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  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3


    Poetry Series

    Nalini Chaturvedi

    - 122 poems -

    Publication Date:

    August 2014


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  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    2/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Nalini Chaturvedi (18/2/71)

    I think treating/healing people is my calling.I have always been a dancea spontaneous untrained one.Still considered a star performer. Poems ncame to me until I turned 40. I was nudged into it by my very dear frieIranian poet herself ms Maya Marayam Aghamiri.But many other friendhave been encouraging me, mrs Neethu John is one of my most ardentadmirer and supporter.I always call my poems as a collection of'rhymes without a reason'. Life has been hard and tough and I guess thwhat led to my transformation into someone who enjoys penning downverses...or else i am just another ordinary soul. An Aquarius and INFP.the core. Scorpio moon sign and a Leo rising


  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    3/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    43rd Birthday

    This year that I turned forty 3

    I think I feel now much more freeThe threshold of forty was just so greatenriching my life, to so muchI could relateBut adding 3, has furtheradded color to my tapestryLooking forward to many more yearscolors and hues to life's veneersyet to darnthere will be no tears

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    4/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    A Beauty Queen's World

    I will see you around

    when you touch the groundFor now you arelike a big bright starUp on the stageevery young heart's crazeWith such beautyand such graceyou make every heart raceNothing seems to keep you boundits just lights drama and sound..

    But one dayWhen Sun goes down

    And there's no moonto show you aroundWhen no one seesthat light in youEven the oneswho claimedto be trueI will be thereto hold your handA humble lanternmy dear friend

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    5/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    A Doctor's Dillema

    A sick society gives rise to sick people

    or vice versa, I still wonderOne woman is a home makerWhile other is a home breakerToday againwas my day of testFaced it unpreparedat Almighty's behestYet another beautiful girla mother, a wife, a home makerBrainwashed into submissive rolestill domestic violencehas not killed her soulHow will I ever heal her pains

    when my work entails dealing withdistress at physical plainThe maintaining cause as I now seeis that 'Other woman'causing pains from adulteryThe swellings and the scarsand the bruises in her heartThat torrent of painful tearswhile her husband sat theirinjuring herwith his insulting jeers.Who gives men right to be monsters?Who ever sanctioned their special status?When all that such men do, is donate spermsThat also because its pleasureThey earn in return

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    6/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    A moth and a butterfly

    They both follow

    the same path of lifefrom egg to larvato pupa, moulting to fly

    How come moth comes out uglywith no purpose in lifedestined to follow the lightget burnt by heat and die

    While the colorful butterflygets to suck the nectarflowers are its benefactorsso admired by human eyes

    Its not in deedsthat you get tochoose your breedbut its all in the luckthat you get to ride the wavesor get drowned, buried in muck..

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    7/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Adjusting to Fit

    Bound and gagged

    to fit in to 'That Shoe'Today I share the painof you, little Chinese foot

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    8/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    At this stage

    my chronological ageis not a road block.But just a pebbleon the side walkThat i like to kick aroundthen just forget about itgetting lostin the woods, its noisesand the wonder ofethereal sounds....

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    9/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Alive again

    It has rained

    No it has pouredThunderous cloudsSwept in with roars

    Little rivuletsPonds and creeksCome back to lifeWith joy replete

    From all the bushesSaplings, to age old treesCelebrations aboundBirds sing

    with raindrops beat

    I too would like toQuench life times thirstNot miss this momentOf happiness and mirth

    Soaking to the coreI get drenched in the rainAs my soul savours this sapNo inhibitions to entertain

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    10/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Altered reality

    Maybe we don't live

    In the same time zone.For your are still there in my heartAnd from your life and hearthI have long been gone

    In the parallel worldsOf some galaxyWe are still togetherMay be that's what I see

    I am trying to live this realityThat in this birth,On this Earth

    We were not, meant to be

    Mixed messagesSent out from the universeHave to ride the photonsSo much distance to traverse

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    11/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    And why am I still alive

    Over writings on the wall

    Neon colours graffiti et al.In the alleys on my heartPermanent markersCan't wipe this art

    So many summersMonsoon rainsBalmy wintersSprings floral curtainI have seen it allMountains rivers and plains

    So what is more

    To enrich my coreTo help me growAnd open new doors

    I am done withAll this strainOf living a lifeLike a puppet in chains

    One day I will unshackled restrainsTell all stories, no pains to go in vain

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    12/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Apathetic past

    Ghosts from my past

    When I was an iconoclastStill haunt me to returnFor not much is lostIn their timeless hour

    Ghosts don't live in presentSo how do they knowWhat I went throughAnd in the bargainEarned too much pain

    Happy memories to remind me of youAnd sad ones too

    So hard to get throughI still wonder how could I be fooledTo believe in true loveAnd that hope willAlways rule

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    13/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Awaiting monsoon rains

    I want to touch the rainbow

    so I wait for rains to comewith rising summer heatit will soon be monsoon's turn

    Like sapless lifeless leavesI feel so parched and weakbut promise of impending rainsdoes ease away my pains

    That smell of rain on dirtas nature gives new birthI feel the hope around methere will be no dearth of mirth

    Like every yearthat has come and goneI will wait for rainslike my dried up lawn.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    14/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Baby's Smile

    have you ever been smiled at

    by a baby, whom even in the past,you had never metits that precious look in their eyes'I know you, together, we did fly'my heart soarswhen they giggle with delightas if we two are ever so tight

    I have always,been the one to getthat loveable look,I feel so blessedfor babies and animals do love me

    its mutual attraction, so don't blame meI am sure I must have met them allin previous births, that I don't recall

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    15/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Brainless Beauty

    Its wining and dining

    with friends I see you smilingI am happy for you,

    partying on weekendsis just your waybut to othersyou preachto stay away

    maybe in yourmindyou havemy role well defined

    where you are the queenpeople like meshould expect to stay behind

    so much arroganceeven if you looksare your onlycause of pretense

    maybe coupled by good luckyou thrive and enjoy for freebut nothing makes me madderwhen you open that mouthwith your senseless preachingsyou drives me up a tree

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    16/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    have you seen

    the bubbles floatwith rainbows on themhow they gloat

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    17/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Change of life

    Will soon be back to being free

    To my 'original' settingWhere I will beyour forgotten historyI am trying to regain my originalityBut my every pore and cellIs infiltrated with your memory

    It's just by defaultI still feel that you are mineWill take me a whileTo remember,All of that is left behind

    Embarking uponthis change of lifeI have no regretsFor I have doneWhat is just rightAnd I have guTsThere was no scopeFor ifs and buts

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    18/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Cremation to Creation

