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Presentation in Teheran Stavanger Offshore - Stavanger Offshore... Side 2 Stavanger Offshore Technical College is a public college located in Stavanger, Norway. The college has 150

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Text of Presentation in Teheran Stavanger Offshore - Stavanger Offshore... Side 2 Stavanger Offshore...

  • Øystein Førsvoll

    Director Course Center

    [email protected]

    Presentation in Teheran Stavanger Offshore Technical college

    08 August 2016

  • Side 2

    Stavanger Offshore Technical College is a public college located in Stavanger, Norway.

    The college has 150 years of tradition as a maritime institution.

    As the maritime industry in Norway declined in the 1970s the oil and gas industry arrived, placing a new area of focus at the college.

    Today Petroleum Technology has a dominant position at the college, making SOTS one of the most interesting institutions of its kind.

  • Side 3

    SOTS currently has about 600 students at the level of Vocational

    School and Technical College.

    Nautical / MaritimeEngineering

    Oil and gas Electronics / Automation

    Building and construction

    Main Areas

  • Side 4

    Norwegian Educational System

    Norway has integrated oil and gas training and education into the official educational system.

    Vocational education in Norway is popular and well functioning.

    The Norwegian system is designed to enable pupils starting on vocational education also to enter higher education at a later stage.

  • Side 6

    Vocational Model

    One year basic course

    in Mechanics

    One year advanced course

    in Well Technology

    Apprenticeship Contract

    (Two years)

    Craft Certificate:

    - Drilling

    - Wireline

    - Cementing

    - Completion

    - CT/Snubbing

    - Subsea Technology

  • Side 7

    Technical College

    Craft Certificate:

    Cementing  Wireline  Drilling  Completion

     CT/Snubbing  Subsea technology

    2 year Technical Course

    Drilling, Well service, Subsea, Production

     Driller/Toolpusher (Master Craftsman)

     Well Supervisor

     Rig floor/maintenance

     Well Technician

    Stavanger University

    (3-4 years)

    Petroleum Engineer

  • Side 8

    Training standards

    A number of training standards and requirements for oil industry

    • Safety training • Crane/lifting operations training • Well control training • Management training • Maritime and mechanical training • Onboard training and exercises

  • Side 9

    New Methods and Distance Learning

    SOTS uses Internet and Learning Management Systems in most training and education.

    We now run several education programs with students situated in different locations worldwide.

    We use modern tools like:

     Video conference  Goto meeting  It’s learning  El petroleum  Trainingportal

  • Side 10

    New Methods and Distance Learning: An example

    We run an education program for the rig company Seadrill. All learning activities and exam are on the Internet.

    The program makes it possible to combine studies with work as well as to participate worldwide.

    More than 100 employees from Seadrill, Mærsk drilling and others from 15 different nationalities have enrolled in the program.

    Technical College Petroleum Read more at:

  • Side 11

    Why have we succeeded as public college in oil and gas?

    • Education and training institution is a part of the Norwegian oil

    and gas cluster.

    • Strong commitment from Norwegian authorities

    • Norwegian education model

    • Cooperation with industry

    • Partnership agreements

    • Internships

    • Commercial activities

  • Side 12

    Some of our Partners

  • Side 13

    SOTS Course Center is a commercial division of the college.

    Annually, the Center has around 2000 participants in

    various kind of courses and education.

    SOTS is approved by: the Norwegian Maritime Directorate

    and the Norwegian Oil Industry Association.

    It has DNV and Norwegian Certification.

    Oil and gas Processing Mechanics Electronic

    Safety Crane / Lifting Crisis Management Hydraulics

    SOTS Course Center

  • Side 14

    Safety Center and Emergency Preparedness

  • Side 15

    Crane and Lifting Center

  • Side 16

    Concrete and Material Testing Center: Technical Courses

  • Side 17

    Simulator Training Center

  • Norwegian Activities

    Some examples of activities in Norway:

    • Process Operator Training – Statoil

    • Safety Courses – Seadrill

    • HVAC Courses – ConocoPhillips

    • Pipe-handling Simulator Courses – COSL

    • Hydraulics Courses – OFIR

    • Marine Manager Rig Courses – Rig companies

    • Crane/Slinging Course – Seawell

    • Technical College – Rig Companies

    • IWCF Well Control Courses – Various

    Side 18

  • Side 19

    International Activities

    As part of the Norwegian oil and gas cluster, we also follow our

    partners abroad.

    Some of the countries were we do projects:

    - Angola

    - Vietnam

    - Kazakhstan

    - Algeria

    - Ghana

    - Sudan

    - Brazil

    - South Africa

    - Namibia

  • Side 20

    International Activities: Example I


    Cooperation with 3 colleges in Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Island. Goal: knowledge transfer in oil and gas, safety and evironmental.

  • Side 21

    International Activities: Example II


    On the Job Training (OJT) for personnel at the drilling company Odebrecht Oil and Gas.

    Aims: • To ensure correct competence for

    respective positions. • To administer the system and assist

    in quality management.

  • Side 22

    International Activities: Example III


    Inspectors training for staff in the Sudanese Ministry of Oil.

    Topics within drilling, process, safety and environment.

    Cooperation with PTIL, KLIF, NPD and PETRAD (norwegian safety authorities)

  • Side 23

    International Activities: Example IV


    Assisting Ministry of Education to promote and increase quality of vocational schools in Azerbaijan.

  • Side 24

    Oil industry as a locomotive in safety and quality improvement cont

  • Side 25

    Oil industry as a locomotive in safety and quality improvement cont

    Mechanical industry and ship building

    Oil company

    Maritime cluster Well known to regulation of sea and coast

  • Contact information

    Stavanger Offshore Technical College

    Course Center

    Øystein Førsvoll


    Cellphone: +4747276965

    E-mail: [email protected]

    26Side 26

    Visit our websites: SOTS college SOTS course center

    In English

    mailto:[email protected]

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