and International Relations, JNIAS

    D istinguished Professor, School of Law, JNIAS, Hyderabad

    C hairman, Association for Inter-Faith Dialogue and Action, AIDA, Hyderabad

    D istinguished Professor, Pedagogy and Educational Reforms, C-STAR

    P atron, International Interfaith Dialogue lndia, Cochin

    H on. Director, Center for Environment and Climate Change, Hyderabad

    P rofessor of Eminence, India International Multiversity, Pune

    D istinguished Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Medical Research (JNIAMER), Hyderabad

    H on. Advisor, Pentagram Research Institute, Hyderabad

    Hon. Chairman, Advisory board - PROBE (a resource center for journalists), Delhi and Hyderabad

    Swami and His Collections

    Swami is a great connoisseur of music, dance, drama and other art forms, including folk lore. He is a good singer, composer and a gifted poet in many languages. Apart from skills like drawing and painting, he has deep interest in Mathematics and Logics.

    He is a renowned and fervent collector of antique materials. He owns more than a lakh of both vocal & instrumental vintage music records, apart from his special collections of coins, stamps and rare paintings. He has a large collection of ancient manuscripts, books and palm leaf scripts on a wide range of subjects; both traditional and contemporary. Additionally, thousands of tapes, CDs, LCDs and DVDs on science, history, education, nature, war, history, fiction and mythology, adorn his personal library.

    C hief Patron, Indias Century Mission, Indian Heritage Academy, Bangalore

    A dvisor, International Peace Research Institute, URI Asia

    S ecretary, World Vaishnava Association of Vienna

    G lobal Executive Member, All India Human Rights Association, Delhi

    M ember, International Advisory Council, The initiative on Sharing wisdom, Malaysia

    P atron, International Research Institute of Relative Economics (IRIRE)

  • AnnexureSample list of major conferences organised / participated

    GENERAL TOPICSAccelerated Learning Techniques

    Advancement in Telecommunications


    Artificial Intelligence


    Ayurveda 3 lectures

    Biomedical Engineering & Bio-ethics

    Brain and Computers

    Business Management and Marketing


    Child care & Growth 3 parts

    Comparative Linguistics

    Corruption Control

    Counter Terrorism

    Criminology, Victimology & Penology

    Critical survey of Alternative Therapies

    Defense, War & Peace

    Democratic Training

    Diabetology 2 parts

    Dietrics and Food & Nutrition

    Education and Ethics

    Effective Learning


    Energy Healing Systems

    Energy Resources - Risks and Resolution

    Environmental Engineering

    Evidence Analysis

    Genetic Engineering

    Global Water Crisis

    Gravity Physics and Philosophy

    Gynecology 3 parts

    Health Management

    India & Her neighbors


    Instructional Methodologies

    International Business

    Issues of National Security


    Man-Machine Interface

    Medical Futurology

    Medical Jurisprudence

    Multimedia Techniques

  • The intent being upliftment of the humanity

    through dissemination of divine knowledge, all

    the lectures of Swamiji have been made available

    for the public free of cost through various

    distribution channels such as You Tube and


    Nano Technology 2 lectures



    Organizational Management

    Oriental Studies

    Personality Development

    Pharmaco Genomics

    Political Culture and Political Philosophy

    Political Engineering

    Practices for Medical Excellence

    Professional Ethics


    Reciprocal Physics


    A detailed study of Rig Veda

    Astrology 3 lectures

    Cow Worship & Cow Economy

    Destinal Mathematics (Theory of Karma)

    Dramatics & Dance

    Indian Heritage

    Interreligious Harmony

    Ithihasas, Puranas & Dharma Shastras

    Multi-faceted Personality of Ramanuja

    Paranormal Phenomenon

    Rishis of India

    Rituals and their Significance (English, Tamil, Telugu)

    Sanskrit & its Glory - 10 parts

    Science and Spiritualism (2 parts)

    Science in Atharva Veda

    Temple Management

    The Glory of Ramanuja (Hindi)

    Rural Development

    Science and Pedagogy

    Software Engineering

    Special Economic Zones(SEZ)

    Stress Management

    Survey on IT Industry

    Systems of Logic

    Systems of Meditation

    Tectonics and Disaster Engineering

    Traffic Management

    Trend, Talent and Time

    Various Disciplines of Psychology

    Wealth Management

    Women Empowerment

    The six schools of Vaishnavism

    Vedic Accentology (Sanskrit)

    Vedic Hermeneutics

    Tradition and Heritage

  • Mobile: +91 99400 21008


    Hyderabad 500 057 Mobile - 0 98668 51072/ 0 86882 39465


    Mobile - 0 98226 20997/ 0 81088 98898


    Other Centers

    No D-283, Vashi Plaza Building, Sector - 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400703. Mobile: 0 99308 49722

    No.40, Bhaktavatsalam Road, Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004.

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