    I hover above

    An Invisible mist

    While Fragrance of incenseCovers and shroudsThe place where 'I' lieAnd All that surrounds

    Masking the miasmaOf the physical selfThat breaks downAs soul has long left

    The air is thick

    Oppressive and sickI make no soundWhile my bodyLies on the ground

    Draped in white sheetThe look is completeMy nose all plugged upIt no longer breathe

    It's a uniformEveryone is wearing whiteAt least for this momentThey are all dressed up right

    One by one they all comeThe look on these facesIs so glumAlthough I know withinThey are happy I caved in

    This crowd consists ofmedley of sortsMost to show per functionary attendanceWhile my cadaver ceaselessly rots

    Relatives, who alwaysPulled the rug under meFriends who were thereIn time of my need

    Some people are just hereFor they have empty livesBy delving In others sorrowCan only they thrive

    Reams of peansOf things I had been
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    19/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    So much of praise

    I hear in deaths own face

    They shake their headsAs if they are in shockWhen I was aroundDid they ever take a stock

    The drama of lifeReaches it's endCremated and goneJust ashes remain

    Ashes then offered

    To the holy riverEarthen pot on wavesGoes down stream with quiver

    My soul soon seeksAnother formAs per my karmaNew dress It will don

    Hence there goesthe cyclical continuationFrom tearful cremationTo joyful creation

    And on the wayAs a part of the playWe run in to each otherTo learn something furtherBefore it's time to go away

    Nothing is lostSo what can be foundWe have always been hereMaking our own regular rounds

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    20/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Deeply Wounded

    i am all over

    strewn like haywicked wind's workI did try to stayI explodedin one gustits my faultthat I did trustthat ropeof faithwas justso frailit snappedto bits

    in justone galenothing elseis left of meblown to smithereensend was unseen.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    21/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Delusional to Disillusioned

    For the last time this time

    You have hurt meNot any moreWill I let you touch meIt's over and I am goneNo more will you see meFeel me, my shadows tooWill leave you aloneI feel my heart getting heavyIt's sad it's soggy it's sappyTears waiting to tumbleAs at every memory of oursI stumbleBut this time you have

    Done itAll my love for youYou have burned itPieces of my selfI try to salvagePutting them togetherWith a useless bandageFor so long I haveLoved youAnd my heart hasAlways served youBut I know. You need to replaceFor you I am no trophyBut disgraceOut of your pathAnd out of your wayI am now goneNothing moreLeft to say

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    22/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Demise of Love

    It came dancing with bells on

    And made my heart raceIts rhythm was strongMade me dizzyWith thrill of twirlAmbrosia of love,I drankAnd every thing was blur

    But when it leftIt singed my fleshHurt like shrapnel and spikesHurled at me nothingIs left

    Love will always leave its traceA lifeless hollowNothing fills that space

    Hollowness growsWithin you thenNo emotions, no tears, no fearsFor all your sensibilities are past tense

    But one. Goes on trying to live againLeft alone in the lurchDevoid of any happiness or pain

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    23/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Destructive Dominance

    Too many muted cries

    shut out behindthose thick doors.Too many spirits brokenby ruthless raging rogues.Marriage is a mirageto entice innocent girls,where bounties, gifts and loveget spirited, once you enter this world.Like the infamous house of candy and breadthat housed the mean witchthe one we dreadIts a predators thought out plana bobby trap to put you in chain.

    Now I know why my countrysuffers in painwe have destroyed the pedestalwhere Female 'shakti' should have reignedWhat is left carcass of once what it used to beand we carry it on our shouldersproudly displaying our imbecility.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    24/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    In the end

    its just thehandful of sandthat little spacewhere you'llput me downmy dear friend

    Or its justa palm full of ashproof of my identitynothing left of my stash

    The stash of my memories

    Much happiness some miseriesthe past that did not lastbut this present and the futuregradually unfurlsits plot full of mystery

    so much dramaso many plansits all futileas I take a glance

    but still I willplan my dayits an old habitwill not leave me anyway

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    25/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Duel Within

    Nothing that I do

    is ever good enough for mea little voice withinties me downwheneverI am ready to fleethese mini duelsthat I fightwith Dr JekyllMr Hydetake upso muchof my timewhen being spontaneous

    is just my kind

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    26/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Emptiness needed

    I want to be

    As empty as can beDevoid of emotions andUnachievable resolutions

    Where No memoriesAre stored of yesterdayAnd no floor plansOf making new forays

    With no locked doorsOr latched windowsLight will flood inSo much peace will overflow

    But letting goIs the first stepAnd I always fail hereFalling to depthsOf dreaded dark crack

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    27/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    End of Relationship

    Like tress that have

    grown apartalthough togetherthey weremeant to startI feel we too havefound our own landthere is no pointtrying hard to remain.

    I know our rootshave enmeshedthe common soilstrong fingers clasp

    every bit of spoilso when I try touproot myselfyour worldalso doesfeel the turmoil.

    but it was youit was your planto wreck the bondcut me to stumpin every waymany timesyou have hurt

    to save my lifesecure my soulits time for meto move ashorewhile all the oceanyou can havesail your shipsto unknown lands

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    28/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Experiences et al

    There is nothing left to give

    for I have nothing left at allbut there is no emptiness withinand I don't feel there is famine or fall

    colorful pictures of my pastand grey clouds that did overcastcast their shadows, as I walkforever with me, I know, they would last

    there was a timewhen I felt ghost painspins and needles,where nothing remained

    thankfully eventhat part is now gonevastness of skywill be mine from now on.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    29/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    Like a trip

    gone crazily wildI get flash backsfrom youthand as a childthen I am transportedin that scenelike this time lapsehas never beenits been going onfor a whileIt must bethatI am stuck in past

    for future and presenthard to catchrun too fast

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    30/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    For A Mommy To Be

    That little wonder being

    a sum total of you and meLittle feet little handsFluttering withintaking me to wonderlandSo much beautyand warm glowOnly a mothercould ever show

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    31/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    For a Shy Friend

    You look so tense

    holding up your shelltired and and so lostthinking shell is all you got.But shells are fragileAnd plastered smilewas never ever your styleSo put down those armslook inside your heartdo it for me pleaseI can't promise you the starsBut for sure what you find therewill be beautiful,worth sharing and a treat.

    in your corelies the storeOf eternal happinessJust explore...

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    32/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    For My Parents

    here was once

    a simple seeddid not knowits worth or neednever hada chance to growothers thoughtthat it was 'slow'it was like a wingless birdnot included in the herd

    so it had learn't to live alonetrying to sprout,where grass had grown

    deep in jungles it felt safeno one aroundno taunt'its late'

    but that seed was gardeners joyto help it sproutthey nurtured and toiledand made sureno predator would unearthsaved it from freezing wintersand long summers killing dearth

    one fine day when time was rightthe seed, pushed the earthand sprouted smiling brightsoon it started reaching for skyonce that was timidtoo scared and too shy

    rest is just a historywhether it grew tall or notis mystery.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    33/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Forsaken Dreams

    I had once a long wish list

    of things to doplaces to goevery thing clearnever covered with mist

    This bucket listkept growing bigbut I realizedthat for too muchI had wishedI was meant to nest on one treenot fly around, migratory and free

    so I rolled it upand sealed it in a canmade it hardto be openedby human hand

    tossed it outin the open seabeyond the horizoninto eternity

    I am officially wish list freedon't make plansfor dreams are not for me

    maybe one dayon a lonely boata young fishermanwill find this canopen it upand read what I wrote

    That will be the day

    my dreamscan be freedfrom caged existenceout in the opensavoring cool sea breeze

    some other personwill own them thenand then all my dreamswill come truenever to be abandonedagain in a can
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    34/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    35/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Gypsy in my backyard

    Right in my back yard

    In desert plainsOut In the wildernessDuring monsoon rains

    I spot a herdof white wooly sheepAnd in their midstI see a colourful turban peep

    Bronzed by Sun a weathered faceWhite Loin clothhe drapes with superior graceWith keen eyes attentive gaze

    He scans the landfor his herd to graze

    He is not another common,everyday goatherdHe's a gypsy,Comes from another world

    To many lands he must have beenPrivy to secrets,of fallen and pristineThere s nothingThat he has not seen.Nonchalant monk so much at peace

    All through my lazy dayIn hot blaze or rainy hazeHe takes care of his sheep and stockLest they walk away and stray

    It's evening time and I can seeLittle fires lit with sticks and leavesEarthen pots on fire topsTime to eat, then stars to watch.

    Wish I could just run awayFrom this world, just turn awayI am a gypsy in my heartMaybe hitch my caravanTime to make, a new start.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    36/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Gypsy Skirt

    I want that very gypsy skirt

    the one that makes me dance on dirtthe one that's tied with silken stringsI want the one with golden fringe

    That very one with mirrors onthat shimmer and shineas I twirl alongIn hues of purple blue and pinkI 'need' that gypsy skirt I think.

    This skirt that has a floral traila classy top with diaphanous veiland then you know

    I'll never stopwill dance in valleysand mountain tops.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    37/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Happy Pills

    They are five

    they help me ridethe toughest wavesin oceans wild

    They make me toughfor life is roughand I was bornwith skin not hide

    they help me facethe life with graceso I don't failin this rat race

    I know I am behindfrom the rest of my kindso no one holds my handsthey are in a different place and time

    But my best five friendsare always there by my sideto help me deal with thingsin my own sweet time...

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    38/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    Thank you all

    For helping me decideThe way to goWrong or rightThanks a tonFor showing you despiseMy every moodMy moves, my style

    Cannot thank you enoughFor showing me the wayTo take the path of deathEnding my miseries today

    I feel so much at peaceFor soon I will get releaseFrom al the drama and diseaseMy soul will soon relinquishThis ugly piece of meat

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    39/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Healers Story

    Stories repeat

    but to tell theirsPeople competeEvery day I sit inthat 'confessional' boxtrying to heal,Sometimes merely trying to detoxI am just an instrument of Godif he chooses me,I get blessings from the lot

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    40/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    Moons reflections

    sparkle grains of sandWhile I leave my foot printssoon to be washed againEcstatic waves of oceanreaching out to creeksWhere lay the quite sea shellsnot wanting to be disturbedwhile lightly they sleepStrong and warm ocean breezeHugs me hardEmbracing me with all the zealUnwrapping all unnecessary layersIts time to unwind just my time to heal

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    41/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Home of My Dreams

    I love living on the Edge

    dangling my feet from the ledgemy little cottage with thatched roofis certainly sadness proof

    the front door opensand I can seevalley of flowersjust under my feet

    From a little creekin adistance mountain peakI see it flowing

    there is a big leakIts spring waters rushingfor rivers they do seek

    Misty morningswind chimes callingand I cannot waitto go out strolling

    Sunshine warms upwakes up the beesThey get busy workingfrom flowers to the trees

    Butterflies and Birdswild flowers on the kerblittle vegetable bedsand fragrant patch of herbs

    After noons melt into eveningsSoon there will be starsnight has befallenand deep slumberTakes over the dark..

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    42/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Hour glass

    I wait for that last grain of sand

    To drop quietly in the heapSo that I can turn the glass overBefore I sleep that eternal sleep

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    43/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    House hunting

    All that I need is a quite sanctuary

    Where wilderness aboundsNo more life of drudgery.

    All that I wantis to sing away my songsWith the birds and bees and cricketsAnd I know no humans would throng.They would not survive the thicket

    Just a handful of earth,And an armload of skyI will rebuild my nestWith no one else's rules to comply

    If I can't get thisThen I will hideIn the ocean watersWhen the tide is high

    And in the deep seaI'll finally resideIn an empty shellSpend the rest of my life

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    44/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    Yes! I will continue

    to laugh smile.For my sadnessis now sterileBut if you spot the sadness in my eyesyou know that truth is hard to hide

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    45/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    I am the Zee

    For so long,

    I have been the QOf no valuewithout U.

    Relearningto be the ZZipping fastthe painful pastFlying freeFor nothing lasts

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    46/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    I Belong To No One

    The feeling you have

    just before you are about to unshackle all the tiesstart planning for life, devoid of lieswhere you have time to spend with yourselfno more dressing upor stressing outno more deadlinesto waste your timeThen its year longSummer times.

    Yes! I am earning it allfor I am breaking these wallsthat have confined me

    and tried to define meBack to where I am from,The Sun, the Seas and Earththat welcomes life giving rainstorms

    Soon i will be a nobody againin the process will haveso much more to gain

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    47/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    I have to dance today

    I know have to dance today

    its the rhythm in my headthat wants me to movea beat that's so loudThat there is no wayI can mute

    I have not heard this tune beforeI know I want to savor it to the coreand the only way I have knownis to be led in trance all alone

    every music, beats or wordslyrical voices, turn my world

    into heaven here on earthand here I am burning all that hurts

    look at me so mesmerizedsee that twinkle, in my eyesfor dancing means so much to meits my language, my poetry....

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    48/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    I still love you

    I have always loved your curls

    That charming smileI got drunk on that wineI also have loved your deep brown eyesThick eyelashes your dreamy styleI fell in love with square jaw lineYour broad shoulders, I could reclineI am also not ashamed to sayI love your fragrance, in natural way

    But your good looksNow seemSmoke screenTo hide all your hate

    That aversionYou have for me

    It's alrightThat I lovedJust onceIn life

    It had to be youTo teach meThat I could tooLove someoneMore than my lifeAnd forget my own pleasuresFor the sake of that smile

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    49/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    I don't fear getting broken again,

    crushed into pieceswashed away with monsoon rain.All that I fear is to be foundlittered in a drain.And then being put togetherin someone else s fancy frame.So just brake meand spread me aroundlet my soul be freein a body never bound

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    50/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Ignorance Revisited

    Everything around, will eventually change

    Everything that's right, will one day be strangeEvery one alive, will soon be lost in the dustSo why do I attempt, to protect iron from rust

    All these mindless actionsthat drive me awayfrom that One real perfectionare ridiculous reactionsto my own faulty perceptions

    My inability to seeto feel, to sublimatein to absolute reality

    and I continue to sufferforever in eternity

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    51/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    I never needed an anchor

    to hold me downall I wantedwas that wavethat could carry me around

    The rules that you etched in stoneI could never ownThe ones I wrote on shifting sands of timeYes, they are all mineI dont discover new landsJust invent new ones

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    52/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Impending Doom

    the fear of known is worse

    than the fear of unknownI do know where my ship is sailingand I know its doomed to be sinkingI see my end, as I blend in the sandbut there is nothing there that I can do

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    53/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    India Vs Pakistan

    let us go ahead

    and competefor the mood isso upbeat

    While India hasthe minors rapedkilled and hangedwhy were they maimed?it was the copsnot goons or crazedmakes me madand so enraged

    Twin Pakistanis also proudfor killing a girlpregnant butnot devout.They stoned herIt had to behonor killingsmakes societyblasphemy free

    While these girlssuffered in painonlookers justhad no disdain.

    In the endwho got to win?Who is the onewith bigger sin?

    which of the menare bigger brutes?Where against crueltyno one shouts.

    How much longerit has to be?before my sisterswill forever be free?

    raped and maimedkilled and blamedhas to endhas to endhas to end..

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    54/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Industrial Summer

    Peak of Indian summers

    and Sun singes every beingwith its piercing hot rayslast bit of sap,sipped up from grass blades

    mighty inferno,its flames now surroundspiking high fever,forcing us to be home bound

    Its that time of the yearwhen everything burns,turns crazed

    while creatures run for coverlooking for that very shadethat has been lostfor all the treesto the groundhave been razed

    Thirsty little beaks,looking for one last dripfrom the roadside tapfor water is now a treat

    a couple of stray puppiesalong with their loving mothersearching for a puddleand a cooler placewhere they can take some cover

    a malefic cloud of coalenvelops this little townwhere everything burns like cindersand clean water befouledby industries around

    no more patches of green

    its a concrete and cement scenewhy are we building our own hellfor soon there will be none leftlife wiped out, under this horrific spell.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    55/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Just Ordinary

    somewhere in the middle of that bell curve

    I find my place, for me its reservedthey are many all aroundnothing special to be foundi am happy to be one of the treesin this wilderness of foreststo be exotic, is not my cup of tea..

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    56/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Karmic lessons

    So many scripts

    So many tripsSo many skinsThat I haveLived in.

    Too many lessonsTo be learntBefore I detachMyself from Earth

    The very beingI loved so muchIs now averse

    To my face my touch

    The very place I want to beNow is too farAn untraceable dream

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    57/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Learning To Detach

    I am learning to realize

    that world is just a stageWhere I am just performingbut not for a prize or raiseIts this feeling I now and then getthat soon it will be time to goAnd I should not be sadfor towards the ocean my boatI will rowI feel so light todayTo feel this sparkling rayfor I know I do my bestand rest I let go away.Maybe this is what growing up is all about

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    58/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    Some pains

    that drive me insanealso teach meI am aliveon many plains.Walking barefootis not my dealbut when I have toits a different feelAs if my solecan feel so muchhardness of the groundsquishy of the mulchEvery single part

    that hits thehot summer sand,is a lesson in patienceto see how muchI can withstand.That is just how feelwhen people come my waycompletely rude and rustichard hearted or cast aways.Like different notes of musicthese people hold a placehelping my soul to growAnd I can win the race

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    59/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Living In a Dew Drop

    I want to live my life

    in a freshly formed dew drop.

    In the mist of the nightwith the moon shining brighton a welcoming leafI want to dropand take a slide.

    Carefully thenbut withouta prior plantouch thesilken cheeks

    of newly bloomedwater lilies

    Gazing aroundI relishthe quietnessof the townFeeling securein this prismaticsurround

    But when in timethe night has to retreatand the new dawn breakswith chirping and tweetsIts time for me to leaveI knowmy fate has no reprieve

    Life was shortbut it was sweetthat's what countsso don't miss menor should you weep

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    60/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Living In The Slow Lane

    I want to retreat

    physically and emotionallyjust escape downsome unknown backstreet

    Too much noisedisturbs my poisethe world aroundtoo fast paced, much soundand I am trapped in the midst.

    Dizzy and derangedtired and painfully chainedLet go off my hand

    for this speed I cannot stand.

    Adrenaline rush that fuels your thirstnow I have none, and I am on the runIts time for me to goplease don't stop me any more.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    61/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Lone Gypsy

    A Bedouins call to another nomad

    Time to pack up on camels backIts that time of the yearThat we have to all leave from hereTo settle again in some mirage landThe majestic shapes that fill landscapesThat yearning for oasis on most hardy trailsthey are the panacea for nomadic soulsAway from sand dunes there are no stories to be toldRooted to a places is not meant for meI am a Nomad, and that sets me free...

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    62/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    Too many sunny days have been wasted

    Searching in the bales of hayToo many sleepless nights have goneAnd I have still not found my way

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    63/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Lost Faith

    Pristine Pagodas powerful place

    where miseries of massesmelts away with divine grace

    I wish to havethat place within mewhere I can returnneed no sanctuary

    I need to reinstallin me that long lost faiththe one I had oncebut has gone adrift..

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    64/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Lost forever

    My little paper boat

    my little paper boatwas made of blue paperin turquoisemy name i wroteIt was made with lot of lovenow its gone undiscoveredsunken deep in some unknown world

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    65/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Lost Home

    Things have changed

    so much all aroundthat I have lost my homein some unknown townand so now no hometown for meand I am officially a vagabond gypsy queen

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    66/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    Every time I look at you

    I know I am in loveeven now when I hear your voiceI know I am in loveI know I can read your silenceand yes this surely is loveyour presence still puts me in a tranceheady magnetism to your tunes I danceI am lucky to be in love

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    67/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Love Letters on Leaves

    Some love letters

    On leaves during the fallI had sent them with windsDid you get them at all

    I know it was already springWhen birds got them on their wingsMaybe you saw themBut you never cared at all

    For you could pick and chooseIn gardens, wilderness and every whereOf fresh flowers and leavesYou already had your share

    And in the summer heatWhen woods become timber boxMy letters got burntBut my love still exist,Not spirited or lost

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    68/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Loveless lass

    I do still remember that day

    The day when I was wonder struckTo see you promise me heaven and earth

    I still remember that lovelorn lookThe one I saw on your faceAnd the place where I stoodFealt like tremors, it rattled and shook

    Was it all a part of dreamDid you never truly love meAnd what I sawWasShort lived like bubbles or

    Vanishing vaporised steam

    Why did it ever have to endMy lifetime of loveWill you ever understand

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    69/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    Today I heard the bold echo of lightening

    And I saw the reflections of thunder,they were frighteningToday I felt singeing pains of raindropsWhile the arch of rainbow,I saw scattered on leaves as dew drops

    For others it was a regular dayBut something changed within me some way

    Today it must be a blessed dayWhen I could feel the natures wayNo rules of humans come to playWhen nature rules, we are humbled away

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    70/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    Masks I wear are not for charade

    but to help memake my life less hardthey save me from, all the hurtsI don't need the Armoura shield or automatic guns

    I don't need, no pepper spraysor those high tech laser raysthank God for my irrelevancemade no bunkers to get away

    but yes! I havesome other ways

    that do help meto hide awayfrom predatory eyeswho think I am their prey

    masks that I wearof various emotionshave proved to bea good solutionpolished well withall that fake sheento hide my very real selfmingling well,with other goods on the shelfso that the real meis always unseen

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    71/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Maverick Me

    I try hard to keep it under wraps

    my quaint identity,protecting myself from trapsI try my best to mix aroundto be camouflagedbe one with the back groundBut its this strangeness that I havethat is an eyesore, none can forget.The way I laugh, I walk and dressmy random thoughts, my challenging betsthe points of view, that no one getsthis genuine openness, too much for the restYes! I am just made from the dirtPotters mold, shaped me from earth

    And rest of you are plastic dollsPorcelain made, just not my sortSo we separate like water and oiland I stay away, least your day, I do spoil

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    72/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Medicated Mind

    My prescription drug

    has made me a slugTo be a sleeping beautyseems to be my only dutyI know I am angryThere is some aching painwhich part of me now suffersIs very hard to ascertainUntil I come to gripswith the reality of my lifeI know I am doomed to sufferI will have no stable respite

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    73/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Mother Earth, s message

    It's that time of the year

    When earth has to be ploughedPrepared to be turned over,and new seeds have to be sowedIt's part of its lifeTo bear this changeNo matter how much painIt entails to be endured.

    Soon there will be monsoon rainsTrying their best to beat the heatHelping Mother Earth to regainIt's faithin what Almighty has preordained

    Behind every pain, that we undergoIs a thought out plan, for new saplings to growFor each one of us is a fertile plainThat needs to be preparedFor the larger gain

    And now every time my life gets insaneI know I have been chosenTime for me to workAnd forget to be a fallow land

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    74/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    My Letter to Almighty

    If it wasn't meant to be

    Then why did you have toplay this game with meIf you are the one who plans it allthen why in a mazeI got lost and did fallI am now as broken as can befragmented piecesnever fit backas they ought to besome parts of mehave chipped awayand been lostso rest of me now

    looks like a caricature of sorts

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    75/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    My Song

    Hold on for a little long

    For In my head there is a songDying to be freed from the clutches of these lipsWaiting for me to strum with finger tipsI need safe spaceTo rest my caseand then full throttlewill make your hearts race

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    76/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    My unjust God

    At this rate at which

    I am being deniedMy basic wantsand simple delightsI will stop collecting lucky charmsNo lucky pennies, horse shoesOr blessed amulets on my arms

    This is called revelationNo more waiting in anticipationFor God must have his own good reasonsI am not upset, but I question himFor the treasons.

    Another day of being rejectedTo self evaluation being subjectedAm I your favourite punching bagOr a straw stuffed, doll made of rags.

    No more hot temper or self destructive angerJust a cold spiteful fury, in my heart I do nurtureTime and again you have given me painAs to why you hate me so muchCan you sit down and please explain

    For you are The GodAnd I am notWhat is it you want from meThat you have not already got

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    77/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    My Wondrous Dream

    Surrounded by mountains

    Clouds hiding their peaksI feel so much at homeThIs floral valley, heart. seeks

    Tiny rivuletscrisscross the groundTheir trickling voicesSo much joy unbound

    Tweeting and chirpingGathering leaves and sticksThese little birdsHave their nests to fix

    Waft of cool breezeHeightens my sensesSo many fragrancesPerformingMix and match dances

    I too join inHumming own soulful songsFor the longest timeI have been so forlorn

    Hearing me singMighty Mountains would beginReverberating Echoes of my voiceI hear music all around

    Breathless with exhilarationI fight my temptationTo stay here foreverAnd never be gone

    But it's just a dreamA virtual worldWith wondrous theme

    It's time to wake upFace the world 'sReal scene

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    78/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    As I was thrown

    MercilesslyOn the groundTiny piecesOf me, fell all around

    Dragged by my hairMy mind replays thisHorrific night mareWaking me upI am surely dumbfound

    Curses and bruisesAll hope my heart looses

    In place of love and hopeSplinter of sadness, very tightlyI do grope

    Drop by dropI am bleeding painBest is all lostLittle left to regain

    Monstrosity of your blowsLike a boomerang,will take recourseNow Your life will be full of woes

    Nemesis will catch up with youNalini

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    79/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Never ending Circle of Domestic violence

    you must have felt like a real man

    when you grabbed my hairpushed me downdragged me over on the concrete ground

    it must have been so empoweringfor you to see me quiver and screamabusing me making me feel like shityou never leave a chance to do your bit

    for everything gone wrong in your lifeits easy for you to target me out of spiteI wish this happened to your own familyyour mother and your sister faced the same misery

    but God almighty is there to seethe curses of my soulwill never leave any of you free

    i am numbed and I am lostI cannot react I cannot talkI treat the ailments of others familybut look at meI am broken beyond any existing therapy

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    80/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Never ending Circle of Domestic Violence II

    you have shown me again once more

    that you don't need me any morethat you will hurt me, if I stirredfor all the worst things u have utteredto say I am useless and I am crazyjust goes on to show how your vision is hazy

    Its my bad Karma coming back to mefor I trusted you and you, while you are sadistas bad as can be

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    81/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Never ending Circle of Domestic Violence III

    There is never a time to heal

    life keeps getting worse,I do not know how to dealfor I am just a mere humannot a robot made of lifeless steelno one cares and no one daresand no one will ever be thereI know I am going to fly away freewhen death happens, end of miseryI do look forward for my time to gogood bye to these tears,good bye to sorrows.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    82/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Never ending Circle of Domestic Violence IV

    there will be no send off smile

    no more looks of forlorn eyesonce again getting ready to leavehow many more timesto get hurt and to bleed..

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    83/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    No more gifts for me

    I live in a land of perpetual surprise

    where I have receivedmany blessings in disguiseall the emotional litterthat you find around mecame from all the wrappersfrom gifts I received for free.

    so much junk of wrappersis more than my storage placenot recyclable or biodegradableIts highly combustible and unpredictableSo maybe its time to move out to new place

    Maybe I will load and relocateto a place, where I will finda little more fun, a lot more solaceFor once I don't want to learn any new lessonsjust practice on the ones I have done well in so far

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    84/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Not your family too

    Thank you mom

    For letting me knowI mean nothingJust an irritantFor you

    Forsaken by spouseI came back to your houseSoon to realiseI am unwelcomeA pest a louse

    I will soon be gone awayPapa and you in peace

    Can then stay

    Hopefully soonMy life too will endRest of your livesWill be smoothWith no bends

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    85/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Ode to The Children of The World

    So much strength

    So much loveSo much laughterAnd much more trust

    Happiness liesIn their innocent smilesFresh perspectivesUntouched by lies

    They don't judgeHold no grudgeSensitive perceptiveBring magic back to Earth.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    86/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Ode To The Healers

    Physicians are doctors

    researchers are toolets have a new namefor healersthat are few

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    87/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Pains with no gains

    There are places

    That hurt so badIt's been a whileThat I was thrashedBy some one I loved the mostBut he took out the most in meA vacuum, a cavity, a spaceWhere all my emotionshave been buried in their grave

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    88/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Parting words to soon to be Ex husband.

    I will never be alone

    For now I am one with the treesYou will hear me singWith the cool monsoon breezeSo go ahead my friendAs you tread slowly on quick sand

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    89/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    my whole world and life crumbles around

    there is no noise, there is no sounda slow deterioration of all land scapenothing can now save my place

    I too am slowly sinking in quicksandno one to give me a helping handI feel myself shrinking in size and shapefor you poisoned me, and there is no escape

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    90/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Politically correct death

    For you my death

    That I havePlanned aheadIs not honourableFor I am no soldierWearing Samurai hat

    No Harakiri or kamikazeFor meMere suicideWill help mySoul to be free

    I am no one

    You are one moreTo have shownSo how does it matterFor in the endI will be gone

    Politically correctI know I might not beBut I too wish to embrace deathWith all my dignity

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    91/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Power of Ordinary

    Ordinary lives

    ordinary peopleordinary smilesSimple upheavalsNot much do they asklike worker antsbusy doing their tasks.

    But don't underestimatethe power of ordinaryFor when time comesthey'll make historylike cannon ballsor tsunami walls

    they can bring downBig castles, forts tall

    For ordinary is justa simple shellInside of whichlie unusual spellsThose magical wordsthat we have unheardBut very well cangive birth to new worlds

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    92/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    Those multiple pair of eyes

    sick, sad and lostlooking at me for replies

    they scare me!my littlenessand helplessnessin my facestares me

    I try my bestto heal them allhelp me Godto treat them all

    for I am justa humble beingif you work through meto health,I will steer them all

    once again todayat your feet I prayto hold my handso that I can standin turn on methey can depend

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    93/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Predator and Prey

    The vultures are landing

    they come in hordesthey had been waitingwhile hunters, killed scores

    Yes! they had been watchingfrom their vantage pointencoring the wild gameof depraved and deprived

    so many of themhave been decimatedso farbrutal savagery

    leaving generationalscars

    tearless acceptancehelpless despondencewhat more to loosewhen they had no chance

    So Vultures,why make those speechesin cacophony of your'swhen you just wantedfor hunters to get more

    news channels alsoflash lights on these landswhere they will be surrenderto darkness again...

    girls will be abductedwomen will be killedearth will be mauledwhile predators will be thrilled...

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    94/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Psychedelic Dreaming

    I want to get magnetized

    Electrified and atomizedSpread around with a burst of lightCombusting inertia getting energizedElectric blues makes everything rightNo more 3 dimensional lifeTo other plains, I take my flightNo up or down or traveling aroundJust melt away, where mysteries abound

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    95/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    Troubled by turmoil

    humanity, stilltries its best to toilSo much of turbulencein airSo hard to plant your feetin soilOpposing forces pull apartthis gap just keep on getting largeSo where did love and peace escapeand how did we reach this hell's old gateSo lonesome, lifeless bereft of joysI trip myself at senseless ploys.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    96/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Rainless clouds

    On the Eastern sky

    As the evening befallsIn the dusk and the star lightMuted lightening surprises us all

    No sound of thunderNo smell of rainWonder why is it hereCan you help and explain

    Have the clouds been so lonelyThat they have cried out all tearsNo one heeds to their outburstsLightening helps them, face all fears

    Rainless cloudsOver desert plainsOh wispy wanderersPlease give back our rains

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    97/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    I am fine,

    To cross all linesSince you are goneThere are fewer waysTo be defined

    It will take a whileEven to walk a mileWithout your handHeld in mine

    I am chipped offA bit damagedA broken heart

    Is never exchanged

    I will still sayThat I am fineFor no one caresThere is no time

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    98/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    Dont be afraid to explore black hole

    For in its belly the world's light is storedWhen you are drenched in all the light that you wantWhy back to earth would you come out

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    99/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Righteous Rich.

    Stunted by their petty greeds

    They can't see beyond their needsSuffering from an endless lustWhere will they go, when this bubble would burst?Wealthy, wasteful and eruditeBut within so poor despiteTraveled countries near and farStill so blind, to their own land's scars

    They live here, to rip it offWith these treasuresOne day will take offNation building is their themeBut double crossing, is their scheme

    Politicians, bureaucrats, intellectuals with big headsBusinessman of unworthy means, terrorists and gangster creedYou all look the same to meIts 'you' vs 'us' where ever I see

    So away, from multitudes noiseFalse promises in fake voiceSilken clothes and diamond ringsYou don't care for the ones on the fringe

    On a lone rock close to the seaI see you party so carefreeI don't know how will this endFragile castles I make in beach sand

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    100/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Runaway Mode

    Like a reclusive raccoon

    that returns with the moon.Or the diligent silk wormthat hides in its cocoon.I like to feellife's tapestrywhile others are awayno distractions around me.In this dense forest of humansI hardly find clear landand whenever I do,I make a shrine in sand.For sacred is that place,where people have not been

    just nature untouched by vile handsand birds still sing on treesHow hard it is todayfor me to find my wayback to the silent sanctuaryleaving masses far away.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    101/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Sailing away

    I have stacked stores

    My pair of oarsA sailors mapShowing seas and shores

    I sit afloatIn My paper boatA blue rain coatOf which I gloatAnd I am setNeed nothing more

    Now all I need isTide to come in

    And I will be goneAll set to win

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    102/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Save the Your Heart

    In everybody's heart

    from birth untilits time to departlives a little childalways ready to go wildspontaneous infectious smilesgiggles that seem so puerileheadthat's up to naughty pranksheartthat cares two hoots for ranksthese are the very essence of that childthe flame of youthmakes living worth your while.

    so why do we want to tamefor reasons that sound so lamethe very seed of joyusing vindictive ploys.hence, every single dayin as many hearts I mayI try to nurture that childto make it feelits alright to havea facade of steelbut never give upthat child withinthat craves to livewith joy and zeal

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    103/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Season II of My Life

    Please show me the way

    light up my pathno more I want to stray

    No idioms and proverbsor riddles that unnerveJust plain and simple plotsno more life's painful retorts

    I stand lost, alone and repentmy mouth full of dry sandNo more running aftermirages grandgive me

    just a green piece of landfriendly oasis to befriend

    Long days, hard wintersnightmaresof me being torn asunderthese are things I fear the mostso to happiness, I raise a toast

    Lively thoughts,bounce in my stepsSong on my lipstime upfor penance.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    104/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    I want to go back and become a seed

    Suspended animation is the state to beFor now my road to 'The End' seems utterly longand I have run out of scripts and songs to take alongmy untamed self lost in the unplanned routesIts all so tedious and I am not strong

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    105/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Separation. Anxiety

    Are all our pictures

    Part of your liesWe're all those sweet wordsMeant just as a jibeWas it all imaginaryCreation in my headThe. Emotions I saw in your eyesWere of love mummifiedAnd long before I knewThey were. Dead

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    106/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    So confused

    So much in life

    Goes just unexplainedOr maybe my insightIs based on limitations of my brain

    No easy lessonsFor people like meTurmoil and treasonsOverflow my inventory

    Is it a carry overfrom my deeds of past lifeOr a crash courseTo prepare for future of strife

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    107/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Songs of Ocean

    Hold the sea shell

    to your earsFrom withinwhat songsdo you hearIts the oceanand its roarcaught in its heartdeep in its core

    No longer lyingin the sea bedbut still this shellhas nothing to regret

    For empty handedit had not leftBrought alongtreasure so perfectSongs of oceantimeless jewels..

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    108/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Spurious spirituality

    Innocence once lost

    Is never regainedYou can never undoDamages doneand the pains

    Throw out all thosebooks of spiritual claimsOnes that promise false paradiseIf you follow their monastic trail

    Love and devotionare. Outdated notionYour days are numbered

    You will soon reach extinction

    Hedonistic headsAlways bask in SunshineCarnal pleasuresLeads to Pleasures divine

    If this is the wayThat it has to beI'll try y bestTo change my elementMy individuality

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    109/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Stars For Stars

    Wish i could

    steal a handfulof sparking bright stars,make a little bouquetor plant them close to flowers.For flowers will dry upwither and gobut stars will remind youevery day, I love you more.Incandescent iridescenthappy or sadStars will staythey'll always be present.Lightning you way

    today, tomorrow,and forever my friend.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    110/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Stoned by sadness

    Like a strong gale

    Or destructive hailThe high tide of sadnessMade me tremble and feel so frail

    I pursed my lipsClosed my eyesLest the tearsMade the tides further rise

    Then I firmed myselflike a lifeless rockGrounded and unmovedWhile the storm, laughed at me

    And mocked

    With all my miteI stayed uprightTurbulence of tornadoesI know I could fight

    Soon I will metamorphosisTurn into a stoneDon't be surprisedAt this tone

    For a lifeless formCan only faceAll these stormsWith unwavering grace

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    111/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Street Children

    They throng my car

    At red light as I stopBegging for almsThere I see a whole crop

    Curious little facesThey peak inside the carFor a moment they forget to begWondering if one dayThey too could be at par

    These are street childrenCalled urchins by allBut how did they happen

    Who's fault is it, after all.

    They sleep on pavementsWear tatters for raimentsThe invisible future of nationHow easily we forgetThey also are Gods creation

    Impoverished existenceLife will never give them,second chanceLiving on the fringeFrom their mere touch,we cringe

    When they entered this worldNobody celebrated, no body heardBut they have survivedDespite all the abuses and hurtHats off to these angelsMade of pure blessed earth

    Weathering with the strong summer heatAnd living through winters bone chilling coldHave they ever learnt to dream

    Or they don't need toSince their destiny, is etched in bold

    From rag pickersTo tea stall workersScrubbing the train compartmentsSubservience has many colours

    Self righteous peopleThe ones like you and meDisregard them as another pile of trashFor they want money for free
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    112/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    With a mere wave of hand

    We shoo them away with such pretenceAs if they were not humansBut non beings or fleasNot shameful of our belligerence.

    As I sit mourningWasting my time in self pityI feel so smallSmaller than 'your' identity

    God almighty give me chanceAnd strength to help their lotMay be that will cleanse my sins

    If you make me your instrument of sorts

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    113/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Summer Rains

    Out of nowhere

    in the middle of the dayCame an army of cloudshiding Sun's pierce raysWhat a pleasant surpriseto smell that earthy scentas drops of rain sprinkledcool breeze followed them as wellThese mid summer rainsAre rare jewels in desert and plains

    In such a long timeI too could look upfor sun didn't seem the fiend

    I had to ignore and snub

    Akin to summer rainsthere are angleswho embalm your painsThey come in form of peoplehelp you believe in yourself againJust like raindrops on parched landsgives out scentto never be forgotten in vainThe memories of such friendshelp you stand up and walk againNo matter how many times you falland this world acts inhumanly insane....for my very dear friend whom I have beenmissing ever so often.....for you Maya Maryam Aghamiri....

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    114/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Sun Burns

    Scorching heat of summer

    More than bright Sun raysAnd the magic is goneFrom fresh spring time hazeBaby pink fresh soft frondsNurtured bythe humming bird songsWeathered and dried upLifeless for longParched EarthWith cracked mudBarren and deadThe seed lost its trustNow it seems

    I tracked a mirageChased the SunGot lost at lastThere is noComing back for meI climbed the sun-raysAnd scorched my history

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    115/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    My lawn

    shows patches of greenwith dried up yellow spotsthat needed better sunscreen

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    116/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Surprise Gift

    I was never thought of

    as a person of many wordsNeither ever considereda respectable nerdBut life just pushed me aroundso muchthat one day I found myselffallen badly in the dirt.It was funny as can befor I had bump on my headas I landed from a treeThat was the daymy malady did startof penning these verses

    wonder how long will it last.This synchronicity of thoughtsthat makes me write awayIs something that I lackdealing with reality per se.Is it my alter egomy evil twin at work.Do I have split personalitythat no one has ever heard?

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    117/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Survival Skills

    No one will ever understand you

    if they can, they would rather hurt youso do not give too much credenceto any love, it makes no sense.

    just take care of few, as your dutybut still keep a part of you, untoucheduncontaminated free of false security.

    the very core that makes you uniqueif you want to preservelet it not be exposed to critiqueno one should have an access to your corethat should be your place, a secret cove

    no father mother husband or wifebrother or sister, can get your strifeno friends can always be by your sideand rest of the world is as it is wild

    so don't be afraid to be alone,your life on Earth is on loanand once your debts get fully paidjust be ready to be gone.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    118/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    The 100th

    Layers after layers of dark ominous clouds

    Blocking the sun,Moon wrapped in shrouds

    Dark clouds that blazeWith lightening, s sharp bladeThunder is its accompliceDo not fear the dust storms rage

    These monsoon Clouds,Are welcome and a treatWhen sun has parched the earthAnd moon can't beat the heat

    Life too has moments that are greySad and weepy like a rainy dayBut don't forget that these scary cloudsHave hidden rainbows, on them we can count

    Someday one dayI too will knowWhy things happened toMe this'd way

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    119/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    The End

    I often wonder

    how will that moment beWhen from this bodymy soul breaks freeThat nano secondbetween life and deathHow does one definethat moment of last breathWill I be sick, a tired old hagOr will leave quickly, packing upall my bags....And I just wonderhow will that last moment beWhen I will gone

    breaking all shackles, free.

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    120/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    The Little Mermaid

    Shunned by many

    Snubbed by moreThere was this awkward girlWho could not swim ashore

    So she turned away her backTo the rest of the worldTook a deep dive in the seaAbout her no one heard

    Days and weeksTurned in to yearsThen one dayA sailor steered

    His little shipTowards a rockAnd want he saw thereGave him a pleasant shock

    For what he sawWas a little mermaidAn angelic faceOnce shunnedBy rest of the race

    Sometimes it helpsTo be cast awayTo be left aloneEnjoying solitary space

    For no one knowsWhat future holdsMaybe best of all the worldsAs you travel with the rainbowsTo find that pot of gold.....nalini

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    121/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    The Never Ending Cycle of Domestic Violence I

    you must have felt like a real man

    when you grabbed my hairpushed me downdragged me over on the concrete ground

    it must have been so empoweringfor you to see me quiver and screamabusing me making me feel like shityou never leave a chance to do your bit

    for everything gone wrong in your lifeits easy for you to target me out of spiteI wish this happened to your own familyyour mother and your sister faced the same misery

    but God almighty is there to seethe curses of my soulwill never leave any of you free

    i am numbed and I am lostI cannot react I cannot talkI treat the ailments of others familybut look at meI am broken beyond any existing therapy

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    122/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Ultimate Alloy

    Welded and molded

    Petted and scoldedBelligerent and boldBeen throughExtreme heat and coldMixture of metalsAn alloyWill fight all battlesBattles big and smallWhere poor will riseEmpires would fallThat is what has happened to meFrom one single metalI am a wonder of alchemy

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    123/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Unfound Peace

    The Zen of getting in The Zone

    Its a pity, I have not yet knownin these movementsthat are fakeno room for silencedo I makedispersing myselfall aroundconsciousness plundereddarkness found..

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    124/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    Learning to unlearn

    Trying to not loveMelting all memoriesInto a shapeless bulk

    Forgetting all the painsImpossible senseless gamesThat we together had won and lostTo amnesia, I raise a toast

    Will soon be a blank slateTo which no one can relateMy soul just left aloneTo sing that unheard song

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    125/127 - The World's Poetry Archive


    Epiphany of sorts

    when in my writing notesI find answersRhythm of the drumsattunes meto all that is to learnCreativity helps me reconnectwith the rest of the living lot...Epigenetics of my soulso many life times to decodeglimpses of the pastI see them flicker but they do not lasthence remain, Yet untoldFor Unfurling of the scrolls

    Might reveal all my past rolesI need that healingGot to rid this feelingThat I have committed same mistakesometime not long before.And then I will be on my road to true recoveryIts somewhere hidden in the cloudThe poems I had writtenby mistake forsakencould not even sing them aloud

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3

    126/127 - The World's Poetry Archive

    Veiled Voices

    You hide your own vulnerabilities

    behind my thick dark veilsfor you know I am the strong oneand you the one who's frail

    This veilthat covers my full formlike solders dressed up in uniformwe are meant to look alikebut for the practiced eyesthere is so much to decipherIndividuality crushed heartlesslybehind these coverall styles.

    So many aspirations,emotions and expectationsthat have been shut out.for fear of your destructioncaused by volcanic eruptionseruptions from free thoughtsthat have been sealed under pressurebut have never ever been lost

    Caged in this piece of clothI have no identity to boast ofAn unremarkable silhouetteCondemned to live as back drop

    I do have a voicethat you have mutedby your choiceBut if you ever knewThere are songs of revolutionHidden behind quite poise.

    You know of my strengthAs mother, sister, wifeDaughter and friendYou also know of my weakness

    That in loving lays my essence.

    But soon you all will seeWe will be blooming ever so freeTherell be sisterhood of fragranceAs we break fake rules of dominanceAnd pretentious suffocating peace

    Nalini Chaturvedi
  • 5/21/2018 Nalini Chaturvedi 2014-8-3


    Where do the unwept tears go

    Where do the unwept tears go

    The ones that never brimmedTo the eyes the ones that are silentlyBrushed ashore

    Much before the barrages overflowedAnd the deluge destroyedEvery happiness storedDid they all get soaked in to the soilOr with the tidal waves do they roar

    Nalini Chaturvedi